House Plunges into Minnesota River near Rapidan Dam

House Plunges into Minnesota River near Rapidan Dam

A terrifying moment was captured on camera as a house next to the damaged Rapidan Dam in Minnesota collapsed into the Blue Earth River. The aerial footage, taken by Andrew Weinzierl/AW Aerial, shows the rushing water along the failing side of the dam as the neighboring house succumbs to the force of nature.

Officials had been monitoring the dam since Tuesday after it experienced a partial failure, leading to increased soil erosion on one side. Fortunately, the house had been evacuated before it fell into the river, preventing any potential injuries or fatalities.

This dramatic event serves as a stark reminder of the power and unpredictability of nature, as well as the importance of monitoring and maintaining infrastructure to prevent such disasters. Stay updated on breaking news and developments like this by subscribing to New York Post Sports and following The New York Post on social media. #minnesota #rapidandam #flooding #house.

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