How Cooling Bags Help Individuals Stay Cool in Phoenix – Video

How Cooling Bags Help Individuals Stay Cool in Phoenix – Video

As temperatures in Phoenix soar to record highs, the Phoenix Fire Department has come up with a new way to treat people who are suffering from heat-related illnesses. In a video demonstration, a member of the department showed how a cooling bag is used to help bring down a patient’s temperature.

The cooling bag is designed to keep ice close to all sides of the patient, effectively reducing their body temperature. Not only does it provide cooling relief, but the opening of the bag also allows medical staff to monitor vital signs and administer other treatments, such as IV drips.

With a heatwave sweeping through Arizona, it is crucial for emergency responders to have innovative tools like the cooling bag to combat the dangers of overheating. This new method of treatment could save lives and prevent further medical complications during extreme heat conditions.

For more information on how the Phoenix Fire Department is using cooling bags to treat people who are overheating, be sure to watch the insightful video by Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano. Stay safe and stay cool during this scorching summer season.

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