How to stop Meta training its AI using your Facebook data

How to stop Meta training its AI using your Facebook data

Content shared on Meta’s social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, is being used for the company’s AI training.

Instagram and Facebook users should have recently received a notification informing them that their content, including posts and photos, will be being used to train Meta’s AI products and services. This is an automatic opt-in but users can opt out if they want.

“We also use information shared on Meta’s Products and services,” writes Meta on the Gen AI privacy page This information could be things such as posts or photos and their captions.”

“Even if you don’t use our Products and services or have an account, we may still process information about you to develop and improve AI at Meta.”

That means that, even if you don’t have a Facebook or Instagram profile, if someone else shares your image or information about you there, it will still be used to train Meta’s AI systems.

How to opt out of Meta’s AI training on Facebook

If you don’t want your information and data being used for Meta’s AI products, such as the recently launched Meta AI assistant, there is a way to opt out. If you got a notification about AI training on your Facebook profile, click through on the notification and then on ‘right to object’. Otherwise, you can also click directly through via this link.

From there, you need to fill out your country of residence, email, and the reason you don’t want Meta using your information for AI training. This can be as simple as writing: ‘I don’t want my data used.’

Once sent off, you should get a response from Meta confirming that the content you post won’t be used to train AI. Notably, this still doesn’t include when you appear anywhere in an image shared on Meta’s services by someone else or when you are mentioned in posts or captions that someone else shares.

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