How well acquainted are Emma Stone & Yorgos Lanthimos? – Video

How well acquainted are Emma Stone & Yorgos Lanthimos? – Video

How Well Do Emma Stone & Yorgos Lanthimos Really Know Each Other?

The video “How Well Do Emma Stone & Yorgos Lanthimos Really Know Each Other?” is a playful and entertaining look at the friendship and working relationship between actress Emma Stone and director Yorgos Lanthimos. The two engage in a game of trivia, answering questions about each other’s lives and careers. The questions range from what film Yorgos repeatedly watches before starting on a new project to how many Academy Awards Emma Stone has been nominated for. The video also reveals some fun facts about both of them, such as Yorgos’ childhood sports injury and Emma’s tattoos and their personal significance. The playful banter between the two friends shows their close relationship and comfortable rapport with each other. Overall, the video gives viewers a fun and lighthearted glimpse into the personal lives and friendship of these two talented individuals.

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Video Transcript

This is a portrait of Emily it’s so rude no I like it 6 out of 10 what film does your ghost repeatedly watch before starting on a new project o what if I’m wrong what happens then oh I cannot be wrong about this oh great can I put down two all right I’ll put down two also just to play along

Um all right don’t no wait I’m not done yet well actually watch both of them but I guess I’ve said one at some point oh God there’s so many I don’t think you’re going to get this one okay all right ready 1 2 3 go I put Pig pocket yeah it’s good good

Answer oh so you said that in an interview I guess I said that in an interview but also the red and the white mang okay you don’t know about these things so well I haven’t seen that one yet yeah after 80 years of trying how many Academy Awards has Emma Stone been

Nominated for do you want me to write it down no that’s embarrassing I can’t do that what write them down it’s like writing your own like IMDb page no it’s just a number right how many how many you you’re supposed to write it yeah I’m thinking I’m counting one two three three

Yeah nice great job that’s good what sport was yoro skilled in growing up she knows that well I don’t know if I was skilled you were skilled enough to break a bone that has never healed yeah that’s true he can’t I can’t anymore he’s just straight he broke a Verte a vertebra vertebra

Vertebra ver and a sisoid and well that was necrotic it’s broken in pieces well that’s because your body but your body’s starting to eat that right because it’s broken in pieces oh a sesamoid is a bone in your like big toe that if it dies it

It’s not in I thought you were a doctor underneath they don’t care about what’s one note Emma hates getting on set ready yeah go go he gives me know he’s like all right let’s do this one like a little bit faster cuz my last one was like

Going so this one faster like I don’t need that I don’t you don’t need to show me how I did it thank you but does it every time how did your ghost meet his wife I Don’t I think right I I oh kiss is really long and I really short go theater a play oh you don’t know anything what wasn’t it no it was attenberg when we acted together in attenberg you met on attenberg yeah that no I was that was not what I

Was that was not what I was thinking I thought there was like a theater because she does the theater okay whatever I got to confus sorry thank you if Emma were to bring one of her past characters to life for a day which character would she choose oh God go oh good okay

Good but I’m like you know way ahead of the game now I know I need to get better at this what’s yor Go’s biggest fear I don’t know that do you know that it’s dark ready yeah go Oh no you’re not right and we’ve discussed this a many times no but

It’s it was the process of dying from being sick I don’t think this is a really you don’t get don’t get a point no but I was going to write being sick and then I thought like that doesn’t it’s it’s getting sick into dying yeah it’s the same it’s the same

Spirit we yeah yeah no point half a point that’s not half a point you’re still behind I think I’m doing really well this can really destroy us yeah this is going to tear us apart how many tattoos does Emma have what are you writing it’s a number mhm okay it’s not

A number I guess ready yeah go go okay I rbody didn’t realize I had the second one because I have a second one right here on my um ankle and we shot an entire film and then one day he went what is that has that been in the shot

The whole time you have a tattoo you’ve always had this tattoo and I was like uhuh this one that was very poorly done by the tattoo artist that is bleeding out and much too deep he’s supposed to be Pencil Thin as originally drawn that was a very lovely thing my mom was sick

When I was like 19 20 and her favorite song is Blackbird and so we said when she got through treatment we would get Blackbird feet as a tattoo and so we asked Paul cuz I had met him one time if he would draw them for us because he

Were a blackbird and he drew them for us and so we got got them all of our answers and stories are so sad sad when did your GH first read the book poor things what we going to put though cuz I always fla trate between two I know well that’s all Right 10 for sure not it was 11 or 12 oh 11 or 12 cuz you always say 12 years years and then I was like oh it’s 2024 now so that’s 13 years so now you’re upping it to that so that your answer still stays true the character Bella Baxter was

Completely taken by her so we just knew we had to make it one day after 12 years and why was Emma perfect for the part of Bella Baxter literally literally perfect cuz there’s there’s no one like her and there’s no one like Bar La Baxter a thanks y thank you well I don’t

Know you at all thank You

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