Hurricane Beryl Strikes Texas Coast as Category 1 Storm

Hurricane Beryl Strikes Texas Coast as Category 1 Storm

Hurricane Beryl struck the coast of Texas as a Category 1 storm, causing significant damage and dangerous conditions. The storm initially weakened from a hurricane after hitting the town of Matagorda, but then re-strengthened and became a hurricane again late Sunday.

During a press conference, Houston Mayor John Whitmire urged residents to “shelter in place” as the city experienced the brunt of the storm. He emphasized the need for emergency response and rescue operations in the affected areas.

Residents in Texas took precautions by filling up their gas tanks and stocking up on essentials at local grocery stores. Despite the preparation, some beachgoers still attempted to enjoy the weather, prompting lifeguards to enforce safety measures and clear the water for public safety.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecasted that the storm would continue moving across eastern Texas and into the Lower Mississippi Valley and the Ohio Valley later in the week. The impact of Hurricane Beryl on these regions is still being monitored closely.

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