IATSE Aims to Conclude AMPTP Talks by June 27

IATSE Aims to Conclude AMPTP Talks by June 27

IATSE is hoping to wrap up bargaining a new contract with the studios by June 27, after adding an extra week of talks to the schedule.

The union announced Monday that it will restart negotiations on both the Basic Agreement and the Area Standards Agreement on June 24, allotting four more days to close both deals.

“We look forward to concluding our bargaining with the AMPTP and reaching an agreement that our members will be proud to ratify,” Matt Loeb, the international president, said in a statement.

Negotiators have reached agreement on several subjects, including provisions covering the use of artificial intelligence and subcontracting. But the major “economic” issues have yet to be resolved, including overall wage increases and funding a $670 million gap in the pension and health plans.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees contract is set to expire on July 31. The union has said that it will not extend that deadline, and hopes to have the contracts ratified by that date.

The union covers about 50,000 workers under its Basic Agreement, and another 20,000 under the Area Standards Agreement, which covers 23 local unions scattered around the country.

Talks on the Basic Agreement have already been extended once, with three extra days added to the schedule last week. Those talks went late into the night last Wednesday, before negotiators decided to break off and return at a later date.


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