Identical Twins with Tourettes: Our Extraordinary Family – Video

Identical Twins with Tourettes: Our Extraordinary Family – Video

and spread awareness about Tourette’s syndrome. They have received both positive and negative responses to their videos, with some people accusing them of faking their condition. The twins have also experienced judgment and ignorance from people in public, including being accused of being possessed by demons. Despite the challenges, they are determined to continue sharing their experiences and educating others about Tourette’s. They also hope to become more accepting of themselves and for others to be accepting of their condition as well. Ultimately, they want to pursue their passions and dreams, such as Kate’s love for flower arranging. Through their honest and candid discussions about living with Tourette’s, Kate and Sarah are breaking down stigmas and spreading awareness of this often misunderstood condition.

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Video Transcript

Some of my ticks they’re quite uh violent oh that was right on the bone sorry identical twins with tourettes I live with my partner Blair met at Tourette’s Camp most of the reactions we get are positive we also get our handful of really nasty ones

Stop faking it it’s not cool or funny do you like having turrets or is it a barrier um H off hello I’m Kate I’m Sarah we’re identical twins with tat even ourselves we don’t expect what each other’s Tex are going to be Oh I thought that was open I was going to cry

People always question how identical twins are but really it’s just like having another sister but um they’re just a lot closer when we’re together it’s interesting we we bounce off of each other hey our ticks are a lot more active when we’re together than when we’re apart we make

Ourselves laugh a lot with both of us having turrets it made it a lot easier for us to understand ourselves and each other having ticks every day it gets difficult to do stuff I want to do I love doing my makeup sometimes I can’t even do makeup when it gets really bad

TRS affects my everyday life up and down so it really depends on the type of day my ticks are having this one smells like chocolate oh no I first got ticks when I was around 7 years old I first started getting ticks when I was 15 I was

Diagnosed when I was 16 you have to wait a year to get diagnosed with tats so they can um get rid of any other things that might be causing the ticks initially when your text got worse I was very resentful about it because for me like didn’t feel like anyone was

Helping me out with my ticks we just communicated and that’s basically how I got to understand and then my ticks got worse and like you had every right to be resentful towards me about it but you were just very opening about it and I was like okay we’re all chill now some

Of my ticks um I guess you can say that they’re quite uh violent shut the up I get sore throats because I clear my throat all the time um and I get a lot of allergies cuz I’m constantly sniffing that the bone sorry our ticks increase a lot when we’re together cuz

We bounce off and and um when I’m around her she’s like a big trigger for me anyway so I start um going to punch and hit her all the time as you can tell I did have a period where my ticks were really out there um like hers but

At the moment they’re a lot more on the chill side like it’s mostly just some vocalizations um very few motor movements oh jeez I thought you were going to hit me then sorry ow shouldn’t have said anything why did you want to share your experience or your story online so we

Create educational and uh educational and awareness videos um about our trats and we put them online to uh spread the awareness sorry I’m sorry hello my name’s Ticky Kate sah Sarah um we are going to discuss how Tourette has affected us in our workplace yeah yeah

We’ve uh worked in the same area and we’ve both got tourettes and uh when we’re together they bounc off of each other a lot so we had to be very careful with um saying stuff to people and how we did different things it confused the heck out of our

Co-workers initially but they’re all they all got used to it they’re like yeah no this is fine this is normal they thought it was really funny Kate’s a and I’m not the end what sort of responses have you been getting to to what you’ve shared online most of the reactions we get are

Positive um and a lot of people who are in The Tourette’s Community or have people that they know who have tets uh respond saying I never thought about it this way before we also get our handful of really nasty ones stop faking it it’s not cool or funny kind of hurts that

They clearly don’t understand it or want to respect it enough to call it fake good act girls fun love that jeez people really that desperate for attention if I was that desperate for attention I would not be doing this I’ve been approached by a woman um in public

And she was like you’re possessed and she was talking to a friend about me having demons and stuff we tried to hide in the house so we’re not um offending offending people cuz it’s hard to explain to every single person we see and you can’t explain it to every single

Person a lot of people don’t want to listen to it they just think we’re being rude teenagers must be so exhausting yeah like right now my neck’s been moving this whole time and it’s really tense um my throat’s like gone to a lot of people

Will be like oh but you can suppress it so why don’t you just suppress it but it’s like suppressing it hurts after a while like I can only suppress for so long and then I need to find a way to let it out people asking how questions

As well which is good what was your question uh one of them was just asking how did both of y’s text start was it at the same time no yeah different it probably would have been better if it was I like those questions though they’re nice it’s true do you like

Having turrets or is it a barrier um I personally find it a barrier but I am working on making it work that makes sense if I had a magic pill to get rid of my Tourette’s today I don’t think I would take it I think that I have

Gained so much Insight from having it and that I’m able to help other people gain insight into my life with it feel that too as much as I struggle with ticks I wouldn’t want to get rid of them either we go see if blaz will take the dogs on a walk

Sure I live with my partner Blair we met at Tourette’s Camp Sarah Tik Tok I think it’s just a great way to share what he suffers with every single day you get some judgmental it’s hard to explain and it’s just great to have something

The FL back on and say hey have a look at this or watch this or listen to this it’s just a good trick to have in your back pocket what do you hope for for yourselves in the future my main goal is to just become more accepting of myself um and usually

That’s helps when other people are generally decently accepting of my condition as well I want to be a Flor which is really surprising considering how violent I can be but when I’m uh focused like I can I make really nice flower arrangement you do they’re very pretty pinch children oh sorry I pinched

You are you okay fine a love You

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KATE and Sarah are 20-year-old identical twins who both have Tourette’s syndrome. Kate first experienced tics when she was just seven years old and Sarah first noticed her tics when she was 15 years old. Sarah said: “With both of us having Tourette’s it made it a lot easier for us to understand ourselves and each other.” The twins have not had identical experiences of Tourette’s as their tics have varied in nature and intensity at different times however, they said they trigger one another. Kate said: “Our tics are a lot more active when we’re together than when we’re apart.” The sisters are active on social media and share about their lives to educate and spread awareness about Tourette’s. For the most part, the response has been positive, however, some commenters have accused the twins of faking it. Sarah said: “If I was that desperate for attention I would not be doing this.”

Videographer: Dan Schist
Producers: Kim Nguyen, Emily Johnson and Emika Berry
Editor: Vanessa Nascimento

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