Impact of the war in Ukraine on surrogacy

Impact of the war in Ukraine on surrogacy

The war in Ukraine has had a surprising impact on the surrogacy industry, with couples now turning to nearby Georgia as a new destination for commercial surrogacy. Previously, Ukraine was the go-to spot in Europe for couples looking to have babies through surrogacy due to its more favorable laws. However, with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the demand for surrogacy services has shifted to Georgia.

As a result, agencies in Georgia are now recruiting women from across central Asia to meet the rising demand for surrogacy services. This has raised concerns about the potential exploitation of these women who are being recruited as surrogates.

The war in Ukraine has not only changed the dynamics of the surrogacy industry but has also led to renewed conflict in the Kharkiv region, as Russian forces attempt to break through a weakened Ukrainian front line. The impact of the war on surrogacy in Ukraine and the resulting shift to Georgia highlights the far-reaching effects of conflicts on various aspects of society.

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