Important Preventative Care Tips to Prolong Your Dog’s or Cat’s Life

Important Preventative Care Tips to Prolong Your Dog’s or Cat’s Life

Most dog and cat parents have one goal in mind with their companion animals: give them the longest life possible. While there are many unexpected and unfortunate circumstances that may arise that may affect that, there are plenty of steps you can take to lengthen your dog’s or cat’s life and increase their quality of life. Keep reading to learn more about essential tips for preventative care for dogs and cats.

Understanding Preventative Care and Its Benefits

Preventative care is about taking the steps necessary to prevent future illnesses and ailments as well as prolonging longevity. Proactive care can help prevent conditions such as obesity, dental disease, certain skin conditions, joint issues, and more. You can accomplish this with both proactive veterinary care and at-home care that you implement into your regular routine.

Creating and Implementing Your Plan

Preventative veterinary care includes annual or semi-annual wellness exams, parasite screenings, dental cleanings, and bloodwork combined with at-home care. You can incorporate this type of proactive care into your home routine in various ways:

  • Providing regular exercise: Ensuring dogs and cats have physical exercise is important for both their physical and mental health, and it assists in maintaining a healthy weight to prevent obesity.
  • Supplements: You don’t have to wait until a dog or cat is in their golden years to start adding supplements to their routine. Starting now is how you can help prevent future issues. Joint supplements are just one that you can start adding to your dog or cat’s diet to prevent joint pain and joint-related conditions.
  • Regular grooming: Keeping your dog or cat properly groomed is an essential part of their health. Keeping them brushed between professional grooms or cleaning them up with grooming wipes can aid in preventing mats and helping them feel good.
  • Dental care: Whether by toothbrush or dental wipes, at-home dental care either daily or weekly can greatly help reduce the chances of dental problems later on in life. You should do this alongside professional dental cleanings.
  • Veterinary exams: Taking your dog in for regular checkups can detect conditions early on before they progress. Consider adding annual blood work to these checkups for conditions that can’t be spotted by a physical exam.
  • Nutrition: Feeding a proper, balanced diet to your dog or cat will both help them feel good now and is a key element in preventative care. A veterinary nutritionist can assist in finding the best diet for your furry loved one.


To ensure the longevity and quality of life of your dog or cat, develop a preventative care plan with your vet. Every companion animal has different needs, so discuss a customized plan based on their age, breed, lifestyle, and health history. Schedule a visit with your vet today to start caring for your dog’s or cat’s well-being.

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