Improve Your Sleep with These Gadgets: My Personal Experience 💤 – Video

Improve Your Sleep with These Gadgets: My Personal Experience 💤 – Video

Sleep Well With These Gadgets: What Worked for Me 💤

In the video “Sleep Well With These Gadgets: What Worked for Me,” the host embarks on a three-week experiment to optimize their sleep routine for the best night’s sleep ever. From using face massaging goggles to a sleep-promoting sauna, and even undergoing a polysomnography sleep test at Stanford’s Sleep Clinic, the host explores various gadgets and techniques to improve their sleep quality. The advice from Dr. Raphael Paleo, a sleep medicine expert, focuses on the importance of understanding the root cause of sleep issues and implementing actionable changes in sleep habits.

Throughout the experiment, the host tries different gadgets such as a weighted blanket, body pillow, Hatch Restore 2, TheraBody smart goggles, infrared sauna, and Eight Sleep Pod 3. Despite experimenting with expensive sleep tech, the host discovers surprising results from the sleep test, revealing sleep apnea and leg movement issues affecting their sleep quality. The video highlights the importance of consulting a healthcare provider for sleep concerns and emphasizes that sleep trackers can provide helpful insights but may not diagnose underlying sleep disorders. Overall, the host hopes their experience with sleep gadgets and insights from experts can help viewers improve their sleep habits for a restful night’s sleep.

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Video Transcript

I want to help you get the best night’s sleep  you’ve ever had so I’m trying to optimize my   routine to get the best night’s sleep I’ve ever  had over 3 weeks I’m going to be trying some   wild Gadgets in the ultimate experiment to see  if I can improve my sleep everything from $200  

Face massaging goggles to a nearly $3,000 sleep  promoting sauna and I’m doing a polysomnography or   sleep test to check for Sleep Disorders this looks  intense I’ve come to the world’s very first Sleep   Clinic at Stanford to meet Dr. Raphael Paleo, a  clinical professor and all around expert in sleep  

Medicine I’m hoping he can give me some answers  to why so many of us feel like we get bad sleep   and what we can do to improve it you want to get  somebody to sleep better you got to focus on what  

The actual issue is if turns out that only the  amount of hours is the issue and then you find   out what’s happening in the lifestyle that’s  interfering with that and you may incorporate   an appp into their schedule perhaps if you could  do that or if you have an issue with the quality  

Of your sleep then you got to do a sleep test and  see what’s going on so we got to just tease it   out okay if we could distill all of this sleep  advice into something that’s really actionable  

That somebody like me can actually Implement I  think you want to focus on waking up not falling   asleep okay cuz you can force yourself to wake  up easier than can force yourself to fall asleep  

Figure out what time you want to wake up lock in  the wakeup time first instead of saying I wake up   depending on when I fell asleep then you have  variable wakeup times and that throws off the   Cadian rhythms you’re going to end up spending  less time in bed by sleeping more efficiently  

Now I’ve been tracking my sleep for for years  with watches and other wearables and they’ve   always said I’m getting a decent amount of sleep  and it’s pretty good quality but I still wake up   tired you just have marks on your forehead I  know I look silly thanks Andy no you look you  

Look scienic scientific this is what it takes  to get hooked up to a sleep study electrodes   are placed around my face and head to detect eye  movement muscle tone and brain waves I also have   an electrocardiogram on my chest to track a  heart rate a pulse oximeter on my finger for  

Blood oxygen and two movement sensors take to my  legs how you feeling like sleep very vulnerable   right now this is going to be really fascinating  to see what you find out I am actually kind of  

Strangely concerned that I now am going to have a  sleep she so I’m going to start plugging things in   and then all I have left are the flow sensors and  those are going to go in your nose okay in my nose  

In your nose perfectly normal day at the office  right now that’s weird that sensation is not fun   this is a little more invasive and this goes in  the nose a little bit I don’t I don’t like that   everything else has been fine and this one feels  like I’ve got two little fingernails digging  

Into my nostril and now it’s time for bed if you  want to see the results from my sleep test stick   around until the end of the video because let’s  just say it was surprising well that Cliffhanger sucks okay it’s time to get my sleep habits  in order Implement that advice from Dr poo  

And bring in some sleep tech for good measure so  I’m going to lock in my wakeup time each day yes   even on weekends and see how I go I’m also going  to track my sleep throughout this challenge with  

The aura ring gen 3 I chose it for a couple of  reasons one because it’s comfortable to sleep   with and two it gives me a sleep score which is  a way to compare any progress I might make week  

By week night number one of the sleep challenge  this week is all about setting the foundation for   good sleep hygiene and this routine won’t cost  you any money but because I want to include some   inexpensive tools into this new routine I I’m  also trying two no Tech sleep aids I’ve heard  

People swear by a weighted blanket and a body  pillow from twiller you can add or remove these   pods to change the padding to where you need it  the most one morning I came into my room and I  

Found my dog lying on it so you know it’s comfy  I just wish that the body pillow didn’t take up   the entire bed but it definitely did help me get  more comfortable during the night okay end of week  

One time to do the check-in see how I’m feeling  and what my sleep score is and the average over   7 nights is 79 not too bad I feel like it kind of  represents how I’m feeling some days I felt super  

Alert when I got up and other days I honestly  just felt like a truck had hit me and I just   didn’t want to get out of bed welcome to week  number two of trying to improve my sleep this  

Time I’m adding on with the hatch restore 2 and  the theab body smart goggles and I’m also going   to do a bit of guided meditation thanks to Chris  Hemsworth’s power sleep in the center app yeah   who doesn’t want Thor reading them a bedtime  story The Hatch for store 2 is like a little  

Sun on your bedside table and yes Tik Tok made  me try it it simulates sunset and sunrise and   it has sounds to lull you into Serenity wake  you up gently or both if you like I do like  

How it subtly reminds me it’s bedtime when I  walk into my room and I see that gentle glow   and I’ve heard a lot about the theab body  smart goles so of course I had to try them   the idea of a massaging mask with heat sounds  great right there’s even a sleep mode that’s  

Supposed to put you into a peaceful state of  mind and lower your heart rate that’s pretty [Applause] nice it’s Monday morning I actually  woke up feeling kind of good this   morning super alert and I didn’t feel  like I needed to kind of kickart my  

Day with caffeine then of course  this week it all came crashing down it’s 10:30 babe it’s time to sleep I feel terrible let’s just say I had a  rough couple of nights fortunately because I  

Was still sticking to my new wake up schedule and  my body was kind of doing it for Me by waking up   automatically without an alarm one or two bad  nights sleep didn’t derail me that much I just  

Felt like a dumpster fire for a few hours and this  week’s average sleep score is is 81 okay not not   bad what I’ve noticed is that things like my heart  rate variability is getting better my latency or  

The time it takes to go to sleep is getting better  I’m feeling more relaxed a little bit more alert   still not as alert as I think I could be so  cozy and warm in [Music] here this is going to  

Be a fun week this is the curve an infrared SAA  from Clear light unlike hot rock saers this has   infrared heating panels that wrap around you so  it doesn’t heat up the air it only Heats you the  

Idea is to take a sauna at night then have about  a 30 minute cool down period where you can sit and   relax maybe take a shower and this is when your  body temperature should drop and melatonin gets  

Produced otherwise known as the sleep hormone but  one piece of pricey sleep Tech isn’t enough so I’m   going for the double with the eight sleep pod 3  this is kind of like a fancy fitted sheet that  

Fits on top of your existing mattress and it’s a  waterbase system that Heats and cools each side   of the bed automatically and it’s supposed to  help you sleep better and longer oh this feels  

So warm it’s like a hot water bottle I can’t wait  to get into bed I keep this nice and toasty for   most of the night but if you’re the opposite  and you run hot you can set it as low as 55°  

So it’s kind of almost like turning your whole  mattress to the cool side on most nights when   I took a sauna I had a shower and I jumped into  bed with eight sleep I got got some of my best  

Sleep scores ever I fell asleep faster when I got  into bed I had fewer wakeups during the night and   most importantly I felt refreshed in the morning  because we’re keeping track my average sleep score   this week is 83 so I do feel like I’m sleeping  better with my expensive toys that’s in part  

To really solidifying my routine and staying  consistent with my wake up time but how much   comes down to Placebo Dr Paleo says it’s probably  more than I think if you trust it it’ll have a   very strong placebo effect yeah um we know this  from sleeping pill studies there’s about a 30%  

Response just from getting to Placebo well the  Sleep score doesn’t lie or does it confusingly   some of the nights where I felt like I slept the  best during this entire experiment I had a pretty   low sleep score so it’s really important to know  that sleep trackers are just tools and helpful  

For seeing Trends over time and don’t forget  any sleep score is proprietary every Fitness   tracker smart ring and smart watch use different  algorithms to come up with that number they can’t   detect or diagnose Sleep Disorders like a sleep  test can at least not yet which brings us back to  

The polysomnography I wake up and Dr Paleo shows  me my results oh hi good morning you’re really   pretty sleep architecture you’re supposed to have  the bulk of the rim at the last half of the night   last third the eye movement that’s that’s  so you’re completely within specs for that  

Sleep architecture it’s very very normal sleep no  it’s not no uhoh you had 28 times you had shallow   breathing that interrupted your sleep see no  air so no air is moving so CU it’s flat yeah   nothing going in so 3.3 breathing episodes per  hour we call Sleep apne starting at five events  

An hour okay so as you get older you may become  an issue for you but the main abnormal find I’m   explain what is going on is your legs are kicking  you have an arouser right there oh yeah and see  

Oh look see this is all it is look at it’s just  it’s a tiny twitch though 136 times you kicked   your legs last another one there both legs now  just for perspective that’s 16.2 events per hour  

On your leg movements AB Norm almost 15 per hour  but it makes sense then you’re feeling a feeling   tired something physically wrong with your sleep  but you saw that your sleep tracker said you’re  

Doing great but when you drill down in an actual  sleep study you can see how you see all the things   that the track is not picking up on but now I have  all this information what do I do with it talk to  

You talk to your to talk to my doctor about it  even a week after we film that I’m still kind   of in shock I honestly thought my sleep was okay  and I was just feeling tired because I became a  

Mom but it turns out there was a whole lot more  going on with my sleep that I would never have   known if I didn’t do this story now one super  important thing to remember this video is not   medical advice if you have sleep concerns please  please please talk to your doctor or healthcare  

Provider most of the Sleep Tech I tested helped me  feel better and some even helped me sleep better   but it didn’t fix the underlying issue we found on  the sleep study but everybody sleeps differently   and I hope something in this video can help you  the ultimate irony though I’ve actually had some  

Of the worst night sleep while writing this  story after I finished filming the experiment   so please click like And subscribe to make it  all worth it a huge thank you to the Stanford   sleep medicine center and Dr Paleo for explaining  what we can do to all improve our sleep and for  

Diagnosing me with a sleep condition I didn’t know  I had and to the Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco   at in baradero for this beautiful beautiful  Suite sweet dreams and thank you for watching

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