“In the Action: A Look Back at  Archive” – Video

“In the Action: A Look Back at Archive” – Video

“A Piece of the Action” is a captivating look at Louis Kelso’s revolutionary idea of giving employees a stake in the companies they work for. This 60 Minutes Archive video dives deep into Kelso’s concept of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and how they could potentially change the economy for the better. By allowing workers to become part owners of the companies they work for, Kelso believed that this could lead to a more prosperous and stable economy.

The video features interviews with Kelso himself, as well as Senator Russell Long, who was a supporter of ESOPs. It also highlights the skepticism and resistance Kelso faced from traditional economists, like Paul Samuelson, who dismissed his ideas as amateur and impractical. Despite the challenges, Kelso remained steadfast in his belief that giving workers more ownership and control over their workplace could lead to a more equitable and productive society.

Overall, “A Piece of the Action” offers a thought-provoking exploration of Kelso’s vision and how it could potentially reshape the way we think about work, ownership, and economic prosperity.

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