Inception of the West Coast Project for Mobility Service Dogs – Video

Inception of the West Coast Project for Mobility Service Dogs – Video

Mobility Service Dogs West Coast Project: Beginnings

The video titled Mobility Service Dogs West Coast Project: Beginnings follows the story of Jamie, who, after being told he would never walk again, found hope and functional independence through mobility service dogs. Now, after years of benefiting from these incredible animals, Jamie is ready to give back and help provide others with the same life-changing assistance.

Jamie met a woman at the post office, and together they have started the Mobility Service Dogs West Coast Project. This project aims to provide puppies for training to become mobility service dogs for those in need. The project is looking for puppy raisers and community input to help train and place these dogs with individuals who can benefit from their assistance.

The project has already received donations of puppies from breeders and is also working with dog whisperers to train and rescue dogs to become mobility service animals. The goal is to provide independence and assistance to individuals with mobility impairments, such as those in wheelchairs.

The foundation’s mission is to find and train as many dogs as possible to help improve the lives of individuals with mobility impairments. The project encourages community involvement and invites volunteers to participate in raising and spreading the word about these amazing animals. The Mobility Service Dogs West Coast Project is set to make a significant impact and provide brighter, more vibrant lives for those in need.

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Hi my name is Jamie hundred and eight years ago I had spinal pretty to me they told me I would never walk again and I was fortunate to get connected with mobility service dogs and as a result of that I’ve achieved functional independence and it’s time for me to

Retire a dog and I’ve learned that the visually not dogs available to the general population and so I met a lady in the post office and we talked exchanged dreams and have started mobility service dog West post project we basically we’re looking for puppy raisers and all sorts of community input

We’re very excited we’ve got puppies that are prancing in and our goal is to obtain trains in place Don so we have three breeders that have donated five to six puppies that are going to be coming in over the next three to five months so that people can

Achieve a bigger brighter folded life more vibrantly independence the puppy raisers are people that take the dogs time they’re eight to ten weeks and they keep them for nine to 12 months depending on the dog we’re working with peas that are Standard Poodles the Royal German lungs they’re big and broad and

To handle handle people the other ones we’ve got a couple people that are dog whispers that are going to be going to our shelters and the rescues and getting these fabulous animals that have so much life still in them and train them so that they can work with the mobility

Impaired dogs people live in wheelchairs they get their socks they dress them they open doors for them people like me Phoebe keeps me from falling if I start to fall she catches me she picks up things when I drop my body we had 500 dogs available to us today we absolutely

Could place each one of them to make someone else’s life more vibrant and more full so that they also could live independently because there’s just not enough dogs out there mobility service of West Coast project is the name of the foundation we look forward to your interaction and reaching out tasks

You’ll be able to find us on Facebook immediately and Instagram we will be out and about with our dogs walking and don’t hesitate to come up and ask questions people with mobility service dogs love to talk to the public and bring you in as part of our pool of

Volunteers puppy raised puppy raisers and spread the word

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