Incredible Taste! Grilled Zucchini Tortillas (gluten-free) – Video

Incredible Taste! Grilled Zucchini Tortillas (gluten-free) – Video

The Grilled Zucchini Tortillas recipe featured in this cooking video provides a fresh and flavorful twist on traditional tortillas. Using primarily grated zucchini, this recipe offers a gluten-free alternative that is both nutritious and delicious. The zucchini tortillas can be used as a base for a variety of fillings, from grilled vegetables to savory plant-based proteins and creamy spreads, making them versatile for any meal.

In the video, host Jill showcases how easy it is to prepare these zucchini tortillas, highlighting the simple ingredients and steps involved. She emphasizes the benefits of using quality cookware from Made In, a sponsor of the show, to enhance the cooking experience. The tortillas are cooked on a carbon steel griddle, offering a healthy non-stick cooking surface that is safe and versatile for various stovetops.

After grilling the tortillas to perfection, Jill assembles them with mashed beans, salsa, and lettuce for a delightful taste test. The result is a flexible and light tortilla that is perfect for creating a giant taco or any other delicious meal. Viewers are encouraged to try out the recipe and can access the full printable version on the Plant Based Cooking Show website. Additionally, supporting the show through membership helps keep these free recipe videos available to everyone.

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