India Relay: A Look into American Targeting | Full  Episode – Video

India Relay: A Look into American Targeting | Full Episode – Video

The latest episode of “60 Minutes” delves into two intriguing topics – the mysterious Havana Syndrome affecting US National Security officials and the thrilling world of Indian Relay horse racing. The investigation into the Havana Syndrome reveals a possible connection to a secret weapon wielded by a foreign adversary, with more than 100 officials and their families reporting unexplained symptoms. The episode sheds light on FBI agent Carrie’s personal experience with the syndrome and traces it back to a Russian spy implicated in the case.

On the other hand, viewers are taken into the heart-pounding world of Indian Relay, a sport deeply rooted in Native American culture and history. Featuring bareback riders leaping from one horse to another in a chaotic but exhilarating relay race, the sport showcases the athleticism, danger, and deep connection between riders and their horses. The episode captures the intense competition, passion, and resilience of the riders as they navigate the twists and turns of the race.

From high-stakes investigations to heart-pounding races, this episode of “60 Minutes” offers a compelling look at two vastly different yet equally captivating subjects.

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A car chase in Florida may have provided the vital clue pull over pull over to a national security mystery many US officials and their families believe they’ve been injured by a secret weapon in the hands of a foreign adversary it’s devastating it’s absolutely devastating tonight for

The first time we have evidence of who might be responsible are we being attacked my personal opinion yes by whom Russia welcome to the 2023 championship of Champions in Indian relay as many as six thoroughbred race horses are brought to a start line drawn in the dirt the

Horses are beback no saddles or stirrups their Riders wear no protective gear at the sound of a horn they leap aboard and tear down the TRU these horses are able to run like you wouldn’t believe come on but the hard part comes from jumping off I’m Leslie stall I’m Bill Whitaker

I’m Anderson Cooper I’m Sharon alansy I’m John wortheim I’m I’m Cecilia Vega I’m Scott pelly those stories and more tonight on 60 Minutes tonight we have important developments in our 5-year investigation of mysterious brain injuries reported by US National Security officials the injured include White House staff CIA officers FBI agents Military Officers

And their families many believe that they were wounded by a secret weapon that fires a high energy beam of microwaves or ultrasound this is our fourth story and for the first time we have evidence of who might be responsible most of the injured have fought for America often in secret and

They’re frustrated that the US government publicly doubts that an adversary is targeting Americans one of them is Carrie we’re disguising her and not using her last name because she’s still an FBI agent working in Counter Intelligence she says in 2021 she was home in Florida when she was hit by a

Crippling force and Bam inside my right ear it was like a dentist drilling on steroids that feeling uh when it that it gets too close to your eardrum it’s like that you know times 10 it was like a high pitch metallic drilling noise and it knocked me forward at like a 45

Degree angle this way she says she was by a window in her laundry room my right ear was line of sight to that window while this thing was happening in my ear and when I leaned forward it kind of knock it didn’t knock me over but it knocked me forward immediately felt

Pressure and pressure and pain started coursing from inside my right ear down my jaw down my neck and into my chest at the same time FBI agent Carri told us the battery in her phone began to swell until it broke the case finally she passed out on a couch because of chest

Pain she was checked by a cardiologist and then returned to duty and I remember complaining to my colleagues uh for months after that I felt like I had early Alzheimer’s short-term memory long-term memory confusing memories uh multitasking my Baseline changed I was not the same person car’s story matches

Those we’ve uncovered over the years it was like this piercing feeling on the side of my head it was like I remember it was on the right side of my head and I I got like vertigo Olivia Troy was Homeland Security adviser to vice president Mike

Pence in our 2022 report she told us she was hit outside the White House and then severe ear pain started so I I liking it to if you put a Q-tip too far and you bounced off your eardrum well imagine taking a sharp pencil and just kind of

Poke in that and this man told us he was among the first publicly known cases in 2016 from our Embassy in Cuba that’s how the incidents became known as Havana syndrome he’s medically retired from an age geny we can’t name blind in one eye and struggling for balance what we’re

Hearing about now is one a major medical study for the government was led by Dr David railman of Stanford University in our 2022 report he told us what we found was we thought clear evidence of an injury to the auditory and vestibular system of the brain everything starting

With the inner ear where human humans perceive sound and sense balance and then translate those perceptions into uh brain electrical signals his study found directed pulsed radio frequency energy appears to be the most plausible mechanism for example a focused beam of microwaves or acoustic ultrasound more than 100 officials or

Family members have unexplained persistent symptoms if I turn too fast my gyroscope is off essentially it’s like a step behind where I’m supposed to be so I’ll turn too fast and I will literally walk right into the wall or the door frame now for the first time

The case of FBI agent Carrie suggests which adversary might be responsible she spoke with the FBI’s permission but wasn’t allowed to discuss the cases she was on when she was hit we have learned from other sources one of those cases involve this mustang going 110 M an hour pull over pull

Over in 2020 near Key West Florida deputies tried to stop the Mustang for speeding it ran 15 miles until it hit spike strips laid in its path get a search of the car found notes of bank accounts City Bank discover savings 75,000 and this device that looks like a

Walkie-talkie can erase the car’s computer data including its GPS record there was also a Russian passport what’s your first name Vali b i t a l i i Vitali kovalev was the driver from St Petersburg Russia not Florida why did you run let me be honest with me you

Don’t know why you ran I don’t know and we don’t know why he ran but what we learned suggests he was a Russian spy what we see here is Bali kovik fitting exactly this formula Christo grev is a journalist legendary for unmasking Russian plots in 2020 he uncovered the

Names of the Russian secret agents who poison Vladimir Putin’s rival Alexi naali grev is lead investigator for our collaborator on this story The Insider a magazine by Russian Exiles we asked him to trace Vitali kovalev he studied in a Military Institute he studied Radio Electronics with a particular particular focus on

Use within the military of U of micro Electronics he had all the technology know how that would be required for somebody to be assisting an operation that requires high technology and then all of a sudden after working for two years in a Military Institute he up and decides to become a chef kovalev

Immigrated to the US and worked as a chef in New York and Washington DC even appearing at far left in a TV cooking segment traditional Russian recipes thanks to our wonderful chef but kovalev was actually a Russian military electrical engineer with a top secret security clearance can someone like kovalov

Simply decide to drop all of that and become a chef it is not an easy job to just leave that behind once you’re in the military and you’ve been trained and the ministry of defense is invested in you you remain at their backing call for the rest of your

Life we don’t know what kovalev was up to but our sources say over months he spent 80 hours being interviewed by FBI agent carry who had investigated multiple Russian spies kovalev pled guilty to evading police and reckless driving he was sentenced to 30 months while he was in

Jail Carrie says she was hit in Florida and a year later when she awoke to the same symptoms in the middle of the night in California it felt like I was stuck in this state of like disorientation not able to function what is happening and my whole body was

Pulsing Mark Zade is car’s attorney he has a security clearance and for decades has represented Americans working in National Security Zade has more than two dozen clients suffering symptoms of Havana syndrome which the government now calls anomalous Health incidents I have CIA and state department clients as well who believe

They’ve been impacted domestically there are dozens of CIA cases that have happened domestically that is at least believed uh and and we’re not even just talking about physical manifestation we’re talking about evidence of computer issues in the midst of the incident where computer screens just literally

Stop working or go flicker on and off do you know whether there are other FBI agents who have also suffered from these anomalous Health incidents there are other FBI agents and Personnel not just agents analysts uh I repres present one other FBI person who was impacted in

Miami and I also know of FBI Personnel who believe they were hit overseas in the last decade were any of these members of the FBI Counter Intelligence people in addition to Carrie the one thread that I know of with the FBI Personnel that is common among most if

Not all of my clients other than the family members connected to the employee was they were all doing something relating to Russia Vitali kovalev served his time and in 2022 went back to Russia ignoring American warnings that he was in danger because he’d spent so much time with the

FBI Christo grev found this death certificate from last year which says kovalev was killed at the front in Ukraine do you think kovalov was sent to Ukraine as a punishment one theory is that he was sent there in order for him to be disposed of is kovalov really dead

Or is this another cover story that is a very good question and we actually worked on both hypotheses for a while I do believe at this point that um he was dead we’re dealing with energy weapons it’s not going anywhere look how effective it’s been it’s next generational weaponry and unfortunately

It’s been refined on some of us and we’re the test subjects when we come back you will hear from the Pentagon official who led a global investigation into who is targeting Americans us intelligence says publicly there is no credible evidence that an adversary is in inflicting brain injuries on National Security officials

And yet more than 100 Americans have symptoms that scientists say could be caused by a beam of microwaves or acoustic ultrasound the Pentagon launched an investigation run by a recently retired army lieutenant colonel Greg edgreen has never spoken publicly until now are we being attacked my personal opinion yes by whom

Russia Greg Ed green ran the investigation for the defense intelligence agency he would not discuss classified information but he described his team’s work from 2021 to 2023 we were collecting a large body of data ranging from signals intelligence human intelligence open- Source reporting um anything regarding the internet travel records Financial

Records you name it unfortunately I can’t get into specifics based on the classification but I can tell you at a very early stage I started to focus on Moscow can you tell me about the patterns you began to see one of the things I started to notice was the

Caliber of our officer that was being impacted this wasn’t happening to our worst or our middle range officers this was happening to our top five 10% performing officers across the defense intelligence agency and consistently there was a Russia Nexus there was some angle where they had worked against

Russia focused on Russia and done extremely well what has been the impact on American National Security the impact has been that the Intelligence Officers and our diplomats working abroad are being removed from their post with traumatic brain injuries they’re being neutralized tonight we’re reporting for the first time an incident at last

Year’s NATO Summit in Lithuania a meeting that focused largely on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and was attended by President Biden multiple sources tell us that a senior official of the Department of Defense was struck by the symptoms and sought medical treatment we told told Greg edgreen what we’d learned it

Tells me that there are no barriers on what Moscow will do on who they will attack and that if we don’t face this head-on the problem is going to get worse the problem first appeared in public in 2016 US officials reported being hurt in Cuba and the incidents

Became known as Havana syndrome but we have learned it started 2 years earlier when at least four Americans reported symptoms in Frankfurt Germany there is also evidence of what could be Revenge attacks for example in 2014 three CIA officers were stationed in Ukraine Vladimir Putin’s Obsession 2014 was the

Year that a popular Revolt overthrew Putin’s preferred leader later those CIA officers went on two other assignments and reported being hit one in usbekistan one in Vietnam and the third officer’s family was hit in London the thinking if it is Russia investigative reporter Christo grev believes he knows who’s

Involved in 2018 grev was the first to discover the existence of a top secret Russian intelligence unit which goes by a number 29 155 these are people who are trained to be versatile uh assassins and sabotage operators they’re trained in counter surveillance they’re trained in explosives they’re trained in using

Poison and technology equipment to actually inflict pain or damage to the targets grev works with our collaborators on this report a magazine called The Insider and Germany’s D spegel he has a long track record uncovering Russian documents and grev says he found one that may link 29155 to a directed energy weapon and

When I saw it I literally had tears in my eyes because it was spelling out what they had been doing it’s a piece of accounting an officer of 29155 received a bonus for work on quote potential capabilities of non-lethal acoustic weapons which told us that this particular unit had been engaged with somewhere

Somehow empirical tests of a directed energy unit there it is there it is written down in black and white it’s the closest to a receipt you can have for this we’ve also found that Russia’s 29155 may have been present in toi Georgia when Americans reported incidents there do you believe that you

Were attacked absolutely way she asked us to withhold her name for her safety she is the wife of a justice department official who was with the embassy in tobli she’s a nurse with a PhD in anesthesiology on October 7th 2021 she says that she was in her laundry room

When she was blindsided by a sound as I’m reaching into the dryer um I am completely consumed by a piercing sound that I can only describe as when you listen to a movie and the main character is also consumed by the sound after a bomb goes off that is

Similar to the sound that I heard and it just pierced my ears came in my left side felt like it came through the window into my left ear I immediately felt fullness in my head and just a piercing headache and when I realized that I

Needed to get out of the laundry room I left the room and went into our bedroom next door and projectile vomited in our bathroom we have learned that hers was the second incident that week sources tell us earlier in the neighborhood a Us official their spouse and child were hit

We have also learned of a phone call that was intercepted nearby a man says in Russian is it supposed to have blinking green lights and should I leave it on all night we have no idea what he was talking about but the next day the incidents began sources tell us that an

Investigation centered on this Russian Albert aaran his name on travel manifests and phone records appears alongside known members of unit 29155 he is also the son of the commander he was groomed to become a member of the unit since he was 16 his number is in the phone books of all

Members of the unit clearly he’s more than just the son of the boss he’s a colleague of these people grev found Albert aov’s phone was turned turned off during the toi incidents but our sources say there is evidence someone in toi logged into a very onoff’s personal

Email during this time most likely grev believes a very onof himself placing him in the city We Believe members of unit 2155 were there in order to facilitate supervise or maybe even personally Implement attacks on American diplomats and American government officials using an acoustic weapon after you were able

To get out of the laundry room call your husband what did you do then I went downstairs I first looked on our security camera which is right beside our front door to see if anyone was outside there was a vehicle right outside of our gate I took a photo of

That vehicle and noticed that it was not a vehicle that I recognized and I went outside did you see any anyone around the vehicle I did we sent you a photograph of Albert aano and this is the picture that we sent you you did and I wonder if that

Looks anything like the man you saw outside your home it absolutely does and when I received this photo I had a a visceral reaction it made me feel sick I cannot absolutely say for certainty that it is this man but I can tell you that even to this day looking at

Him makes me feel that same visceral reaction and I can absolutely say that this looks like the man that I saw in the street this 40-year-old wife and mother is among the most severely injured people we have met my headaches and brain fog continued later on into that weekend I started having trouble

Walking down the stairs specifically at night I had trouble finding the steps to get down the stairs so my coordination and vestibular system started just really falling apart she was medically evacuated and now doctors say she has holes in her inner ear canals the vestibular system that creates the sense of balance

Two surgeries put metal plates in her skull another surgery is likely it’s devastating it’s absolutely devastating despite experiences like hers the office of the Director of National Intelligence said last year it’s very unlikely a foreign adversary is responsible but the dni also acknowledged that some intelligence agencies had only low or moderate

Confidence in that assessment this month the National Institutes of Health reported results of brain scans NIH said there’s no evidence of physical damage but the medical science of so-called anomalous Health incidents remains vigorously debated for its part the Director of National Intelligence says the symptoms probably result from pre-existing conditions conventional

Illnesses and environmental factors attorney Mark Zade represents more than two dozen Ahi clients what do you make of the intelligence Community assessment so I’ve had access to classified information relating to Ahi I can’t reveal it I wouldn’t reveal it I will tell you that I don’t believe it to be

The entire story and I know of information that undermines or contradicts what they are saying publicly are you saying that the government wants to cover this up there is in my view without a doubt evidence of a cover up now some of that cover up is not necessarily that oh we

Found a weapon and we don’t want anybody to know about it what I’ve seen more so is we see lines of inquiry that would take us potentially to answers we don’t want to have to deal with so we’re not going to explore any of those Avenues you

Know if my mother had seen what I saw she would say it’s the Russian stupid Greg edgreen who ran the military investigation told us he had the Pentagon support but in the Trump and Biden administrations he says the bar for proof was set in possibly High I

Think it was set so high because we did not as a country and a government want to face some very hard truths and what are those can we secure America are these massive Counter Intelligence failures can we protect American soil and our people on American soil are we being attacked and if we’re

Being attacked is that an act of war after after what he learned in his classified investigation Greg edgreen retired from the Army to start a company to help the victims he hopes to channel government contracts into treatment programs as with all spy stories much is classified in what remains as

Circumstantial none of the witnesses tonight wanted to speak some fear for their families but all felt compelled to shine a light on what they see as a war of Shadows a war America may not be winning if this is what we’ve seen with the hundreds of cases of anomalous

Health incidents I can assure you that this has become probably Putin’s biggest victory in his own mind this has been Russia’s biggest Victory against the West in terms of the long term would you consider this to be life altering absolutely life altering for our whole family a suspected attack on Americans

Before vice president Harris arrived in Vietnam I believe Russia is assisting other governments at 60 Minutes the horse is has played a central role in the history and mythology of many Native American tribes the shason crow blackfeet Sue and other tribes first saw horses when Spaniards brought them to

This continent 500 years ago and have used them in hunting and in battle ever since collectively these tribes call themselves The Horse Nations as you’re about to see men and women from those tribes also use horses in a sport that fans have dubbed America’s original extreme sport the tribes call it Indian

Relay its roots date back centuries and it’s one of the most exciting dangerous and inspiring things you’re ever likely to see welcome to the 2023 championship of Champions we start at the start in Indian relay as many as six Thoroughbred racehorses are brought to a start line

Drawn in the dirt the horses are beback no saddles or stirups their Riders wear no protective gear at the sound of a horn they leap aboard and tear down the [Applause] track to actually get on a horse bear back and run as fast as you can around is easy that’s easy yeah Ken

Realbird is a sort of senior Statesman of Indian relay it’s going to be the team and announces races all over the American West these horses are able to run like you wouldn’t believe on but the hard part comes from jumping off wait what after the Riders race one

Lap around the half mile track on a ra Ry they all speed into a sort of eoin Pit Row where teammates are waiting with Fresh Horses for what’s known as The Exchange so he has to come in gear down enough and then angle that horse in it’s

Going to come in first he gets off and takes one two three steps and he’s onto the back of that horse boom there he goes here comes Carl Ken realbird makes that flying leap from one horse to another sounds simple it is not it’s more like a dangerous chaotic dance with riders and

Horses from six teams all trying to do the same thing at the same time in the same space you have what they call the seted man their job primarily is to have that horse in the proper position as a rider comes in now here they come simultaneously you have a

Guy who’s usually a Nimble guy on his feet and he’s got to catch that horse coming in at 15 miles an hour that horse he really doesn’t care about your feelings a third member of the pit crew is holding a third horse because the Riders must do another leap for another lap go

A it’s exciting but it’s it’s dangerous too isn’t it yeah a lot of injuries almost every heat will have some of the guys getting run over and it’s going to be a collision can you imagine the front line of Kansas City Chiefs all combined in one and just run over

You that’s what it’s going to feel like because that horse is 1,000 lb injuries to both horses and humans are part of the sport the team that best avoids collisions and wins that third lap on a third horse can be forgiven for showing off at the Finish well that was a great

Raise Ken realbird says the roots of modern Indian relay are in the horse stealing raids that tribes once staged against white settlers and each other these young men of the different nations would travel when it was middle of the night they would come and take the prize

Horse and hight tail it back to their home country they exchanged horses as they were running cuz they were being pursued and so that’s pretty much the origin of the Indian really uh sport that we know today races in the organized sport were first conducted in the early

1900s when it first started out majority of these races were happening more in within their own communities native communities on them reservations I’ve seen some races Calvin ghostbear is a member of the Sue tribe seven Heats eight Heats and president of an organization called the Horse nation’s Indian relay Council what we do with horse Nations is we basically took a lot of the the race that were within the tribal Nations brought them out into the mainstream now we’re bringing it on to a bigger stage last Summer’s Indian relay circuit crisscrossed the west and climaxed in Casper Wyoming with a three-day

Championship event that celebrated tribal culture in song and drum and dance and offered more than $100,000 in prize money thanks to sponsorship from a casino owned by the northern Arapaho tribe this is the L it included a women’s division it’s two laps and two horses rather than the three and three in men’s

Races but the athleticism and danger are every bit as evident now there’s no quitting these kids there’s also a kids Indian relay takes a great combo with riders as young as six racing on ponies climbing on and falling off he’s going to be all right those are the guys that

Grow up to be the great Riders the great setup men because they’re all Horsemen and it’s like that in every reservation on the black feet reservation in Montana we met Irvin Carlson and his son Chaz who have been competing in Indian relay for years years Chaz is one of the most seasoned

Riders on the summer circuit for Relay making you good in the sport is just practice practice practice and years of experience looks like Chaz is off another team we followed through the summer circuit is led by 23-year-old Tuesday wasaki from the shishoni tribe in Wyoming her younger sister sister Zia is

The rider for their women’s team both feel a close connection to their horses if you’re having a bad day and it’s just not going your way you can go out and you can catch your horse and ride them and things things will just seem to be better I think that’s just how it

Is Mason Redwing feels the same Bond and obligation to care for his horses it’s really something special because we’re all here for one purpose and it’s it’s the horse just setting up over here Mason haes from the crow Creek Sue reservation in South Dakota when I was younger I I didn’t

Know why I used to feel such anger and animosity towards my own people I I didn’t want to be Native American and uh the horse helped me you know reconnect with my culture and be proud of who I am and proud of where I’m from why were you

Feeling you didn’t like being a Native American growing up where I’m from on the reservation you you see a lot of things that make you not proud to be where I’m from alcoholism drug addiction uh drug abuse uh suicide suicide rates on the reservation are four or five

Times the national average my own father was uh succumb to alcoholism uh so it really hit home you said the horse saved your life yep yes sir essentially you think it does that for a lot of young Native American kids I think so there’s a lot of kids out

There that are just that are just looking for for that doorway there’s little glamour in Indian relay and lots of hard work every team is self-funded and nearly everyone has a day job to help pay the bills but the sport is on the rise prize money is

Increasing and 67 teams competed in last Summer’s championships the quality of horses is rising too teams go to Major racetracks like Churchill Downs home of the Kentucky Derby to buy sprinters well suited to Indian Rel Kentucky that would be the ultimate a demonstration race before the Derby

That would be that would be my goal lots of Thrills and hopefully no spills today each team competed in one heat each day of the Championships their cumulative time from the first two days determined whether they made the final championship Heat on Sunday is the race usually won or lost in the exchange

Yeah it’s like a really team in track and feel but in Indian relay exchanges involve six Riders 18 horses 18 other humans and a cloud of dust from what I’ve seen it’s like like chaos chaos in the block going to be OB do Tuesday waki’s women’s team made the championship Heat in

Casper is right there and her sister Zia had a clean Exchange in that race they finished a close second I don’t know you get demoralized or does it make make you more determined it makes me more determined man i’ be out here mad as hell but I shouldn’t be

Winning it all is going to be the time the first place women’s Relay Team came from the Colville reservation in Washington state with rider Talia ttoa is this your first championship no I actually won the first one in Wala Wala all right yeah when I was 13 and how old

Are you now 17 17 yeah wow are you going to do it again next year yeah we I’m going to do it as long as I can I love this game the day before we had watched TOA win heat with her arms raised in a pose

Of Tri and strength it is how we connect to the Warriors of the past the Warriors of 200 years ago it’s that same bloodline of that Warrior that is going cursing through their blood Mason Red Wing over three days of [Applause] Heats we watched Mason Redwing and his

Team go from dirt pounding frustration when an exchange went wrong to exultation as another went right good good good cuz we’re always searching for that perfect run they didn’t quite find it in the finals it’s for the championship of the world the team that did was the one we’d first met months

Earlier on the black feet reservation Irvin Carlson and his son Chaz so we’ve been following you like all summer like this is the culmination of everything you’ve done all all year so does this give you bragging right for a year or what oh yeah oh yeah

He as a tribal Elder sang a traditional praise song in honor of their Victory and organizers presented them with a check for $20,000 give him a round we noticed a group of kids at the rail on their ponies watching intently what the horse done for me I

Know the horse can do that for everyone a thousand times over and and I’m I’m a firm believer in it I I know for a fact it can it can bring our young men and our young women back the last minute of 60 Minutes is sponsored by United Healthcare there for what

Matters for most Christians today is Easter Sunday a day of resurrection of the Triumph of of light over darkness and although Orthodox Christians won’t celebrate Easter for another month it is an orthodox place of worship that comes to mind St Nicholas Greek Orthodox church and Shrine in lower Manhattan we

Told the story of the resurrection of St Nicholas back in 2020 once a Tavern the church lived in the shadow of the World Trade Center and nearly died under its Rubble on September 11th 2001 kept alive only by the Faith and Hope of its tiny congregation and the charity of

A much wider Community today the new St Nicholas its Dome a glow with an inner light sits at the edge of the World Trade Center resurrected and Alive happy Easter I’m Scott P we’ll be back next week with another edition of 60 minutes haven’t filed yet Jill Schlesinger’s

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