Influencer-Turned-Singer Yeri Mua Signs With Sony Music Mexico

Influencer-Turned-Singer Yeri Mua Signs With Sony Music Mexico

Mexican influencer and singer Yeri Mua has signed a contract with Sony Music Mexico for the recording of her first album. The signing, exclusively announced by Billboard Español, comes after Mua released four songs in the last year that positioned her among the most influential urban artists of the moment.

Previously known for her fashion, lifestyle and makeup content, Mua rose to prominence as a musician after the release of the 2023 track “Chupón,” on which she appeared with El Gudi, Jey F, Alan Dazmel and Oviña.

“I have never been afraid of cameras; that was very important to move from that content to music. Since I was a child, I wanted to be an artist,” says the extravagant and extroverted singer of neoperreo, who in recent months has also collaborated with stars like Kenia Os and Uzielito Mix.

“I have many ideas for the album,” Mua (real name Yeri Cruz Varela) continues. “I needed someone to tell me that all my crazy ideas can be materialized. I love music and I will never be simple; not in my outfits or the way I am made up. I am that type of artist who gets involved even in the lighting.”

Mua says that while she received other label offers, Sony met all her expectations.

“I want Mexican perreo and reggaetón to level up,” she says. “To see the change, a progression with high-quality material. I will do many more collaborations with artists I admire as part of this new stage in my career. With my new home, Sony, we are going to do very cool things.”

According to a press release, Mua’s solo music and collaborations have accumulated more than 600 million streams. Additionally, she has 11 million followers on Facebook and more than 12 million views on TikTok.

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