Inside Our Airstream 30′ Globetrotter: A Tour of How We Stay Organized – Video

Inside Our Airstream 30′ Globetrotter: A Tour of How We Stay Organized – Video

Join us on a virtual tour of our 30′ Airstream Globetrotter as we show you how we organize our space for full-time RV living. In this video, we share the products and tools we use to keep our home on wheels neat and orderly. From magnetic knife holders to collapsible dish drainers, we’ve found innovative solutions to maximize storage and keep everything in its place.

Check out the links in the description for all the products featured in this video, including organization essentials like rope baskets, drawer dividers, and storage bags. We believe that cooking in a small space doesn’t mean sacrificing nutrition or taste, so we also share Tricia’s tips and recipes for preparing delicious, healthy meals on the road.

Whether you’re a seasoned RVer looking for new organization ideas or a newbie planning your first adventure, this video offers inspiration for organizing your own RV space. Take a peek inside our Airstream and get ready to hit the road with a tidy and efficient home away from home.

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