Interpol: Modern Ark |  Full Episodes – An Agency in Crisis – Video

Interpol: Modern Ark | Full Episodes – An Agency in Crisis – Video

Agency in Crisis; Interpol; Modern Ark | 60 Minutes Full Episodes is a gripping and eye-opening look at the state of the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons, Interpol, and the modern-day Noah who looks out for nature’s greatest beasts. The video takes viewers inside the Federal Bureau of Prisons, revealing the agency’s dangerous under-staffing crisis and alarming pattern of abuse in its women’s prisons. Colette Peters, the Bureau’s director, is on a mission to reform the system, but faces challenges as the Bureau struggles to fulfill its mission of rehabilitating inmates and keeping its prisons safe.

The video also delves into Interpol, the global alliance of 196 countries that share important intelligence about worldwide criminal activity. However, questions arise about the legitimacy of some member countries, raising concerns about the effectiveness of the alliance.

Additionally, the video introduces viewers to a modern-day Noah who safeguards nature’s greatest beasts during their greatest times of need. It explores how tigers have been discovered roaming in the wilds of Colorado and elephants in Georgia, raising questions about how these animals ended up in these locations.

In all, the video unfolds in classic 60 Minutes style, with in-depth investigative reporting and revealing interviews with key figures, shedding light on pressing issues within these influential agencies.

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People drive past prisons every day yeah they’re terrified of them or they don’t think about them at all right it’s kind of like this forgotten Zone I don’t want people to forget about this place the United States federal prison system has 157,000 inmates in its custody and locks

Up some of the most dangerous and high-profile criminals in the world tonight we will take you inside the Federal Bureau of Prisons an agency in crisis on the banks of the rone river by a tranquil City Park sits the highly secure Global headquarters of interpole 196 countries are members of interpole

And share important intelligence about worldwide criminal activity but there are questions about why some of those countries are still part of its Alliance I’m just trying to understand understand how a country that is being investigated for mass murder can be a member in good standing with interpole 60 Minutes has discovered

Tigers Roaming In The Wilds of Colorado and elephants in Georgia how or why did these animals end up here let’s go meet the modern day Noah who looks out for Nature’s greatest beasts during their greatest times of need I’m Leslie stall I’m Bill Whitaker I’m Anderson Cooper I’m Sharon alons I’m

John wortheim I’m Cecilia Vega I’m Scott Pell those stories and more tonight on 60 Minutes the United States federal prison system has 157,000 inmates in its custody and locks up some of the most dangerous and high-profile criminals in the world serial killers and terrorists are among those inside its 122 prisons which

Includes supermax penitentiaries and minimum security camps the cost to American taxpayers is more than $8 billion a year tonight we will take you inside the Federal Bureau of Prisons an agency in crisis a series of government investigations has found the bureau’s workforce is dangerously under staffed and inside its women’s prisons there is

An alarming pattern of abuse Colette Peters is in charge of fixing the Bureau of Prisons she’s the sixth director in six years this is alvil a low security women’s prison in rural Alabama where more than 1,400 inmates are serving time people drive past prisons every day yeah they’re

Terrified of them or they don’t think about them at all right it’s kind of like this forgotten Zone I don’t want people to forget about this place I Colette Peters became director of the Bureau of Prisons in August 2022 after a 20-year career in Corrections she’s built a reputation as

A reformer I love your poster we are all stronger than we think aren’t we before becoming director she was credited with shaping Oregon state prison system by prioritizing staff mental health support and advocating for the compassionate treatment of inmates I have this very early memory in kindergarten where an

Individual came in with a pocket knife and was marched to the principal’s office and I just remember in that moment saying I want to help him many people in your custody are there because of horrific crimes why do they deserve compassion because 95% of them are going

To come back to our community someday and I want them to be productive taxpaying citizens who no longer commit crimes but the Bureau of Prisons is so inadequately staffed it is struggling to fulfill its Mission rehabilitating inmates and keeping its prison safe government Watchdogs have documented disrepair in all of its

Institutions requiring more than $2 billion in fixes and employees rank the Bureau of Prisons the worst place to work in the federal government it’s very rare for the media to be allowed inside a federal prison why are we here I truly believe in transparency are we perfect

No do we have issues we need to resolve absolutely but I want people to see the good stuff we toured alv with director Peters and saw where inmates live learn new trades and work on this day sewing sleeping bags for the military a coveted job because it pays a115 an

Hour you ladies are amazing and when you leave here you’re going to be incredible this ceremony is for inmates graduating from a faith-based program preparing them for life on the outside by connecting them with Community leaders and teaching them life skills like anger management but the reality is nearly

Half of federal inmates will end up back behind bars or arrested within 3 years of getting out a lot of those faces in there who have so much promise and hope today could end up right back in here yeah you know I think we have a lot of

Work to do to dial down that recidivism rate we have to send fewer people to prison for shorter periods of time and then when they’re here do things like this you also have a major Staffing issue and people can’t get these classes that they need Staffing was a problem

Before the pandemic and so that those recruitment efforts and those retention efforts have gotten hard how many correctional officers do you need on staff to get you out of this Staffing crisis so we hope to have that real number for uh you and the public um very

Soon that seems like a critical number how was that not on your your desk when you took this job on day one and and still not there a year later so the good news is this was a problem the bureau was trying to solve before I got here

And we’re in the process of solving IT director Peters says she expects to have the number of officers needed by October more than two years after taking office but Shane fzy the recently retired president of the Federal Prison employees union says he knows what that number is now we’re short about 8,000

Positions Nationwide how bad is it it results than one of us losing our lives and it’s that bad we can’t continue with this course by the Union’s count the Bureau of Prisons is down about 40% of the correctional officers it needs the less supervision you have the more bad things

Happen misconduct increases violence increases and because there are not enough officers the bureau relies on other prison staff to step in it’s a controversial practice called augmentation teachers nurses doctors Food Service people the people that maintain facilities they’re doing what now they’re in a housing unit supervising offenders do they have

Training in that they do but I can tell you I’m no better a plumber than they are a correctional officer I can walk into a housing unit and tell you something’s right or something’s wrong you develop that over years of experience let’s break this down we are talking about HVAC repairmen and accountants

Who are now guarding inmates that doesn’t sound safe so it is so they have the exact same training as the correctional officers now what I will say is augmentation should only be used in the short term we’ve used this now to solve a long-term retention and recruitment problem and that isn’t right

On this point the union and management agree prison staff like teachers and doctors need to be able to do their jobs so that inmates don’t lose access to critical services and programs their Buzz phrases everybody’s a correctional officer first that sounds good on paper but if you take the teacher out of the

Classroom and nobody’s teaching the offender the skills to go back out to society we’re just back to warehousing people while we walked the halls of alvil classrooms were packed but several inmates told us that much of what we saw in our tour was staged am I getting a

Real look at what life is like in here today absolutely not no definitely not the staff is very disrespectful here even though we made mistakes um when we’re out here we’re not treated with respect um you feel safe here um sometimes mean prison is prison you feel

What I’m saying tell me about Staffing there’s short staff all the time there’s times where you don’t know if you’re going to be able to go outside because somebody didn’t come to work and if you were to speak up about some of these issues that you’re telling me about what

Would happen going jail you’re going to the shoe short for special housing unit is the jail inside a prison where inmates are segregated from the general population and seldom let outside of their cells make you nervous to talk to me right now a little bit the director

Is coming today what does she need to know about alvil fix it we need more education more like opportunity to grow and rehabilitate cuz we don’t have that here I’ve talked to a handful of inmates here today and they say look you’re getting a cleaned up version

Of what life is really like I’ve been doing this work for a long time uh so I can see when things have been swept under the rug if you will I’m not naive and when anybody comes to your house you clean it up of all the issues plaguing

The Bureau of Prisons perhaps none is more disturbing than the rampant sexual abuse of female inmates by the male officers who are supposed to protect them women are housed in nearly a quarter of federal prisons and a 2022 Senate investigation found that Bureau staff have sexually abused female

Prisoners in at least 2third of those facilities over the past decade alvil is no exception three officers have been convicted of sexual abuse since 2020 including one who pleaded guilty earlier this month those are just the cases that we know about how does this keep happening you can’t predict human

Behavior but what I can tell you is the things that we’re putting in place to manage to that misconduct I think are the right things and sending a clear message that this type of behavior is egregious horrendous and unexcusable but female inmates at a women’s prison in Northern California accused director

Peters and the Bureau of Prisons of failing to protect them its official name is federal correctional institution Dublin but it’s known by inmates and staff as the rape Club seven Dublin officers including the warden and the chaplain have been convicted of sexually abusing nearly two dozen inmates from

2018 to 2021 and this past August eight inmates filed suit claiming sexual abuse continues to this day these are mothers their daughters their sisters Tess cor worked as a correctional officer at Dublin for 25 years she resigned in 2022 after she says she was retaliated against for whistleblowing they train Us

In the red flags to look for and then when we report hey they every red flag the Guy meets you need to go deal with this they don’t do anything what was the chaplain doing that made you suspicious one time I came in on a weekend he

Didn’t know I was there his office was dark he had an inmate in there with him and I don’t know what they were doing that’s a red flag oh definitely former officer cor says she reported the chaplain and other officers who she suspected of sexually abusing inmates to

An internal affairs investigator but but was ignored for years until Federal investigators stepped in what happened to the officers that you accused most of them have been or in the process of being convicted and a lot of them are in named in lawsuits right now how’s that make

You feel good the Bureau of Prisons has a backlog of nearly 8,000 open misconduct investigations hundreds of which contain allegations of sexual abuse director Peter HED more staff to tackle the backlog but she says it will take two years to clear those cases in response to the Dublin lawsuit Bureau of

Prisons lawyers say inmates claims have been investigated and that no threat remains we’ve done a tendous job in the last year rebuilding that culture and creating a uh institution that is more safe where individuals feel comfortable coming forward and Reporting claims you just use the phrase tremendous job in

Dublin eight inmates have filed a class action lawsuit and they’ve got testimony from more than 40 current and former Dublin inmates who say that the abuse is ongoing that means the the process is working that they have the ability to come forward they have the right to bring that class action lawsuit together

These Dublin inmates say that they are facing retaliation for speaking out I have been very clear that retaliation will not be stood on my watch and so when allegations of retaliation come forward they are investig and we will hold those people accountable it’s one thing for you to

Say that retaliation is not tolerated but it sounds like it’s actually still happening again I would say those are allegations um I would like to be more grounded in fact around proven retaliation the fact is that an additional 19 staff members have been accused of abusing inmates The Bureau

Says those staff members have been put on leave New Management has been brought in and there are now working security cameras in in areas where inmates were abused what are these victims owed to have individuals who are in our care who rely on us for their Safety and

Security and to have that be violated I don’t know that you can bring anything uh that that would undo that wrong what about an apology the victims in Dublin say they’ve never received an apology well I will tell you um that is our mission to keep them safe that is

Our job is your job to apologize for what happened in Dublin I don’t know that my job is to apologize um is it heartbreaking and horrendous to have something like that happen uh when you are proud of your profession as a Corrections professional absolutely in addition to the lawsuit

Filed this past August more than 45 current and former Dublin inmates have filed lawsuits alleging sexual abuse by bureau of prison staff if you’re a fan of crime novels and movies you’ve probably heard of interpole the international police organization was started 100 years ago when 20 countries including the US came

Together to fight International crime today it has 96 members connecting the New York Police Department Scotland Yard police and Moscow Mumbai Manila but for all its good work interpole has been accused of doing the Dirty Work of some of its more repressive members Russia for one has used interpole to track down

People who have run a foul of President Vladimir Putin we visited interpole in leyon France last fall and found an institution trying to navigate the treacherous path between policing and politics on the banks of the ran River by a tranquil City Park sits the highly secure Global headquarters of interpole

Nom for the past decade it’s been led by Jurgen stock a former vice president of the German federal police the purpose of interpole is still the same connecting police for a safer world as interpol’s Secretary General stock manages operations in Leon and Regional Offices on five continents 900 employees work at

The leyon headquarters many are police officers on loan from member countries chosen for their expertise they don’t carry guns or make arrests but rather collect and share information with law enforcement agencies around the globe interpole also has bureaus in each member country including one in Washington DC managed

By the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security so what is the main mission of Interpol I would describe it as an information broker we collect we invite member countries to share information we do analysis we enrich the information so interpol’s information is leading to arrests of high level criminals murderers uh drug traffickers

Those who are abusing children all around the world every single day that happens last year Interpol coordinated a Crackdown on human trafficking and prostitution operation Global chain that led to 212 arrests in 22 countries and the release of more more than 1,400 victims forced into criminality it’s been going after one of

The world’s most powerful crime organizations italy-based Andrita thanks to interpole the second most Wanted Man in Italy roko Morabito was arrested in Brazil after 23 years on the Run we were able to identify him through images that were shared that allowed us to to be sure it was the guy

Tattoos tattoos siral goo a forensic expert from the French national police oversees 19 massive databases which are queried 20 million times a day they are a compendium of crime piracy fugitives illicit Firearms stolen travel documents my role is uh to make this information available to the end users your members

The member countries of inapo but for me the customers the end users these are the police offices who wants to arrest the those major criminals and providing them with re actionable information everywhere around the world Interpol has a number of ways to alert its members including a yellow notice for missing

Persons a black notice for unidentified bodies perhaps most important the red notice a closely guarded list of 74,000 of the world’s most wanted fugitives with the suspect’s name picture fingerprints details of the alleged crime and the country seeking the arrest the red notice is not an International

Arrest warrant that is also very often misunderstood how would you describe it it seems like it’s a digital wanted poster yes it’s an alert that we are disseminating that somebody is wanted by a member country each notice is vetted by a task force Secretary General stock created to make sure it doesn’t violate

Rules forbidding the use of interpole for political religious or racial persecution but the vetting is not foolproof some of interpol’s more repressive members take advantage of red notices using fabricated charges to locate detain and extradite people they want to get their hands on like political dissidents or innocent people who’ve merely displeased powerful

Officials like any information sharing system the information that you get out is only as good as the information that you put in I’m gathering Davies on the left and Ben Keith are barristers British lawyers who help people accused of crimes to navigate interpol’s complex bureaucracy our clients come to us and

Say we’ve been accused in a particular state of a criminal offense which has been fabricated for political reasons and interpol’s just taking this at face value issued a red notice both concede interpole does a lot of good despite a yearly budget of $170 million which is about the size of the Omaha police

Department their constitution says that they are meant to believe their member states and so when a member State Russia China turkey whose rule of law is often non-existent say to them a particular person is wanted for a criminal offense they are bound by the Constitution to believe them does Interpol view all the

Information that comes out of all of them as equal this is one of our main frustrations is that Interpol don’t penalize Iz countries properly they want everyone in their Club they want everybody in the club when a country is clearly egregiously breaching the rules and manipulating the system on a a gross

Scale they don’t suspend them they’ve not suspended Russia that’s a Russia is still an active member of interpole Russia accounts for nearly half of the red notices interpole makes public according to a Russian police official its interpole Bureau in Moscow helped arrest and extradite more than 100 criminals in

2021 and in 2022 helped NAB the founder of the world’s largest darknet criminal Marketplace called Hydra but some of the information Russia gives interpole is suspect members of Congress human rights groups and the European Union have labeled Russia a Serial abuser of red notices so Russia is widely viewed as

Being fairly Brazen in its attempt to manipulate the system the famous example that we often talk about is is Bill Browder Bill Browder is a london-based American Born Finance he made his fortune in Russia but has spent the last 11 years on the run from President Vladimir Putin after he and his lawyer

Sergey magnitsky exposed corruption by Russian government officials magnitsky was arrested and died after being beaten in a Moscow prison Browder was convicted in absentia on suspect fraud charges the Kremlin turned to Interpol to bring him in so how many times by your count has Russia tried to arrest you by way of

Interpol eight times I must hold the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of times they’ve tried to abuse Interpol his closest call came in 2018 when he was visiting Spain I opened the door of the hotel and outside the door just about to knock is the manager of

The hotel and and two uniformed officers from the Spanish police I pull out my passport I hand it to the um one of the two police officers and he said you’re under arrest and I said what for and he said interpole Russia the hotel manager told him to collect his things from the

Bedroom once out of sight Browder grabbed his phone and sent out this tweet at the time I had about 100,000 followers and I tweeted out urgent being arrested in Madrid Spain right now that was quick thinking this is not the first time I had this worry they’ve been

Chasing me with interpole for a long time and so I’m sitting in the back of the police car and because they hadn’t taken away my phone I took a picture of the back of their heads he sent this picture in a second urgent tweet in the

Back of the Spanish police car going to the station on the Russian arrest warrant what were you hoping to accomplish I’m hoping to wake the whole world up to the fact that I’m being arrested I don’t want to be um slipped into the back of a um you know Russian

Jet and sent off without anyone knowing where I was what did you think was happening or was going to happen if I sent to Russia I would be killed no question about it while Browder stayed locked in a holding cell his tweets went around the world the chief of police

Comes back with a translator and says uh we’ve just gotten off the phone with interpole General secretar at in Leon the warrant is no longer valid you’re free to go well as a result of your tweets as a result of the tweets are you fearful that this could happen again

Every time I cross the border my heart starts beating a little bit faster we asked Jurgen stock why after all this Russia hasn’t been suspended from Interpol especially considering the UN is investigating Russia for war crimes in Ukraine I’m just trying to understand how a country that is being

Investigated for mass murder can be member in good standing with Interpol interpole introduced um some measures when the conflict started um to avoid uh any political abuse of our systems but we also decided um to keep let’s say the channels of information open Russia is hardly the only country to use Interpol

To do its Dirty Work Bahrain for example used Interpol to NAB a professional soccer player an outspoken critic of the government at the bang airport in 2018 he spent 2 and A2 months in a Thai prison China used a red notice to arrest this Chinese weager activist in Morocco in

2021 he remains in prison awaiting extradition and cutter issued a red notice for this Scottish engineer in 2022 over a disputed $5,000 bank loan he spent two months in an Iraqi prison all of these red notices were eventually rescinded but not before before lives were upended I don’t know how to

Characterize the people who get caught up in this are they collateral damage no I would never call that collateral damage and we are investing all we can to ensure that every piece of information in our datab bases are compliant with our rules and regulations but you know and we have heard of

Incidents where people are languishing in jail because of erroneous information that was sent out by Interpol I’m not saying that the system is is perfect we see wrong decisions on a national level and we have seen wrong decisions also in interpool that is that is correct a small number of cases interpole admits

In 2022 304 of nearly 24,000 wanted person alerts were found to violate its rules and were eventually denied or deleted the organization declined to share which countries were the worst offenders there are well documented cases against Russia China turkey United Arab Emirates for repeatedly abusing the interpole notices why not name and shame

These countries because we believe this is not in the interest of international police Corporation you need to have a a platform where information is being collected from different parts of the world where criminal groups are operating we want to provide Channel even between states that have di diplomatic difficulties or even are in

Conflict our decision is not to police a member country in terms of their human rights agenda that’s not our role as a technical police organization that’s not Justice though it’s not Justice we get it right most of the time British barristers Rees Davies and Ben Keith say

If interpole is to survive another 100 years it must learn to police itself we’re concerned about the rule of law and human rights and Interpol are concerned about trying to catch people who are allegedly criminals a loot of innocent people get caught up in the middle it feels a bit like that’s the

Sort of price they they’re prepared to pay for catching the bad guys and we think the price that is paid is far too high and low Before the Flood the Lord said to Noah make yourself an arc bring out every kind of living creature that was the Old Testament but what happens

Today when disaster threatens animals a powerful force a zoo a foreign government even the US Department of Justice often calls from on high and enlists the services of one man Pat Craig founder of the wild animal sanctuary in Colorado who’s emerged as the go-to guy for orchestrating high

Stakes rescues around the world last spring we accompanied this modern-day Noah to a zoo in Puerto Rico for his most Ambi vious Mission yet these lions were once literally the pride of Puerto Rico housed at the Dr Wan Rivero zoo in the coastal town of mayz the only zoo on the island but

After years of Decline mismanagement and neglect this was the Tableau that greeted Pat Craig and his wife Monica when they arrived here from Colorado what was your impression when you got to the zoo for the first time the animals were very very sad looking and some of

Them were very very sick I felt physically and emotionally overwhelmed and even while we were there animals died almost on a weekly basis correct so that felt even worse because we’re present and yet we were there too late over the course of a decade the US Department of Agriculture cited the zoo

Two dozen times for substandard conditions in animal mistreatment after hurricanes Irma and Maria ravaged the island the Zoo closed to the public in 2018 for the more than 300 winged scaled and four-legged residents still captive the situation turned from bad to downright desperate we saw zebra that had a horrible wound

On her leg and her tail and she couldn’t stand up we saw a pig that had a skin condition her skin was just falling apart a mountain lion’s untreated cancer had been allowed to spread all over its body seeing the mountain line suffering the way that he was that broke my heart

And not being able to sorry yeah help him yeah it was just so evident that this facility was Way Beyond repair the US Department of Justice which enforces Federal Animal Welfare laws in the states in Puerto Rico agreed and in February staged an extraordinary intervention sending a battalion of

Agents to the zoo to evacuate every single species to permanent homes on the mainland to lead this mission to Captain this Arc as it were the doj tapped wild animal sanctuary founder Pat crave we were there in April to witness the operation equal parts military style Logistics in Battlefield

Extraction among the targets Seven Lions sweltering in a concrete bunker and they never hooked up the power after the hurricane they never hooked up the power to the zoo never wait wait there’s a zoo that’s functioning with animals there and there’s no power there’s no and then

If you look at the pictures from the inside of their building you know it’s the old steel bars just like jail cells while a row when it came time to coax the cats out of their cages Craig entered the Lion’s Den gather the Lions weren’t necessarily

Happy to see you and go with you what happened they’re definitely defensive because they don’t know who we are and what we’re doing and why and so we show up and we’re like believe me you got to trust me we’re trying to help you here the sweet talking didn’t work so

They deployed Plan B sedation hard to watch but accepted practice when rescuing uncooperative carnivores over the course of 5 months Craig and his team of 20 used patience proding Pursuit good boy and grape jelly to lure each animal into its custombuilt crate a camel a kangaroo a rhinoceros these stubborn hippos Monica

Craig a native Spanish speaker had hoped to coordinate with the local staff but the team from Colorado mostly had to go It Alone she says the zookeepers in Puerto Rico often refuse to help we tried many many days to communicate with them and trying to tell them hey we’re

Not bad people we’re just trying to do what we’re supposed to be doing for these animals and give them a better home what was the respons that they were upset they were like no I don’t think I don’t think that’s right the animals belong here it was a sentiment shared by many

In the community and at times resistance curdled into outright sabotage the rescue team had nearly wrangled Mundy once a star attraction into her transport crate when suddenly out of nowhere this elephant just flies up tears out of there starts running around what do you think happened well I

Think somebody shot the BB gun if if you ask me and hit her in the rear end hit her in the rear end just to make her hate that crate yeah now she thinks that crate did something to her we reached out to Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural and environmental resources

Which is responsible for the zoo in a statement it said the animals were provided with Comprehensive Care and denied there was any neglect blaming problems at the zoo on hurricane damage limited resources and aging animals once the transport was finally ready a a police escort to the airport

Then the animals were loaded one by one onto charter flights Bound for New Homes Craig had arranged its sanctuaries across the US how do you ferry to safety an 8,000lb elephant like Mundy on a 747 cargo jet of course departure brought a sigh of relief when she took off I cried cuz I

Said thank you God she’s in is over she’s out of here there’s no question about it anymore Pat and Monica Craig took as many of the rescues as they could back to their 1200 acre facility a vast managerie roams the grassy enclosures on the high plains of Eastern

Colorado each of the 700 plus animals here came with a sad backstory wagging their own Tales of Woe as it were Tigers kept in garages as pets Lions saved from a zoo in war torn Ukraine Bears abused at a Korean medical facility now 64 Craig got the idea for the place as a

Teenager in the 1970s when a friend who worked at a zoo gave him a tour behind the scenes there were all these animals lions and tigers that were in small cages and he said these will be euthanized and I thought wow this is crazy you know these are healthy not

They’re not old they’re not sick Craig decided right then and there to open his own Sanctuary on his parents small Colorado farm with few regulations to guide him he built the animal en closures himself and scoured biology books for pointers did you have any experience with lions and tigers no none

You have degree in Zoology no I was just starting College back then it was going to be a business degree and he quickly learned that lions and tigers are no house cats in the early years I was in the hospital more times than you could count it was like okay don’t do that

Again and you know just so all those years of making mistakes and not getting killed what specifically does a mistake look like uh pretty bad I’ve had my left arm almost completely torn off I’ve had bit through the chest and collapsed lungs the animals Craig can handle but

On his missions to hostile environments around the world it’s the people he often needs extra help managing heavily armed Federal Marshals accompanied Craig when the Department of Justice dispatched him to retrieve maltreated big cats that had been kept by the notorious Tiger King Joe Exotic the unlikely Netflix sensation and his

Associates no these two were among the 141 animals Craig liberated and brought back here what kind of conditions was Joe Exotic keeping these guys in in Oklahoma well you know it was just all these really small cages that were just in you know line after lineing CU it was

A gigantic breeding operation primarily let’s go the rescue missions and the sanctuary operate on an annual budget of 34 million funding comes mostly from private donations When Animals arrive here this is often their first stop designed to minimize Shock by mimicking the conditions they came from here they’re

Evaluated and given a treatment plan whether it’s medication or emergency surgery Craig and staff veterinarian Dr Michaela vet introduced us to Chad and Malo both rescued from Puerto Rico how confident do we feel about our locks here confident this guy wants to get out she says yeah this guy’s ready to hang

Out with us they suffer from permanent neurological damage likely caused by malnutrition something Craig could spot just by looking you see how she keeps doing that but really she just doesn’t have a control over it head tilting at an angle yeah we’ve had literally hundreds of lions that have come through

That have had that kind of problem you’ve seen this before oh yeah the sanctuary devises a special diet for each animal which requires 100,000 lb of food per week mainly donated by nearby Walmarts occasional cupcakes included when we met him Mikey the bear another Asylum Seeker from Puerto Rico was

Midway through his rehab right now he’s in his lockout just so we can medically manage him what did you see the first time you saw him um he was in a great deal of pain very gingerly moving we assume he’s got you know a great deal of arthritis which we’ve provided

Medications for and now he’s getting around like almost like a young bear nursing animals like Mikey back to physical health is one thing ministering to their emotional wounds is often a bigger challenge having been raised in captivity many of the animals arrive with what amounts to severe

PTSD and they must be taught to trust the humans caring for them they’re already mad at people anyway because of whatever people had done I had one tiger years ago that anytime you came near you want to hit the fence and kill you what’s the timetable for trying to ease

Some of the trauma these animals have been through you know some were beaten some were starved some were mentally tormented to a degree you know and um so every case is different so some of them will do it in a matter of days some will be a few weeks doesn’t that story imply

However traumatic this may have been it’s not irreversible it’s not irreversible the goal of all this rehab is to get these wild animals to act the part remember Mundy at the zoo she had zero contact with other elephants for more than 30 years we accompanied Craig on a visit to

A refuge in Georgia where he placed Mundy under the care of conservationist Carol Buckley this marked the first time Craig and the Elephant had seen each other since Puerto Rico what do you notice well first thing she just looks so much healthier and just her demeanor

Is so much calmer and nicer every day when I would go see her in the zoo I just got it just hurt and then now to see this is just amazing just truly amazing hey pretty lady Buckley provides the care and feeding but happily admits Mundy’s real mentors are the other

Elephants here you’re just the inkeeper you’re just the chef hey I just open and close doors and make sure the waters are running you know and the other elephant knows what they need to learn and they’re instructing them it’s fantastic it is exactly the same as what happens in the

Wild that’s the same principle Craig employs at his sanctuary and after 2 months of rehab the lions from Puerto Rico were ready to enter their permanent habitat all right Robert’s going to open the door we were on hand for the releas no one quite knew what to expect not

Least the Lions you can go yeah the first was reticent but one by one this must just be literally lifechanging they started to venture out enclosed for their safety and ours but otherwise in a vast ocean of green these guys have been in captivity their whole lives this is the

First yeah this will be the first time ever that they’ve been able to either run or live in a big space like this even have deep grasp makes you feel good yeah absolutely this is why we do this there were a few scuffles but for Pat Craig that’s exactly what he’d hoped

For Lions acting like well Lions the animals come to this Sanctuary from all over the world but in this unlikely setting here silhouetted by the Rockies in eastern Colorado they find more than just Sanctuary they finally find a home a look at life after Tiger King you have

To learn a lot of it what it’s like to be a tiger at 60 Minutes the last minute of 60 Minutes is sponsored by United Healthcare there for what matters next Sunday on 60 Minutes as America gears up for the Super Bowl on Fe February 11th John wortheim

Investigates the growing and often addictive hold online sports betting has on young men people who aren’t familiar might think of the typical gambling addict is you know middle-aged guy in a windbreaker who’s betting his retirement savings it’s more prominent in the younger generation I think than ever the

Sports books and the commercials and the leagues themselves are making it look so cool to gamble and risk your money and when impetuous 22 year- olds making snap bets go up against gambling corporations armed with data banks artificial intelligence and Engineering the result is often a mismatch I’m Cecilia Vega

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