Is a disaster truly ‘natural’? | All Hail The Planet

Is a disaster truly ‘natural’? | All Hail The Planet

In the latest episode of ‘All Hail The Planet’, Ali Rae explores the misconception of natural disasters and uncovers the human factors that amplify the impact of severe weather events. Joined by experts in the fields of legal anthropology, climate change negotiation, and climate justice activism, Ali delves into the social, economic, and political forces that hinder global action on climate change.

The episode challenges the notion of typhoons, floods, and earthquakes as purely ‘natural’ disasters, highlighting the role of human decisions and actions in exacerbating their destructive effects. Through insightful discussions with guests such as Siobhan McDonnell, Saleemul Huq, and Mitzi Jonelle Tan, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding disaster preparedness, climate hazards, and the urgent need for environmental action.

As the series continues to shed light on the powerful forces shaping our world, ‘All Hail The Planet’ serves as a thought-provoking platform for examining the interconnectedness of climate change, environmental impact, and the pursuit of climate justice. Tune in to this compelling episode to broaden your perspective on the true nature of so-called ‘natural’ disasters and the critical importance of proactive climate action.

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