Is Amouranth about to become an owner of Kick, Twitch – or something else entirely?

Is Amouranth about to become an owner of Kick, Twitch – or something else entirely?

Amouranth, the hugely popular live streamer and Only Fans creator, has announced that she’ll be making an announcement, and the speculation is off the charts.

Anything Amouranth does attracts huge amounts of attention, and she has used it to her advantage, regularly courting controversy. She even has an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven girlfriend chatbot modeled after her personality.

In a video posted to X yesterday (June 17), the superstar appears to be poring over and signing a contract. Most of the contract is blacked out, with the words “Privaledged [sic] & Confidential. Absolutely super top secret. NDAs required by all parties,” appearing at the top in bold capital letters.

While much of the exposed writing is nonsense, with sentences such as “stable cleaning supplies are found in the…” and “use chlorine in your hot tubs,” there are some elements that people are convinced mean something. There isn’t a lot of agreement on what it does mean though.

The speculators fall predominantly into two camps. The theories are:

1. Amouranth is returning to Twitch full-time

One of the unredacted sections of the contract says “When completed, please change your Riot Games account [blanked out], Jeff Besos.” Jeff Bezos (with a Z) is the owner of Amazon, which in turn owns Twitch. It’s unclear what this reference means, especially with the spelling error (though there are other typos in the document, so whether it is a deliberate mistake is unclear).

Amouranth’s history with Twitch goes back nearly ten years, but it hasn’t always been a smooth relationship. Earlier this year (April), the Amazon-owned live-streaming platform banned the provocative creator for the tenth time. It’s clear that making waves is a key part of her strategy, but after this incident, Amouranth posted on X saying “Guess yall can find me on @KickStreaming” and her bio on the social media platform has said “Kick Streamer” ever since.

2. Amouranth is going to become a Kick co-owner

This is the theory that seems to have caught most people’s attention. Amouranth (whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa) is perusing the contract and signs it with a green pen – Kick uses green in its branding.

The very bottom of the contract is what really set people down this path, however. It says


[redacted] and [redacted]


Name: Amouranth

Title: Owner”

Kick was co-founded by Bijan Tehrani, Ed Craven, and Trainwreckstv in 2022, but is currently owned by Ashwood Holdings and Bijan Tehrani. People are speculating that the two redacted names refer to the two owners of Kick.

This is then supported by the “Title: Owner” element of the document, leading people to conclude that Amouranth will be signing on as a co-owner of the platform.

Twitch is a much larger platform than Kick, which means the potential for larger audiences. However, Amouranth has previously intimated that she makes most of her money on Only Fans rather than through streaming, so this is likely of low concern to her, especially if she can sure up her business interests with an ownership stake.

Ultimately, we don’t have to wait long to find out the answer – the document states “All information shall be shared publically on June 20, 2024,” so the truth will be revealed this week.

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