Is it possible to rescue the big angry snake? – Video

Is it possible to rescue the big angry snake? – Video

BIG ANGRY SNAKE – Can it be Rescued?

In the video “BIG ANGRY SNAKE – Can it be Rescued?”, viewers are taken on a thrilling journey in Costa Rica as the hosts race to find and relocate a large snake spotted in a backyard. The suspense builds as they search for the snake, exploring different hiding spots and encountering potential dangers along the way. The tension rises as they finally spot the massive boa constrictor camouflaged among a box of logs. With caution and expertise, they carefully handle the snake, removing ticks and ensuring its wellbeing. Despite the snake’s intimidating size and hissing, they successfully relocate it to a safer, wilder area. The video is not only an exciting adventure but also serves as a reminder of the importance of wildlife conservation and coexisting with animals in their natural habitat. It showcases the bravery and compassion of the hosts as they rescue the snake, providing a heartwarming and educational experience for the audience.

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– It is early morning, Costa Rica. We are racing on our way to possibly find a snake that somebody has spotted in their backyard. So they said, “Do you guys think you can come catch it, and move it to a wild area?” And we said, “Well, if the snake is still there.

That would definitely make a very cool episode.” Okay, we found the snake. It’s big. They weren’t kidding. Ooh, hoo hoo hoo. – [Coyote] What do you got? – Okay, well the homeowners, they don’t want to be filmed, so they’re just gonna stay inside and probably watch us from the windows. – [Coyote] Okay. – But they said have at it. So the snake was somewhere over here. – [Coyote] (laughs) Okay.

– So that’s all we got going for us, but they’re more than happy to have us here searching, so let’s go look. – [Coyote] Okay, great. Okay, so what I say we do is split up. Which direction you want to go? – I want to go that way first.

– Okay, I’ll go that way. If you see something, call it out. We’ll all converge together. And with any luck, we’re going to catch and relocate a snake. – All right, let’s get a snake. – Here we go. – So my reasoning for going in this direction is because this is a star apple tree. Check that out. Very fragrant fruit, all this fruit needs to be eaten by something. So what happens is rodents and other species will come to eat the fallen fruit.

And maybe there might be snakes in ambush waiting for them. – Believe it or not, sometimes looking up underneath vehicles is a great place to look, because they provide shade and shelter, especially if a car hasn’t moved in quite some time. Let me do this. Yeah, if it’s a big snake, I’d easily be able to see if it was hiding up underneath the vehicle like this. – Most snakes are nocturnal. So now that it’s daytime, the snake is likely gonna be hunkered down somewhere. So the next step is to find things to flip: debris, tin, wood,

Anything that a snake can hide underneath. (leaves crunch) And hopefully there is something underneath. Oh man, look at this. I thought this was snakeskin. – Snakes are potentially arboreal out here. We have tree boas out here. We have lots of different parrot snakes, vine snakes, so it is always a good idea to look up in the rafters to see if there’s anything. – Look at this. That right there could be a possible entry point, likely for rodents. Also accessible for snakes. Whoa. It has, actually some water. If I was a snake hiding during the day this would- Just heard something. Well, there’s all kinds of tadpoles. Water down in here. Ah, what would have been amazing is if I walked into this abandoned swimming pool and just found a snake curled right up in the water. I was thinking that that might be it. – This looks pretty good. Got a, I dunno, chicken coop or actually it’s a thing full of wood. Lots of spaces for snakes to hide in. Boa! Holy smokes. I did not even see it there. Holy smokes. Coyote! – [Coyote] Yeah? – We got a snake. – You got a snake? Mario just called. He’s got a snake. – (whispering) Oh my gosh. – Is it big? Holy cow. That is a big snake. Oh my gosh. – [Mario] Dude. – It is a boa constrictor. – Dude, I came around here, I didn’t even see that snake was right there. – Oh my gosh. Okay, we found the snake. It’s big. They weren’t kidding.

I’m gonna cut this camera. Let’s regroup ourselves. – [Mario] That’s a big snake. – Dude. Big snake. Oh my gosh. That is a huge boa constructor. Okay, so this is it. The moment we’re going to engage with the snake, and try to safely get it out of this box of logs. No idea how it’s going to behave. – Oh. – [Coyote] Oh, that’s a hiss. – [Mario] And there we go. – Whoa. Now that snake’s in a position where there’s no way I can make a reach for it. You can see it’s completely in a defensive strike position, and getting my hand any closer than this

Could mean getting my fingers entrapped, and look at all these incredibly huge razor sharp teeth. That is intimidating. – [Mario] I got it, start backing up. Good, good, good, good, good. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Perfect. – [Coyote] Try to get ahold of his… Whoa! That was close. Okay, cool. Snake is, is out. – [Mario] Bring him out. Bring him out, that’s good. Don’t let it go back in. There you go, there you go. – Unbelievable. That snake is all of five, maybe six feet in length. – I think (indistinct) – Look at the tail. Wow. Check this out. And if I come on this side of the snake, you can really get an idea for just how big it is.

Now, a boa is a non venomous species. So I don’t have to worry about taking a bite and being envenomated, but these snakes have a mouth full of teeth. They’re actually like little razorblades turned backwards. And on the top of the skull, they have multiple rows of teeth.

So when they grab onto their prey, it locks in place. And these skull’s capable of expanding. And these snakes can swallow down prey that are many times larger than their own bodies. And this is what you would consider a full grown female boa. That aggressive hissing is basically just saying,

“I’m a big snake. I’m intimidating. You don’t want to get any closer.” Got her, okay. There we go. – Hold the coils like that. – Yep, have to keep her as straight as possible. Okay. Now, it’s important to keep the snake stretched out. Otherwise it’s going to completely constrict around me. Okay, I gotcha, I gotcha. The snake is extremely strong,

And I’m being as gentle as I possibly can. I’m going to actually, if I shift my hand back just a tiny bit there. Oh wow. She’s got ticks all over her. – [Mario] That’s a lot of ticks. – I’m gonna use my multi-tool to pull them off.

She’s got a big one right on the side of her head here. This isn’t gonna hurt at all. Look at that, completely full of blood. That parasite is a really unhealthy thing for a snake like this. – Right now, we’re kind of just doing a little bit of a service

By hopefully getting rid of some, some ticks, but otherwise she would be fine with these as is. As you can see the coils around my leg, the snake has to feel comfortable. Once you engage the head, the snake has to be in defensive mode.

That’s when the snake is going to be at its most aggressive. – I do have to be aware of where those teeth are at at all points in time. The less pressure I put on her, the less constrained she feels. – (pats leg) Look at this. – Yeah, you’re getting constricted.

We want to keep those coils spread out as much as we possibly can. – [Mario] Here’s another tick. Just full of ticks right now. – I’ve gotten all the ticks off the top third of the snake. She looks pretty good. You wanna stretch her out a little bit,

So we can see the full length? There we go. That’s pretty cool. That is a beautiful snake. – [Mario] Gorgeous. – Well, the good news for this boa is that because we were able to find it and safely catch it, we’re now going to be able to relocate it

To a much wilder area. All this human habitation, while it may provide good opportunities for this snake to get a meal, it actually puts it in the way of danger. I’m actually really thankful that these property owners said, “Hey, do you guys want to come safely remove the snake?”

Because killing an animal like this is actually really detrimental to the environment. These snakes do an incredible amount of good by helping to balance the pest populations. Well, I’d say this was a success. We found the snake and that we’re going to be able to safely relocate it back out into the wild.

I’m Coyote Peterson. – I’m Mario Aldecoa. – Be brave. – Stay wild. – We’ll see you on the next adventure. All right, let’s get her into a bag, back off into the wild.

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