Is it Safe to Visit La Paz, Mexico in 2024? Latest Travel Advisory

Is it Safe to Visit La Paz, Mexico in 2024? Latest Travel Advisory

La Paz is generally a safe place for tourists but at night it can become a little bit dangerous and it’s advised to exercise caution. Narrow, poorly lit streets should be avoided, especially outside of the main city.

In most parts of the city, it is advised that visitors refrain from going on solo walks after dark. Using a registered taxi is a safer option.


February 1, 2024: Crime in La Paz increased according to a report from the end of last year

At the end of 2023, Baja California Sur state law enforcement authorities released the latest Baja California Sur Crime Traffic Light report, offering insights into the region’s safety conditions. The report, functioning much like a traditional traffic light, uses red to indicate high crime levels, yellow as a warning, and green to signify a low occurrence of criminal activities. This monitoring system tracks 11 different types of crimes and provides monthly updates for the benefit of local businesses, residents, and travelers.

The city of La Paz, the capital of the State of Baja California Sur, experienced an increase in crime during October. The city recorded four red lights for drug-related offenses, vehicle theft, family violence, and rape. Additionally, it had three yellow lights for injuries, home burglary, and business burglary, indicating a notable uptick in criminal activities in the capital city during the same period.

The United States government does not have any particular warnings about La Paz Mexico. However, traveling to La Paz is generally secure. La Paz has seen a decrease in crime and violence over the past few years, even though some areas of the city are riskier than others. The Mexican government makes a lot of effort to guarantee locals’ and visitors’ safety.

Canada Travel Advisory

Canada is not advising people to stay away from Baja California Sur or La Paz. However, it is warning people to exercise caution when traveling to any zone of Mexico. “There are certain safety and security concerns, and the situation could change quickly. Be very cautious at all times, monitor local media, and follow the instructions of local authorities,” the advisory says.

Areas to avoid in La Paz Mexico

Walking around La Paz is generally safe, especially in the area surrounding the Malecon, a three-mile waterfront promenade that is bustling most of the day.

The risk of crime rises as you…

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