Is South Africa’s Luxury Glamping Safari Worth It? 🇿🇦 – Video

Is South Africa’s Luxury Glamping Safari Worth It? 🇿🇦 – Video

Embark on a luxurious glamping safari in South Africa with Hotspots2c, where you can experience the beauty of nature up close and personal. Book your tour with the discount code JUMPINGPLACES for 5% off and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

In this video, you’ll witness the stunning landscapes of South Africa as you explore two nature reserves and have the chance to see the Big Five animals in their natural habitat. From elephants to rhinos to cheetahs, you’ll be amazed at the wildlife you encounter on your game drives.

The accommodations are top-notch with spacious tents equipped with all the luxurious amenities you need for a comfortable stay. And the best part is that you can choose from different accommodation options to suit your budget.

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Watch the full video to see the jaw-dropping sights and sounds of South Africa’s wilderness and start planning your own luxury glamping safari adventure today.

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Video Transcript

Good morning everyone once again here from Cape Town in South Africa today we’re going to start a two tour we’re going to be doing a luxury glampin Safari with a company called hotpots to see that do tours around South Africa and we’re going to be visiting two

Nature reserves so one on each day and I think we’re supposed to be able to see the majority of the big five the animals that people want to see the most and hopefully this time we get to see Lions too we’ve never seen lions in the wild

So yeah fingers crossed for that and it’s going to be around $420 per per and that includes one of the breakfast the transport obviously the pickup and drop off at our apartment here and also the tours at the reserves that we’re going to be visiting and we’re actually

Partnering with the company hotspots to see and they’ve give us a discount code jumping places for this tour where you can get 5% off so in the video description there’ll be more information about that and right now we’re just waiting for them to pick us up and then

We’ll be heading out on the Safari tour So we made the stop now for our lunch break we actually stopped a few hours ago for a coffee too scenery has been so so beautiful so many mountains big Rocky Mountains and many Vineyards too might be the most Vineyards we’ve ever seen yeah I think the guide was actually

Saying that there is a route maybe this route is like the the biggest wine route in the world so that’s pretty cool and we saw like hundreds of different wineries I I love wine too it’s very interesting and this little place that we’ stopped is called Barry Dale we’re

Going to be eating in about 20 minutes so just walking around this is a nice kind of bar restaurant here got the old gas station stuff so they have some stores here too looks amazing yeah wow look at this probably some of the most impressive masks that I’ve ever seen so

It’s pretty cool that it tells you the ethnic group that it comes from Baga and the country G an interesting one yeah amazing carvings so oh look at that one Cameroon Cameroon yeah like this one here some kind of instrument like the song go for this one yeah little plate 60 So we’ve arrived at the lodge now and we’re going to be doing something called The Elephant Walk where we go really close to some of the elephants here I think there’s three of them we can’t touch them but they can tou CHS that’s what the guy said yeah that’s what they

Said there they are two big ones and a little one all right the elephants also have names the one closest to us is the naughty one very naughty elephant but very intelligent very clever his name is Jabari Jabari means powerful strong right he’s Going Yes so the ones that we saw in Sri Lanka we only saw them from a vehicle we weren’t standing around with them like this walking around and I think this is the African elephant so maybe it’s bigger I know it’s a different type of elephant so maybe that’s why they’re a

Lot bigger so the guide said that each elephant drinks about 100 L of water a day they need a Lot So from what the guide said these have been here since they were like babies their parents were killed by poachers unfortunately and he did confirm that the Asian ones are a lot smaller and apparently they’re a lot easier for humans to be around these ones are like wild

Killers dangerous anomally so now we’re going to go on the game Drive which I think is for 2 hours driving around here hopefully we see some more animals that we didn’t get to see in Namibia yeah and this time I’m not going to be driving only enjoying and

Filming so it’s going to be Cool Now So we got some drinks included I went for the gin and dry lemon and I went for the vindu the namibian beer that I was drinking in Namibia oh look on this side too goes on and on yeah I thought for being like a private reserve it would be

Kind of small but it’s not it’s really big you probably saw that we saw all those giraffes up close so that was nice to see those guys again there is a line around here but I think you have to do like a specific tour to visit those yeah

I think some days you can see it some other days you cannot see it so but I don’t think we’re lucky today yeah I don’t think we’re going to see the lion maybe tomorrow hopefully I think tomorrow we’re going to another Reserve though yeah it’s not going to be this

One but I don’t know what animals they have over There So we’re checking into our accommodation now at the same Reserve we have visitors yeah I can show you the visitor around here some sort of antelope like a deer over there oh there’s like a family of them that’s pretty cool that you get them right around where we’re staying so

This is all of our accommodation this the glamping it’s not scared of me Carol no right here and this is the room so looking real spacious nice big bed got a desk area there guess this over here is like the tea and coffee some sort of snack C’s

Admiring the views yeah the the little deer or I don’t know how you call that bumby yeah so the actual structure of the accommodation is tent and even this here is like the same type of window that you find on a like a regular camping tent but just a massive one yeah

Massive one and you have all the luxury things inside which is really cool yeah so there’s three of those big Windows all these that you see here so you can open the entire thing and then it is AC I don’t think we’ll need that it’s pretty cool right now in the bathroom

This way ah cool we got a bathtub might have to make use of that tonight got another one of those same kind of Windows that you can open yeah really nice spacious bathroom not sure what’s out outside ah shower outdoor shower so you can even use the outdoor shower or the Bathtub And this is the mini Lake that we have the noisy Ducks so apparently there are hippos in here I think there’s more chance of seeing them later on so you can also stay at some of the glamping places right on the lake real nice [Applause] views so we’re just coming back to our

Place and this time we have another guest beautiful the horns I don’t think that’s a Kudo the spiral horns and the other guys there too he looked at my finger when I pointed beautiful animal though what’s the GoPro yeah I don’t want to get too

Close and we did see two hippos in there could just see the heads in the in the water chilling out that was good seen so many animals already day one so it is the next morning we had a really good night’s sleep and we just got up and we

Spotted the hippos once again but you can just see the top of the heads they’re still not out of the water and now we’re going to have breakfast and then we’ll be going to do another game Drive in another Reserve so it is a breakfast buffet had

Some pretty good options Carol went for the omelet as always little croissant I also went for croissant a muffin some cheeses and I did have more meat bacon and sausage some of these little birds stole one of my bacon when I went to get my coffee cheeky little birds I can’t imagine

Theyve like lifting the entire bacon but somehow they did it and it’s pretty cool that you get to eat on the hippo Lake the hippos are all the way on the other side though they’re not over here and this is where we had dinner last night

Too it was a pretty good price wasn’t it mhm yeah I think we ate for $25 like with wine and uh two meals so good price for a fourstar Hotel So the place that we’ve come to is called bottier scop I think that’s how you pronounce it not entirely sure and we’re off to an amazing start because right from the entrance we can already see some rhinos I think there’s about three of them might be four can’t tell

Some of them are sat down once again a really nice Lodge I think you can stay here too I think there’s places that you can sleep around here time to put the sniper to use again yeah I think those are the white rhinos white rhinos yeah

So we’re allowed to get a tea or coffee at this one I think the game Drive is only in about 30 minutes so we got some time yeah and the driver also said there are lions in this one yeah so hopefully we’ll be able to see it it’s our last Chance Can you see what it is no but I think it’s alive I don’t see it I don’t see it either oh is that it oh oh now I see It Is that the cheetah yes I think so so beautiful it’s like a big cat really e it’s even clearer than the lion yeah wow look at her fur yeah looks like the no way to be Found The So we’ve gotten out of the vehicle now and we spotted some giraffes once again there’s two of them over over there there’s like a little stream in the middle and we’re not in the same section as the Lions by the way I definitely wouldn’t want to get out then this has

Been the best game drive so far oh inside here we’ve seen like everything yeah almost almost everything I think the only one of the the big five that we won’t see is the leopard but I didn’t even know we’d see cheetah in here so that was a nice

Surprise oh we missed the elephants they were somewhere but we couldn’t see them once yeah so you can see the elephants in this park too it’s not so bad for us cuz we saw them yesterday up close so doesn’t really Matter He So we’re back from the tour now it was an absolutely incredible 2 days we actually wish we would have done the 3-day tour now we could go back in time would have done the 3-day one instead but still super happy that we got to see so many different animals definitely was

A lot more than we were expecting and we found out later that it’s not actually guaranteed that you’re going to see the lion so we were super lucky and we were even more lucky that the lion was so close cuz it was literally right next to

Our car I think there’s only two there and the park is absolutely massive so I think you’re lucky even if you see the the lions like far in the distance but for us it was just right next to us lay there so yeah that was incredible and

You don’t have to do the glamping like we did they also have cheaper alternative so there were other people that were with us in the group and they stayed in a more affordable accommodation so they do have different options available and once again if you

Want to do the tour don’t forget that we have the promo code jumping places where you can get 5% off and the nice thing about the company hotspots to see is that some of the money goes to a nonprofit organization that helps local communities around South Africa if you

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