Is This the Optimal Time to Purchase an Electric Vehicle? 🚗 – Video

Is This the Optimal Time to Purchase an Electric Vehicle? 🚗 – Video

Is Now the Best Time to Buy an EV? 🚗

Is Now the Best Time to Buy an EV? 🚗

The decision to buy an electric vehicle (EV) can be a daunting one, with various factors to consider. In this video, the host delves into the key aspects that one should keep in mind before making the purchase. From range and cost to motivations and fears, each element is discussed thoroughly to help viewers make an informed decision.

The host also engages with Google’s Gemini AI chatbot to get additional insights on whether now is the right time to buy an EV. While the chatbot provides some valuable information, it is important to remember that AI is still evolving and may not always offer the most accurate responses.

Ultimately, the video emphasizes the importance of doing thorough research and weighing all the pros and cons carefully before making a decision. Whether it’s considering the total cost of ownership, charging convenience, or range limitations, viewers are encouraged to think critically about their needs and preferences when it comes to electric vehicles.

In conclusion, the video highlights the exciting yet maturing state of EVs today, pointing towards a future that is dominated by green technology but still faces challenges in terms of cost and infrastructure. With the right information and guidance, viewers can make a well-informed decision on whether now is the best time to buy an EV.

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Video Transcript

In five words or less why should you get an EV cleaner commute smoother Drive Lower costs wow spot on six words again though oh is it today I’m going to go face to face with Google’s Gemini AI chatbot as we ask whether it’s the right

Time for you to buy an electric car I want to see if it can spot gaps in my knowledge or maybe I spot gaps in Its I would frame the answer in five buckets the first one comes down to range the question I still get the most when people ask me about EVS here’s my answer to that most of you me us drive less than we think these 300 400 mile EVS are

Edge use cases most of us drive tens of miles a day then there’s cost the number two question I get right after the range thing people think EVS are premium high-priced cars and until very recently they were and they still can be depending which one you buy but we are

At What’s called the TCO Tipping Point the total cost of ownership Tipping Point that means if you look at the total cost of owning and using a car in the time you have it the EV often comes out cheaper then we get to some soft stuff what are your motivations why do

You want an electric car nobody has to have one then you got to decide if there’s an EV you actually love there are many more gas engine cars and there are electric cars so far that’ll change but right now that could be a factor for waiting just a couple more years when

There’ll be many more to choose from finally there’s your fear of fattish some people think EVS are here today and gone tomorrow like some kind of a 3D television on wheels that will’ll all look back at and laugh one day I don’t buy that personally but if you have

Significant fears about buying into Tech that doesn’t have long legs you might wait a little longer okay now let’s see what Gemini has to say say about the big question and it’s going to be given a voice by 11 Labs which does AI voice generation and of course we’re going to

Show you the actual words of Gemini’s response and the whole thing’s represented by this orb that we came up with so at least we know who’s better looking and if it’s answer is really wonky or better than mine I’m going to hit the button and call it out it’s a

Compelling time to consider an EV in February 2024 but not necessarily a slam dunk Pros price is dropping new and used EVS have seen discounts and price decreases incentives Rising federal tax credits remain and some dealers offer additional deals okay so there’s a little bit of a

Mashup going on there yes talking about pricing but I think I don’t hear enough about depreciation that’s sort of the flip side of prices are coming down but residual values are also coming down that can be a bad guy for you as the buyer while the lower prices are a good

Guy you got to look at them both both the sophisticated auto buyer always does too many people don’t don’t make that mistake selection growing more models and body styles are available than ever charging expanding public charging networks are getting dener okay I got to say it sort of beat

Me on that part the public charging infrastructure I think I underemphasize that if you don’t have charging that you own like at your house or regularly available at your employer then yeah you may want to wait a few years for the public charging infrastructure to get better that means more charging

Locations than we have now and more charging locations that work all the time too of when we hear from EV owners that the charging points out there are broken cons still prier most EVS cost more up front than comparable gas cars okay I don’t know if they’re

Prisser or pricier but yes they can be more expensive in terms of their MSRP but I think Gemini is missing the big picture I talked about the total cost of ownership you got to put a lot more factors in before you decide if an EV is more expensive than not because we’re

Talking about the cost of driving not just the cost of buying a car that’s the bottom line for your budget charging convenience home charging is ideal but not everyone has it range anxiety depending on your usage range limitations could be an issue ultimately it depends on your budget driving habits

And access to charging do your research and weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a decision okay the only thing missing there is your motivations people buy electric cars for different reasons are you an Eco Warrior are you someone who wants to have the cheapest

Possible way to get around and you want to save a ton of money and stick it to the man that’s a separate consideration set from someone who wants to be just Tech forward and Innovative or do you love the performance of these things they have incredible torque and they’re

Virtually silent these are very different profiles of the EV buyer at this point you might want to see which one or two or all you fit into in five words or less describe the state of electric vehicles today the future is arriving unevenly exciting growing but still maturing describe the

Future prospects of electric vehicles TCO will make or break dominant green but challenged by grids uh that is six words not five and I think it’s a high coup not really an answer why should you get an Eevee is that lower cost killer performance environment cleaner commute smoother Drive Lower costs wow You’

Think we’d rehears this but six words again aren’t these things supposed to be smart why shouldn’t you get an EV you live in the wilderness range limits charge weight Hefty price tag okay now that’s seven words and kind of a grab bag in one word what is the biggest

Challenge facing EVS like alltech maturation cost yeah that’s rolled up in maturation in one word What is the best thing electric vehicles have going for them inevitability momentum kind of the same thing okay lastly we all know I think we’ve seen that AI is pretty darn good

At giving us answers but the experts will point out something else that I want you to remember AI is also great at generating questions let’s bring in the machine that we’ve been using to run Gemini right here and let me ask it what we should have been asking about today’s

Big question question so let’s see what are the key three questions I should ask before buying an EV today pretty good if you asked me to give you just three questions to ask about buying an EV right now I could put my name to these can I charge conveniently and affordably of course

That rolls up two important issues does the range realistically meet my needs yes no your real needs though this gets to the keyword realistically which is not 300 M a day and here it is the golden term total cost of ownership how many times did I bang that drum and here

It is in exactly those terms okay so in some AI is pretty darn good at giving you answers not just information that’s a key differentiator from how most of us experience search secondly use it to ask for questions not just answers that’s a whole new way of

Thinking and I think you saw how powerful ful that was and thirdly take all the AI chatbot results with a grain of salt till further notice because like EVS these things are also still pretty green maybe you notice that a big part of what we did today required us

Prompting the AI the right way asking at the right stuff if you want to become an expert in that check out my colleague abrar Ali’s video on exactly that how to prompt AI like a pro and do it better than your friends and let us know what

You want to do next in this series expert versus AI drop your questions in the comments we’re reading them

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