Isolated in Paradise – Video

Isolated in Paradise – Video

Alone in Paradise is a heartfelt video that delves into the feelings of loneliness and disconnection, even in the midst of a beautiful and stunning location. The video follows Ruby, a digital nomad living in Bali, as she opens up about the difficulty of forming deep and meaningful connections in a transient place. Despite the physical paradise of her surroundings, Ruby shares her struggles with feeling isolated and disconnected from her loved ones and friends.

However, she takes a proactive approach to addressing her feelings by setting up a trip to the Philippines to reconnect with her best friend, Pauline. The video captures their adventures as they explore various beautiful locations and create lasting memories together. From swimming with whale sharks to enjoying local delicacies and experiencing the local culture, the video showcases the importance of deep and meaningful friendships in overcoming feelings of loneliness.

Alone in Paradise offers a raw and authentic perspective on the impact of digital communication and transient lifestyles on mental health and the importance of prioritizing cherished relationships. The video ends with a powerful message about the value of making time for meaningful connections and the joy that comes from creating memories with loved ones. Ruby hopes to inspire her viewers to reevaluate their priorities and make the effort to nurture deep, meaningful friendships. So hit the like button and subscribe for more heartfelt content!

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Hey guys my name is Ruby and welcome back to my channel I’ve been having something that’s been on my mind lately that I really want to talk to you guys about and that is the importance of deep and meaningful friendships let me explain I have to admit moving across

The world to live with the love of my life in one of the most beautiful places on Earth Bali surrounded by Lush jungles and beaches is literally Paradise what more could a girl ask for right and as many of you guys know I moved all the

Way from LA to Bali in the last few years and of course this comes with the price the price of leaving my loved ones back at home my family my friends my comfort zone my job but of course all for something really amazing while I am grateful to be living in Paradise with

My partner I can’t help but feel lonely sometimes I mean b can be a really transient place I’ve made so many friends and then they move within the next 3 to 6 months so honestly I’ve been feeling so alone in paradise and because Bal so transient it can be hard to form

Rich deep meaningful connections with people when they’re only here for a short while it gets kind of exhausting honestly and of course I am a digital Nomad but often this industry can make you feel really lonely your crunching your desire to discover the unknown beautiful places but at the cost of

Being isolated in Paradise you can’t always bring your loved ones with you and I know that I’m not the only one feeling this way many of us are actually struggling to keep and maintain friendships and that’s because we are prioritizing work and business and so many other things and not prioritizing

The people who have been with us through thick and thin and you know what I think it’s time to start doing that again I made the exciting decision to meet my best friend Pauline all the way in the Philippines she actually lives all the

Way in Sweden and I live in Bali and we decided to do a really fun Philippines trip it’s been months since we’ve seen each other in person but know the time and effort we’re putting into seeing each other will be very well worth it so get ready to meet Pauline my best friend

For the Last 5 Years and her boyfriend Nicholas and this is where the adventure begins good morning from oslob we’re here to see the whale sharks AKA Ru hey they’re calling me a whale shark but either way I’m really excited to be here because swimming little B sharks is a

Dream with my bestie we’re going to have this experience together I’m a tiger exper she’s a tiger shark experiences all over the world together bonding that’s what we’re doing bonding with all these other people who are seeing the wheel sharks non seexual bonding I was thinking Bond okay anyways yeah um we’re

About to make some memories today with all these other people right there and we’re off we’re off to see the whale sharks here in the Philippines yes we are oh my goodness it’s a whale Shark what a cool experience guys it’s amazing just I’m going to en cou a wild animal this close super super magical trees that experience was one of a kind even though it I am surrounded by a bunch of people it was just such a fun experience to get to do that with like

My friends and uh get up post and personal next adventure is tumala Falls so this is a beautiful waterfall right next to where the well sharks are we made it look how how beautiful this place is but Crowded this is Pauline my Swedish best friend she’s one of my longest and bestest friends in the whole entire worldwide and we have the best time together and we travel together all the time so she came to meet me all the way in the Philippines and now we’re having fun we are having

But and also she’s a psychologist you look like you’re held against your will she’s also a psychologist so she knows how crazy we all are really do it Nicholas is uh Pauline’s boyfriend yeah plus one woo we have to go to make memories we came to the waterfall for a

Reason okay let’s go okay let’s go we’re cing the world together W guys this is really cool in slow motion this is going to be epic Yeah all right guys what a fun adventure that is the end of our time here in this island and and now we’re going to the next destination before we head out to our next spot we actually came back to the same place that we had dinner what would

You rate the dinner if we had last night solid 7.1 that’s what I thought too so back here for breakfast yeah and maybe they’ll have Bubble milk tea cuz I’m I’m really craving that going to have some lunch before we our next Location what is that this is how you do it something called Holo Holo which is a Filipino dessert the Viking is kicking in a million different things oh you’re right nobody I like my ice cream without it we just ran for our lives barely made this connection I

Think it’s the last gr of the day now we’re on to sikor the next Island we’re just bonding you know some girly time I’m really good at doing braids so my friends are always asking me to do their braids so I’m doing some braids going in another one of these things part yeah party bus one I don’t know if you guys know this but Pauline

Is known her nickname is party Pauline Pauline why is your nickname party Pauline um I don’t know it’s really weird it’s like I don’t know where I came from that’s fine go no Okay well basically Pauline’s one of the best people on Earth to have fun like she’s just always has the best energy ready to go all night she’s always the last one out of the party says Debbie Downer over here why why are you saying that to me right now it’s called

Sarcasm thanks to Pauline’s very organized skills yeah we drive her crazy we’re not organized she she booked us a really awesome deal way that I went crazy on the cheese guys Nicholas is basically half Pinoy Pinoy P yeah Filipinos Pinoy that’s what they say Pinoy he has made us a delicacy tonight

We’ve got fried egg with some what is it noodles yeah nice that’s these noodles he’s very resourceful and Pauline Pauline found us honestly some amazing Lobster crackers good eye good spotting Ruby what did you uh I gave you all my love yum good morning everybody we are on our

Way to go baruda DC diving Pauline is this your first time yes it’s her first time it’s my first first time supposedly it’s amazing and we’re going to go around the island he’s going to show us Ri so I’m so excited it’s 8: a.m. see these are the moments that are

Mo teachable moments from travel this woman is waking up at 8:00 a.m. doing some karaoke I need to reconsider my morning routine all right so that right there is what we came to see so have you seen Finding Nemo so you’ve seen the thing that eats the mom I only remember the

Good parts of Nemo okay it’s Dory by the way called Doris Sweden oh no way Doris yeah why would they call her Doris dois everything in Sweden is so funny how do you say hello on the phone hello hello hey hey hey hey and that one’s the funniest one hey hey

I don’t even know how to do it So we just came across street to a place called Monkey Business and this is where we’re having some lunch right now it’s really delicious so far we got plantain chips and lemongrass lemon which by the way guys is like a new Desy for me it tastes so good found these cute little

Seashells and love I find things like this when I traveled and I keep them all the time and I’m like I that’s from the Philippines it’s cute isn’t it now we’re having some food because we’re human good one Pauline cuz we’re human right going to the waterfall okay Paulie what are we doing

We are playing Tarzana we are playing t Carana so we just got here everyone’s having fun jumping off of little swings there’s like a rope that you can caran also basically it’s for kids it’s for kids but we’re also kids did it All right guys we have just gotten home to our amazing Villa by the way we are staying in this random little Villa on the complete other side of the island but it’s huge and Pauline found it so Props to her she’s the organizer in this

Family and they went on a snack run and so we’re going to try some new Filipino snacks today what do we have tattoos wow you guys it’s Pizza corn corn two Pizza flavored tattoos I’m pretty sure maybe it’s tatas tatas maybe I don’t know I don’t know what this little sign

There I just went on a journey of flavors it’s true it’s above average but that’s about it this is other sweet corn okay well this one’s going to taste good I can just I can smell it already it tastes like the flavored corn water you’re wearing your corn outfit I am I’m

Matching the corn it tastes just like the water from canned corn I love it okay we’re going to try these ones these are this look this you know what this looks like uh cocoa pffs you know the ice cream cocoa puup poop these are Terrible and we’ve arrived in Paradise welcome guys we made it to Pelon Beach and this is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and I mean you can see why it’s just covered and lined with those beautiful palm trees that of coconuts on it white sand blue water I

Mean it’s literally magical and Pauline here brought a hammock I don’t know why I’ve never thought of traveling with a hammock before but I think this is my new thing a hammock and a flashlight cuz yesterday when the powerage happened it was very useful this is our last here in

Seihor and we’re going to be taking a fairy off to the next Island but for now we have this beautiful paradise to enjoy for the next two Hours morning howdy guys so today we’re going to be doing something so epic like this is seriously something I have dreamed of saying my entire life and this is what it’s going to be looking like okay anyway dad I found this guy on Instagram and I DM him and now he came

To meet us and I’m so excited we’re going to get to experience the Sardine run here in the Philippines that is so famous there’s like giant bballs of just so many sardines and Pa and I finally have matching big FS together hopefully you’re going to be able you’re going to

Be awesome you’re going to swim super deep I know I can feel it we’re going to be doing great together so guys this is Sy and he is seriously so amazing all this content you should go check it out woo it’s happening it’s happening so literally 100 me away from our hotel and

We are in the Water that was a fail we were thinking that we were going to be the only ones in the water getting all of the fish in the bball for ourselves with the most Crystal Clear Blue Water nope not only were there tons of tourists lots of life jackets lots of boats very Mery water

Yeah wasn’t wasn’t the best experience but we might have gotten a shot or two so now we’re having some beautiful asil we’re going to go back out there and hopefully get another shot but still had a great time made poor memories with my loved ones round two guys we came back to look

For the bait balls hopefully this time we’re not so disturbed by crowds it’s afternoon time we just took a nice rest break now we’re going to get back in the water see what we find this time hopefully we’ll have some luck on our side this time it’s actually so nice to

Have a partner who likes free diving because if I didn’t I think we I don’t think this would work I love free diving would work if I didn’t free dive no it wouldn’t that’s our that’s how strong our relationship is no but really like it’s important to

Have someone who likes the same things as do bye I’ll see you in India bye we’re here got some hamburgers got some chicken schwas and it’s our last day together I think right we’re not sure yet we’re trying to find out what we’re doing tomorrow B either where we are going to

Enjoy ourselves we’re going to go to the spa get our nails done maybe get a massage and have some girl time and some boy time and some boy time too what’s been your favorite memory so far of the trip I don’t know what’s inspired I think just seeing you dive

You’ve been doing so well um oh that’s really inspiring it’s been inspiring to see that you’re actually a fish oh that I’m actually a fish yeah she just goes and then she’s hanging out underwater for hours and I won’t lie this has been like my best holding I’ve ever done yes

And all of us humans we’re just like with our Str looking down I heard were saying a that’s that sounds great well it’s been fun poine here Pine I don’t know if you guys ever heard sweet’s talk but they kind like a is that is that offensive no well it’s

Truth so you guys kind of like do that like H it’s not offensive it’s true right anyway she has a cat named Paul and Paul is uh what’s what’s what is he a Persian cat so he’s a Persian cat look at this precious face that’s Paul

Anyways the fact that she hasn’t she has po running around and she just like lives in a Swedish fairy tale but I’m not crazy but I do have a cat so she has a crazy cat um but yeah it it’s really fun uh some of my best memories with her

Were literally like visiting Sweden for the first time ever and it was like one of the best times because it was the first time that I went out to travel and backpack by myself and I went to her house and it was just so much fun she

Had more than a backpack I had I had a big giant suitcase my point is I was broke so it was technically backpacking and you introduced me to what’s the stinky fish uh so when you get on S string but did youing no no no I would

Never try it but I think I should next time I go it’s fermented fish it’s literally wrong it’s one of the things that smell so foul that Airlines say you are banned from carrying that stuff on the airplane and over here in Asia it’s it’s a Duran so it’s kind of like

Different things obviously but they smell equally as bad we should try it together yeah let’s do that have you ever had Duan you guys should Google um Americans trying suer iing fermented hair yeah you Google it guys it’s really funny it’s really hot right now so let’s

Go we’re going to go have a pedicure in about 2 hours so we’re going to go chill so like we’re going to bye beautiful you’re always picking the most adventurous colors is and I love that for You quality time time all right guys thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the video I really hope this video inspires you to go out and rekindle old friendships or be proactive and make some new ones I hope you guys have the best day ever

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