J Balvin & More Latin Artists Share How Fatherhood Reshapes Their Music

J Balvin & More Latin Artists Share How Fatherhood Reshapes Their Music

J Balvin is among a group of Latin music artists who are raising toddlers while still continuing to yield global hits.

Balancing out the time he spends in the studio is the time he spends with his son Río, who was born in 2021. “I love going to the park with him, playing ball with him and seeing cartoons and being his best friend,” the Colombian hitmaker shares with Billboard. “I really enjoy sitting down and watching him, understanding his behaviors, what he says. It’s amazing what it does to me.”

Like Balvin, newer dads, including Maluma, have embraced fatherhood and the impact it’s had on their art and music. Maluma became a father in March and has since been sharing special bonding moments with his daughter Paris. “My first 15 days as a dad, this is the best I’ve ever lived in my life,” the “Según Quién” singer gushed on social media.

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Another artist who’s been candid about fatherhood is Christian Nodal, who became a dad in September when his daughter Inti was born. In March, the mariacheño singer shared with Billboard what it was like touring with a newborn: “I remember those times when I would come down from the stage and feel alone. Now, I come down to a stroller with my baby in it, and it all seems perfect. When she was born, I was feeling exhausted. I don’t know how I managed to change diapers, but she gives me energy, motivation and strength.”

With Father’s Day just around the corner — celebrated on Sunday (June 16) — new fathers in Latin music give us a glimpse into how much their lives have changed after becoming dads. Below, J Balvin, Mike Bahía, Pipe Bueno and more Latin music artists also share how fatherhood has expanded and deepened their creative process, in their own words.

Additional reporting by Ingrid Fajardo and Jessica Roiz.

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