Jenni Rivera’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Vandalized Shortly After Its Reveal

Jenni Rivera’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Vandalized Shortly After Its Reveal

Just two weeks after its unveiling by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the Hollywood Walk of Fame star dedicated to the late Jenni Rivera was vandalized with black paint.


Famously known as La Diva de La Banda, the Mexican-American singer was honored with a star on the illustrious walkway in front of Capitol Records on June 27. By Monday afternoon (July 8), Rivera’s daughter Jacquelin Marin Rivera — who serves as CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises — reported to her Instagram followers via a series of Instagram Stories that the star had been smeared with black paint, alongside another star dedicated to the late legend Selena Quintanilla.

“Through a fan from Texas, I found out they vandalized my mom’s star in Hollywood,” Rivera said in Spanish via her stories. “They went to visit and when they got there, it was completely covered in black paint. Obviously I was angry, I was pissed off. But they sent me pictures and videos, and the fans started cleaning up the stars. It was not only my mom’s star that was vandalized, but also Selena’s, and they cleaned both stars as best they could. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce who are in charge of taking care of the stars are already cleaning them professionally.”

Both artists proudly showcased their Mexican-American heritage through their music, and largely contributed to the global reach of Latin music. Selena Quintanilla was murdered in 1995, and Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash in 2012.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Instagram account stated that they have dispatched Terrazzo star maker Vince to conduct repairs. They expressed gratitude towards fans who attempted to clean the star and reported the incident. They also noted that the area is under surveillance with numerous cameras and that a police report has been filed.

“I cannot with this. Smh,” commented Chiquis Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s other daughter, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Instagram post. “Thank you for my momma’s fans that took the time to help clean it up. Shame on the person/people who did this.”

Jenni Rivera entered more than 30 songs on the Regional Mexican Airplay, 15 of those hit the top 10. On the Hot Latin Songs chart, she placed a total of 25 songs, two hit the top 10: “Ahora Que Estuviste Lejos” and “La Misma Gran Señora.”

See the Hollywood Walk of Fame’s post below:

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