Jennifer Lopez and Latto Burn Up the Block in Sweaty, Sexy ‘Can’t Get Enough’ Remix Video

Jennifer Lopez and Latto Burn Up the Block in Sweaty, Sexy ‘Can’t Get Enough’ Remix Video

Jennifer Lopez dropped the summer-ready video for her remix of “Can’t Get Enough” on Monday (Jan. 29). The new visual cooked up by JLo and director Tanu Muiño for the bouncy first single from the singer/actress’ upcoming This Is Me… Now album features a guest verse from Latto, with both women taking it to the street in the dance-heavy clip.

In keeping with the narrative arc about love addiction in Lopez’s upcoming This Is Me… Now: A Love Story Amazon original film, the new video opens with Lopez getting harassed by a group of sharply dressed reporters bombarding her with probing questions. “’What are you chasing?’,” one asks, while another wonders, “‘What’s it all about?,’” and a third inquiring mind shouts, “‘Jennifer, what really matters to you?’”

Lopez’s answer, of course, is “Love.”

Cue the track and Lopez writhing in a gauzy white robe on a bed — with a killer view of the city through her giant picture windows — as she stares lustily into a mirror. The camera then follows Lopez outside, where she walks confidently onto a city street, loses her tan jacket and struts through the middle of traffic. This, naturally, leads to a Jenny on the block dance routine, with Lopez and an impromptu group of male dancers busting moves in an intersection.

Lopez then slips under a dinner table on a night out with her man, crawling across the floor sensually while also walking toward Latto on a soundstage, with both women dressed in deep red, body-hugging dresses. “Call the doctor, I don’t see nobody but you/ Do I still love you? Baby, is the sky blue?/ Spoil a b–ch down and he faithful to me too/ You know you the reason why they hatin’ on me, boo,” Latto raps as Lopez rubs up on her.

The rest of the video appears to compile footage from the short film, much of it consisting of Lopez in various thong-baring outfits, including a sure-to-be-GIFFed sequence in which she takes an outdoor shower in a black string bikini for an audience of shirtless hunks floating in a reflecting pool.

The original version of “Can’t Get Enough” dropped on Jan. 10 as the first taste of Lopez’s long-awaited ninth studio album, which will be released on Feb. 16. An accompanying film directed by Dave Meyers will hit Amazon Prime Video the same day.

Watch the “Can’t Get Enough” remix video below.

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