Journey to the Mexico Border: A Confusing Experience (Full Documentary) – Video

Journey to the Mexico Border: A Confusing Experience (Full Documentary) – Video

In this compelling full documentary titled “I Went To The Mexico Border. It Was Very Confusing.” the uploader gives a firsthand account of their experience at the Texas/Mexico border, particularly in Eagle Pass, Texas. The video delves into the complexities and issues surrounding the border, detailing the influx of migrants and illegal immigrants crossing over into the US.

Through conversations with local residents and observations of the area, the documentary provides an intimate look at the impact of the situation on the ground. It also addresses concerns about the lack of security at the border and the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in managing the influx of migrants.

The video examines the chaos and turmoil at the border, providing an unfiltered narrative about the struggles faced by border communities. The uploader also shares their confusion over the conflicting instructions given by different agencies about where they could and couldn’t be, adding to the complexity of their experience.

Overall, this documentary provides a thought-provoking and eye-opening exploration of the situation at the Texas/Mexico border and invites viewers to consider the various perspectives and challenges involved. With a mix of personal insights and in-depth reporting, it offers valuable insight into a hotly debated and highly important topic.

Watch the video by Nick Johnson

Like little kid backpacks no money in there bunch of stuff over here look look at this just some Bag Toothpaste Jesus like what is this I did not think I would see that when I came down here God I’m an eagle past Texas right at the US Mexico border well technically this is a border but there really isn’t much bordering going on here anymore Eagle Pass is right here

It’s one of 25 places that connect Texas to Mexico I’m here because well there have been about a million migrants and illegal immigrants that have come across to the us this year so I wanted to see what the hell’s going on down here I spent two days at the border

Talking to people and looking around you probably know our border is not secure not even close it’s a National crisis some would say what’s happening right now is an invasion and it all starts right here right where I’m Standing but let’s be honest nobody told them to come on over you know what I mean like nobody said hey come on over we’re going to take care of you you know what I mean if you’re doing illegally don’t expect to get a red carpet when you walk

Through that’s what I’m saying about that it’s like we we give them money we give them food we give them transportation and they haven’t done anything to earn it that guy is pissed that’s Eddie he’s a friend of mine he runs a gym called Kumo Fitness it’s right on the border like literally

The back of his property is at the top of a hill which is on the bank of the Rio Grand River standing right here Ed he’s been able to watch migrants enter the country sometimes they just come right up the hill and climb his fence welcome to

America as you can imagine Eddie’s not too happy about that these guys they can walk it over yeah literally man they go right over that fence they go right over so at night they they go through here and then they come out through over there or they go through and come out

Through right there it was just ridiculous man just chaos chaos yeah hell yeah man now Eddie was the first person I talk to when I got here he was like hey let’s go down to the bottom of the hill and then walk along the border and see

If there’s anything going on down there I’ll show you where all the migrants are coming in and the mess that’s down there so Eddie and I walked along the wall for a while there was a lot of barbed wire a lot of people in trucks driving around

And a lot of trash I’ll get to the trash part later last year the there were 2 and 1/2 million migrants that were captured entering the US that’s the only ones that were captured that’s about 7,000 people every day that enter the US illegally from Mexico and this year we’re on Pace for

Way more than that there was a 3-we period in September where there were 7,000 a day not nationally right here right where I’m standing 7,000 a day one day they had 9 9,000 9,000 probably going to be new Americans cross the river right there in one single day last month what is

Happening so that’s why I’m here now by the time I got here that big surge it ended and it was just back to an above average number of people we’re talking 500 a day that’s still a lot so here’s where I was I spent two days between these two

Bridges this one’s Bridge one and that’s bridge two Bridge one was open and operating normally you can walk back and forth and drive back and forth bridge two is over here and right under this bridge is where all the migrants were crossing into the country by the

Thousands every day you probably saw it on television and underneath Bridge 2 is where the border patrol had a processing center the migrants cross over then they’re booked underneath bridge too and sent away on a bus this is where I hung out when I was here now when I first got here right

Away Eddie and I saw some migrants that had just crossed over the river so we walked over there to get closer then I was told by the border patrol whoa whoa whoa you can’t be over here you of can’t see it but there’s a there’s a spot up there off the main

Road you’ll see it it’s all marked off it says just media only no past this point so what about like over here so this is all city property and it’s all off limits if you’re down here recording we got to call you go pass PD and where

Am I allowed to record them coming out out of the river am I allowed to do that any so yeah the best we can do is we move the media back to like again right off to see the pavement up there the road that area up there if you got a

Good lens on it you can probably see some of them coming up that’s the best we can do and that’s mostly just you know that’s just safety wise we’ve got a lot of guys that are coming down here and we get and vans through here it’s

For your safety and we’re just trying to keep everybody up there the border patrol dude told me there’s been too many media around so he’s like go up there to the media viewing point at the top of the hill I was like that sucks can’t see anything from up

There so I went up there and I looked over and I was like what the hell they’re so worried about me taking pictures they just let some immigrants cross over undetected I saw them they didn’t they walked right past me what is going on there’s some right there what the

Hell this was all very confusing let me tell you I was just getting started trying to understand all this so then I walked back down to the border wall I was like I’m not going to stand up here all day away from the action and then the Texas state troopers

Came by and they told me you can go down there by the processing center we don’t care the border patrol can’t tell you that you can’t be down there it’s public walkway he said over on the top they the area that the media can I’m not really

Sure we us that he just walked around we just don’t want militia here yeah so he was like start rattling the stuff and start R the cage like a dude we don’t want this dude just you know yeah so you mean you guys can go anywhere

Just as long as you don’t bother them and they let you further down than this so border patrol is like go over there but you guys are like I don’t care as long as you’re not in their face recording so I had one agency telling me

I had to back away another one saying I had every right to be there uh there there’s a weird sense of entitlement that a lot of them now have that they’re just able to come in and they’re just ignoring us and we can’t do anything soon as they manage to get

Under the wire or over the wire uh we have to call border patrol for them just to escort them to the processing center wherever they’re going this is Mark he’s with the Texas National Guard I called Mark before I left for the trip and he explained everything to

Me so Joe Biden has decided that he wants to allow all the migrants into the country so we basically told the border patrol you know go ahead and let them all in and we’ll deal with it later but the governor of Texas hates letting these migrants in so he sent the Texas

State troopers and the national guard down here to stop the migrants from entering but the border patrol has precedence so the state of Texas just has to stand aside and support the border patrol which has been told to let everybody in the ytics here are very confusing indeed both agencies have become pretty

Ineffective at this point they’ve been told to basically just stand there and try to yell at the immigrants turn around don’t drown like that works they’re basically just showers they process the immigrants at the border and then shuffle them off to drop off points somewhere else all these agencies are pissed about

This they’re saying why am I even here I even doing my job a lot of them are quitting does anybody have an idea when this is going to end if it’s going to end or we is this just how it’s going to be forever it’s we have no idea um we

Really don’t have any idea at all under Trump title 42 said immigrants couldn’t come into the country because of Co but CO’s over now so Biden passed title 8 which means immigrants can come back in again and try for Asylum so they cross in here they’re booked and

Then just released into the wild like hey check back in for a court date later and we’ll try to figure out what to do with you but that backlog is years long do you think these people are going to stick around for that and actually show

Up for those court dates a lot of them don’t says it all right there kind of wonder if there’s anybody hiding in here anybody hiding in here no all right so all this has created a huge surge in migrants coming in from places like Venezuela Honduras and other

Countries and the governor of Texas Greg Abbott’s like uh-uh you’re not staying here but the problem is there’s just so many of them coming in that we can’t even process them all so they’re putting them on buses and literally getting them out of the state as fast as they can and

Nobody even knows who these people are most of them aren’t even searched or processed they could have drugs or weapons or be terrorists or criminals or cartel members nobody nobody knows but they’re just busting them out of here anyways I learned a lot on the

First day I was here and day two was even more interesting so this is what it looks like when you first get to Eagle Pass most of this part of Texas is very un forgiving territory scrub brush and desert sort of No Man’s Land don’t think you really see out this

Way or ranches with big fences and then you turn a corner and you can see the Mexico flag from what seems like 10 miles away I’d see that flag reel up and close on day two so let’s see if I can come over here and

Just Lo up for a little bit got my coffee I’m going to go down here and see if I can just scope up along the river and get some action Texas DPS guys told me that I’d be cool to come down here but uh border patrol tends to be a

Little testy okay so on the second day I got up super early because I heard the migrants move at first light I wanted to see them crossing over the river but I also wanted to talk to people but damn it border patrol sent me back up to my lame ass media Vantage

Point again an area from which I could see things but not easily like I could see people across a river looking like they were about to cross and I could see what I was later told were cartel people observing things I could see people being processed that have just crossed

Over finally I just got impatient I called the border patrol media Le Aon guy and I said hey what the hell why can’t I go down to the river and watch this the Texas state troopers said I could okay so there’s no way that I can

Get like even a escort down there great okay um what if like DPS or I get another agency that would allow me to go down there would that work do that that answer okay but I mean is border patrol going to cooperate if I can get DPS

To if you go to DPS it’s going to do this okay finally I just decided I’m going to walk around and look at stuff F this that’s when I did some real digging I’m going to try walk in the length of this this is the

Wall that they had to put up because the other wall wasn’t working that’s how ghetto America is we’ve got to shipping containers with Barb Wire on Top China it say China on it a China shipping container protecting our border all these migrants coming here are causing some big problems there’s

Nowhere to put them so they’re being left in the streets on sidewalks by the thousands all over the country they’re inundating our hospitals and our schools and the welfare system driving down the cost labor now I was told that as soon as they cross the border they get hundreds of

Dollars to use for transportation and food and whatever else some of them immediately get checks for $1,000 a month no wonder they want to come here right now people have commented on this channel that illegals are getting gift cards and money and phones and plane tickets the money and the plane tickets

And the phone part I believe I just don’t know how much money they’re getting I wouldn’t be surprised by anything though some say the person letting them in is trying to buy their votes some say they’re trying to turn Texas blue I don’t think anyone’s even searched that

Bag and it’s not their fault I’m not blaming the our border patrol or whatever they’re just being told just don’t even deal with it stupid it didn’t used to be this bad back in the day Eddie told me that he’d see maybe five people a day crossed the

Rio Grand by this bridge mostly just Mexican families who wanted a better life they didn’t come here looking for a handout Eddie told me that his parents crossed the river right there at that same spot but they came the right way and now they’re great citizens and all the Mexican Americans

That live here now legally they’re pissed about all these people coming over trying to get free and back then You’ cross over and you didn’t want to get caught now you want to get caught so you can get your paycheck word is out I tell you it is

One big freefor all coming in south of our border so there’s a right way and a wrong way to do look let me tell you something my parents are not full-blown US citizens they’re still resident right they got their residency the right way and like that if you ask most of the people

From from anywhere they’re like what they’re doing is wrong what they’re doing is plain wrong and you’re talking about people people that are from Mexico or from other places you know what I mean they’re like it’s just wrong the way they’re doing it right now now if they’re telling you

That well man shouldn’t you listen if the people that have done it legally are telling you well that’s wrong shouldn’t you listen to them it’s like who else has that experience you know what I mean they do not somebody sitting up in a desk thinking that they know what’s best for the

Country ask the people that are living in what’s best for them and then the what’s best for the country because I don’t get to sit behind any desk and not worry about this I do got to worry about it I do got to make sure

Like hey man did they clear is is a brush low enough so that we can see if there’s people coming through or whatever are they going to mess up in the fence today do you know what I mean do we got to patch up something today

You know what I mean because I came and they box cutters and they messed up my and stuff like that and I still got to go out and replace it man it’s it’s it’s it’s not right it’s not right they come in illegally and then I’m going to reward you

Hey here’s some money let me take care of your food let me take care of your healthare or did you get injured oh you need to have a baby let me go ahead and take care of all that for you why you doing all this illegally me as an

American citizen if I go 5 miles over the speed limit and a cop catches me I’m citations sir you’re getting a warning you getting a ticket you’re going to have to pay for that wait you just gave $2 $300 to an illegal immigrant that hasn’t paid any taxes

Ever and you probably you know fed them and you probably take of his you know Healthcare but I’m going 5 miles over and you’re you’re going to you know bust me down for that you know makes no sense it makes no sense so you reward them to

Come in illegally and you allow them to stay in our country and then you expect them to miraculously think that now they got to do legally that’s not the way it works I came in legally they rewarded me for coming illegally I’m going to stay here and do illegally cuz they’re

Probably going to reward me some more meaning I’m going to get I’m going to ask for food stamps and they’re probably going to get them because they probably don’t have a job so what is America going to do we’re going to take care of you but what about our citizens man you

Know what about the elderly and like that when well we don’t have any money to take care of you guys but we got all this money to take care of all the people coming ing that yeah exactly you know what I mean it’s it’s it’s demeaning I asked I asked the people

Like the guys that I know that work at Customs and Border Patrol it’s demeaning to them they’re like man I don’t even know why do this anymore it’s like it used to be like we used to be proud because we catch them you used to protect the Border exactly

They used to be proud of it now like it got they got so discouraged cuz it’s like you just catch them or whatever it’s like what for man they’re just going to release them anyways like there’s no pride in their job anymore all right go get them guys thank you appreciate It all right so the army guys pretty much just told me that same thing basically they’re they’re going to get some Runners they said we got some Runners but basically he was like dude we can’t let you over there he said that there might be some Crossing through

Down here if I’m lucky or unlucky so I’m just going to hang out over here for the day and see what I can get but once again like look some some people just crossed over left their damn [Applause] boots with the socks in them those are kind of nice boots

Actually and like there’s these bags like the is in this stuff there’s shampoo like who knows and they don’t even know like nobody’s even looked through any of this stuff there’s could be drugs in here look makeup some lady or some guy came over oh money I got some

Money I got some Mexican money look at that I don’t know how to read Mexican money that might be like a dollar or something keep that [Applause] the clothes are soaking wet look at this this is the pants money more money more pesos 5 Cents $5 I’ll have to do the cars exchange on that one look at me shaking down the migrants getting their all the money out of their pocket but those pants were soaking wet whoever came across literally in a wallet oh with more money look at this this is money right here

Here what is this the latest plan from Joe Biden is to give these migrants a temporary 18-month working Visa so that at least they can try to get a job and get off the streets and a lot of them they’re not going anywhere they’re staying in Texas and that’s changed in Texas a

Lot yes you read that headline right 95% Texas gets 11 new Hispanic residents for every one white resident so you can expect the politics here to change quickly although Hispanics do vote conservative more than you might think here’s more B Patrol state troopers what’s up just doing their

Job to the best of their ability oh we got something going on woo we got go get them boys uh-oh there’s a kid shoe here’s another backpack Jesus with some pills Something I can’t open it oh there we go let’s see what’s in it oh drugs holy what the there’s Drugs in a pill Bottle what is happening here I hear that the cartel coaches the migrants on where to go and what to do and what to say they tell them cut yourself on the razor wire they’ll take you to the hospital and you get free healthc care right away or cross the river over there

No one’s looking over there or say this say that and then they tell them have kids with them because they won’t separate the families and then they also tell them say are from Venezuela because they’re not allowed to send people back to Venezuela I heard stories of Texas state

Troopers saying you know what I’m a Democrat but after watching all this I think I’m going to vote Republican now and then and then they throw blankets and stuff on top of the barb wire and they use that to block the wires and climb over and there’s another backpack up

There and somebody’s got their icy cup I mean if that ain’t America right there China shipping Jesus and a lot of people say China is sending drugs across the border on some of these migrants fentol and all that stuff to get them in here so they can wipe us out from within kill us from the inside with all these drugs coming across the border if

You can’t beat them with their military you go after them where they weakest must be nice right to be able to come over here cross over and get some free money some free health care free bennies and on your way welcome to America just just all kinds of just backpacks full

Of I’m very stupid to be doing this charging cables maxi Pads I mean it it just goes on for a mile all this just sitting here right along the river I don’t think anyone’s even ever looked in this bag I think I’m the first person to even look and see what’s in there Joe Biden once said border walls

Don’t work I’m not building another foot of that border wall but that he changed his mind and he’s paying for another 20 miles I guess 20 miles is better than nothing but the current administration’s very sympathetic to getting more migrants into our country and they’re even call them illegal aliens anymore now that’s

Not PC they’re called migrants now or even better my favorite unregistered voters and get this I also heard that Mexicans drive over that bridge every morning and drop their kids off at our schools no and I’m going to continue to kind of see what I can see down here but all the

Agencies that are here from Texas DPS um Highway Patrol state troopers military just Florida game fishing game they’re from all over they’re just like I don’t know what’s going on we’re just sitting here waiting to be told what to do um they seem kind of um like they’re

Don’t really have much to do anymore but a couple weeks ago this place was hot and when you see all this debris it’s pretty clear that people are coming over here pretty often and um nobody knows where they’re going who they are and what they have on them so

America should be worried about that finally I was like I got to go for a drive I got to see where they’re taking these migrants on these buses and find out what’s going on at the processing centers away from the border so this is one of the welcoming

Centers right here along the border and apparently it’s closed I went to the first migrant welcoming center it’s a place called Mission hope this is where they give them things when they first get here but no one was there so I looked on my phone I was like

Oh there’s another mission hope down the street and that’s where I found the action all right so this is the other processing center let see if I can see anything hey what’s what’s going on is there anybody I’m sorry is there anybody that I could like interview that

Works nobody’s here sir oh like workers and yeah no sorry but you can’t record okay there’s like nobody that works for the mission part when are they here until Monday oh for real yeah okay what are they doing here uh yeah I don’t know but can you just go back over there

Yeah okay yeah all right I mean I can ask right now but if somebody will come but yeah yeah ask ask like just do a quick little interview okay yeah all right thank you you’re welcome now this is also called the mission Hope Center and it is a scene let me tell you

I got there and there were buses pulling in there were a bunch of migrants being processed and bed and being given money and phones they wouldn’t talk to me it wouldn’t even let me record but I did anyways I heard there’s Americans coming down here to these migrant stations and

Charging these people $500 ahead to drive them somewhere like hey I’ll take you to Oklahoma City for 500 bucks each and they’re like hell yeah we’ll take it jeez another bus just hacking them in two bus loads have pulled in two bus loads have pulled in the last

10 minutes full of migrants being shipped off into probably your backyard and they probably don’t even know who they are welcome to America and I’m not allowed in there private property if you’re a migrant you’re allowed in there uh-oh we’re in Mexico now when I was an Eagle pass there

Really wasn’t much to see but I did some things when I was here of course I had to go into Mexico land you know me before I headed over there I asked deddie if it was a bad idea to try to talk to migrants that were about to

Cross the river you know walk over and be like hey you guys are about to cross over can I talk to you he was like don’t do that the cartel’s helping those people get across Nick if you’re trying to record it they’re going to grab you

We’ll never see you again I was like okay I like my hands and my feet in my head plus I hadn’t set up a negotiator on my behalf for ransom so when I came over here I stayed away from the cartel Park here’s the view from

Mexico that’s the flag that I could see from practically San Antonio looked like they were setting up for a deas deos meros thing or something This dude I was real envious of him I wish I had that outfit I to blend it in a lot more that’s for sure well I made to Mexico now I’m going to get me some tacos and pedras negras no I wasn’t I walked around for about 20

Minutes and I was like where’s the damn tacos I could smell them across the river last time I came into Mexico there were tacos around every corner corner and then the churro cart people told me they were like there’s tacos down that shady looking road that looked

Like it was filled with all sorts of potential bad situations so I avoided it I can smell the tacos from here I can’t find tacos I don’t feel like looking much more boring on my way back up over I saw some dudes playing on the golf course that I

Had got to know so well for two days Quattro Quattro Eagle Pass itself just looks like a normal place with strip malls and fast food everywhere it’s pretty quiet and really safe actually I mean who wants to mess with the law when there’s so much law around except everybody speaks Spanish

Like everybody here speaks Spanish who isn’t a government worker in downtown pretty much looks just like Mexico everyone was super nice Eagle Pass has 28,000 people and it’s 42% white the poverty rate here is more than one in four that’s more than double the national average Here’s what a typical neighborhood in Eagle Pass looks like in case you ever wanted to move here for some reason home prices are under 200,000 I mean it’s cheap and that’s why there’s so many retirees that move down here it’s safe and warm they get over to

Mexico for cheap pills every now and then some Americans love to retire here I get it it’s not for me there really isn’t a lot to do here that I’d be interested in they have a casino nearby that I went to but you’ve seen those before and I finally counted all the

Money I found in migrants things $377 that’s a cup of coffee that is the amount of money that I found on the border look at me padding my stats out here working the Border investigating shaking people down on our second night here we went to downtown Eagle Pass to a bar called the

Fat lizard now I asked several people people about the safety of coming downtown Eagle Pass at night and they’re like most locals are just quiet drunks or there’s some military types who get into fist fights after midnight so make sure to get home before that boy was this place neat couple of

Lone Stars some of those gambling machines that never pay out and a pool table looks like home of course they played Mexican music the whole time I mean with a selection like that kind of have to the best toilet flush I think I’ve ever seen right there

Just pull that handle and turn that hose wash all the pee away here in Mexico not Really Texas has become the doormat for the country it’s what the third world steps on on its way into the United States and every person I talked to here said they don’t want to be that anymore but it doesn’t matter what we want just last month 100,000 migrants were released

Into the US and nobody knows where they are are I don’t think the problem is immigration it’s the way they’re doing it there’s a right way and a wrong way to come here we need immigration just not like this and here’s a Twist look around America’s turning

Third world in some of our cities and a lot of the migrants come here they wind up leaving they head back home they’re like it’s no better here than it is where I’m from CU America has a housing crisis and a drug crisis and a crime crisis a bunch of other

Crisises and what’s happening at our border it’s just going to make all of it worse just add more poor people to a population that’s already growing poorer but hey I guess this is better than Nicaragua all right so Mark you’re you’re in the Texas National Guard

Mhm so you reached out to me and I you know I I went down to the border and um I wanted to ask you what’s really going on and I didn’t know I mean there’s a lot of stuff going on down at the border that you don’t know about unless you’re

Down there experiencing it exactly yes sir um what are some things going on down there that that people are frustrated by first of all well first off um they’re letting everyone in uh uh now it’s a little bit compared to when we talked before two weeks ago um there was

A lot more migrants that were rushing to the to the border to get into the country um now it’s it’s calmed down a bit from from two weeks ago I mean they’re still they’re still being pushed in and now they’re being processed thank God from my knowledge from border patrol

But before there was just so many to the point where they they couldn’t handle all of them and they just start just bringing them in um at the time we our commander he was saying that border patrol was pretty much being a taxi service and they kind of still

Are so uh between the migrant situation um obviously you you kind of see it on the news too uh where they come into Texas and then we bust them up to either Chicago New York City Los Angeles those big cities out there because that’s that’s also where they

Want to go to because those are the sanctuary cities that are offering them all these you know stuff for them um another thing that people are very dis discontent about obviously is uh the drugs the drugs that’s being pushed in um so much felian pushed in

And a lot of these these migrants have have some stuff on them um fentanyl just that’s the big one mainly for fentanyl meth is also coming through and back then like I told you two weeks ago when they are not being processed because there’s so many of

Them I’m pretty sure they they brought in a whole bunch of drugs with them and as a as a National Guards men we can’t do much our uh our job out here is just to deter them um we could attempt to tell them no very you know you can’t cross um we can’t

Physically do anything uh that’s just part of our orders obviously they don’t want to make a you know an incident of it and it goes viral all over National Guard member assaulted migrant that would be bad news so we’re not allowed to do anything and a lot of us here in

The Guard we’re at least some of the majority of guys I know we’re not doing anything we’re we’re we’re just here for no reason yeah I and you almost you you started to call them illegal immigrants we’re not allowed to call them that anymore right yeah yeah so at first we

Used to call them legal aliens IAS now they’re trying to go to a more political correct term um now we’re trying to go to migrants now I’m hearing that they’re trying to be called they’re trying to uh change the name for them now um an undocumented voters or something like

That it’s crazy undocumented voters who came that H I don’t know man there just there’s I guess the Army change or the National Guard that is that’s they’re trying to be a little bit more political correct in a way so yeah so they’re just streaming across

There’s too many of them to even get processed so they’re literally just putting them on a bus and getting them away from the border they haven’t searched them they don’t know who they are and there’s tens of thousands of them coming through a month that we have

No idea who they are what they have on them that yep absolutely and then with this whole uh uh Israel and Hamas situation uh We’ve we’ve even got warnings from our higher ups telling us to stay vigilant but you know it’s kind of hard to stay vigilant when everyone’s just being crossed

In no background checks or anything so it’s yeah it’s it’s pretty tough um there’s not a lot we can do there’s a lot of uh uh not Rules of Engagement but uh just rules that we cannot do here on the border um it’s it’s not a lot um there’s

Actually been cases too where uh about last week we had a national Guardsman he got pushed into the uh seawire um basically two uh migrants kind of assaulted him because they’re just trying to get in and a lot of them are being very aggressive unfortunately uh there there’s a weird

Sense of entitlement that a lot of them now have that they’re just able to come in and they’re just ignoring us and we can’t do anything soon as they manage to get under the wire or over the wire uh we have to call border patrol for them

Just to escort them to the processing center wherever they’re going does anybody have an idea when this is going to end if it’s going to end or we is this just how it’s going to be forever that’s we have no idea um we really don’t have any idea at all we we

Now know finally at least my uh my unit were being relieved so I’m going back to a different part of the Border in zabata which is about hour south of Laredo but we’re being relieved by guys that are getting activated um these guys were you know just regular Guardsmen that weren’t

On Mission before now they’re they’re being deployed to the Border a lot of these guys are also you know they got businesses they got a job got families back home and now they’re they’re coming on kind of discontent because they have to get on and you know that’s part of

The National Guard when you get deployed duty calls so it’s hopefully I don’t know I guess we’ll see in the next presidential race for sure yeah I bet there’s a lot of Guardsmen and border patrol that used to vote Democrat that are not going to vote Democrat anymore after being seeing this

First hand oh well like I told you before and our last phone call uh it’s kind of funny we had uh two Guardsmen from big cities I think one of them’s Houston one of them’s Austin and they were just talking to each other both people of color and they’re just like

You know being here as long as we have makes me want to vote Republican now being here too long so yeah for sure it’s uh I know for sure a lot of border patrol has also been uh quitting their jobs uh I knew one firsthand he he quit two weeks ago

Because he was tired of his nonsense going on um just like me he feels like he wasn’t doing anything in a way they’re just Yes Men waiting for a paycheck yeah it’s not even a border anymore no it’s not it’s just wide open yeah why does he get so why do they

Have these surges well all of a sudden it’ll be like you know a couple hundred people a day whatever and then all of a sudden you get like 5,000 in a day for like three weeks what why is it why do they surge so a lot of uh the Guardsman

That I know that speak Spanish they say say they they try to talk you know they talk to them and communicate them and ask them where’s this coming from a lot of them say there’s an organization that comes over you know to some wherever they’re from majority of Venezuela uh we

Don’t know these organizations but they tell them that the borderers open and you know they can have a better life here in America uh of course they tell them everything’s free between housing better life everything but yeah I we don’t know the organiz that’s telling them but that’s

What they’re telling us that people would come in and tell us if you go to the border now they’ll let you in they’ll give you free everything that you need and have a better life than you have here in Venezuela or Nicaragua Honduras those those countries so who’s who’s going down

There and telling them go up get free we’re not sure man we’re not sure at least On My Level I I don’t know this what because that’s that’s what we’re getting on um just translating from them or talking to the migrants that they organizations are going and they

Don’t know and they just go up what’s what’s crazy to me is the amount of families that are coming up um just walking up um you have children even children that’s uh by themselves that’s that’s the crazy part to me is you have a five-year-old child and they the group

Is just taking care of the group Caravan that they’re going with is just taking care of them um the the I know for sure one of the worst Parts is going through Mexico and um a lot of underage uh children you know women and I mean or excuse me girls and boys uh

Some of them are being sexually human trafficked for the cartel that’s also a bad thing too terrible thing is there a a marked pathway how do they even know where to go is there like a yeah we’re not sure of how what the path they’re taking to be honest they just

Head north yeah they’re just heading north and then um by the time they get to the gate or I’m sorry the wire um well even the gate too on the point of entries they’re they’re hungry they’re they want water um a lot of them are malnourished so it’s it’s pretty bad and

Is there any idea on how many of them get sent back for the ones that um at least on our end that we see the ones that get sent back are the ones that are really aggressive the ones that we actually have to um put hands on because

There are what some that are just hyped up on whatever drugs they’re on and they want to put hands on us and sometimes we have to show you know use of force um that’s the ones that border patrol will come in and they’ll you know they’ll detain them and then they’ll

Deport them that’s the only ones really that I know of yeah I keep hearing it’s a political thing they’re trying to turn Texas blue they’re trying to turn America blue bring all these immigrants over and we’ll repopulate America with future Democrat voters I mean that that sounds

Like the Playbook to me um it makes sense let them all in into Texas and they probably weren’t you know Tak in account that Texas is just going to bust them up all to the other Sanctuary liberals hitties but uh pretty sure that they want to just flood them into Texas

And you know who knows it does it definitely does sound like the playbook for real but uh yeah it’s I think two weeks ago for sure I don’t know the exact numbers right now but we had over 330,000 that came in and in just El Paso itself just El Paso

Itself so well thank you for all the work you guys do for trying your best even though you’re being handcuffed um in in doing your job like you should be doing we all appreciate the fact that you guys are down there and and putting yourself on the line and and trying to

Keep this country as safe as you can and it’s too bad that you’re not being being allowed to do your job right yeah um we’re we’re not but there’s you know we know for sure that there is a lot of support on you know on our end like

Coming from you uh we had Tennessee National Guard also come down so the state of Tennessee is also like with going on let’s go help him out in Texas Florida as well so um there’s there’s definitely a lot of people trying to support us here but yeah it’s it’s kind

Of weird because when you see the news you don’t really see the coverage as much now because you know Israel and Hamas situations being blown out of control and they don’t want to show what’s going on in the Border but for sure I know every time I we drive across

A small town just commuting somewhere to different part of the Border different part of Texas uh we always we always have the support of the people um small towns the Big Towns too big cities too but mainly you know we hear from the Texans that you know they’re happy that

We’re there and we’re trying I’m glad you’re there and I think almost everybody in the country is glad you guys are there doing your job there’s a small select people that are want to keep it the way it is but most of America has your back and wants this

To work so do your don’t get me wrong I I don’t mind being here you know of course a lot of people have things to do back home but when you see the amount of drugs that’s being pushed in the amount of uh sexual human trafficking that’s going through I don’t

Mind being here it gives me a sense of purpose for sure um going just drive like I told you driving across Texas not even just Texas but any part of America even the small towns is rampant with just you know drugs and it’s ridiculous and that that needs to change

It’s it’s too much right now there’s definitely a drug epidemic going on so yeah hopefully we good stop it man hopefully are you looking to move and need advice I do Consulting that’s right I’ll sit down and talk about where the next perfect place for you and your

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Move but I can help you find your perfect home too that’s right I know awesome reliable agents all over the country and I’d love to connect you to somebody who can help you search for that perfect home hey guys if you learn something new about America or what it’s

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