Kaley Cuoco Channels ‘The Flight Attendant’ Spy

Kaley Cuoco Channels ‘The Flight Attendant’ Spy

Kaley Cuoco has cornered the unassuming spy market post-“Big Bang Theory,” a direction which may have initially seemed like an odd turn for the actress-producer, but has proven to be her sweet spot. Too bad that sweetness seems to have an expiration date.

Cuoco leads Amazon MGM Studios’ exhausting “Role Play,” which finds itself partly regurgitating a one-sided version of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” coupled with the oft-overlooked Steve Carell and Tina Fey two-hander “Date Night.”

“Role Play” feels like it was made 10 years ago, and we don’t mean that not in a cutesy, nostalgic way: Cuoco stars as spy Emma, who doubles as a suburban wife and mother of two kids. The role repurposes Cuoco’s “Flight Attendant” persona, with the film even opening in an airport as Emma returns home from a “team-building work conference,” AKA killing a target.

David Oyelowo plays Emma’s husband Dave, who remembers their wedding anniversary (Emma, alas, forgot) and finds his biggest plight in life is convincing Emma to “mix things up” sexually by gifting her a “sexy nurse” costume. Ew.

Yet Emma takes things a few steps further and asks Dave to really commit to the bit: She asks that they go to a fancy New York City hotel where they will stage a chance meeting at the bar, with both of them pretending to be strangers. There’s no way that could backfire for her spy career, right? Well, we never said Emma (or Dave, for that matter)…

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