Kate Hudson on Debut Album, ‘Glorious,’ and Netflix’s ‘Running Point’

Kate Hudson on Debut Album, ‘Glorious,’ and Netflix’s ‘Running Point’

You could say that Kate Hudson is extremely famous as an actor and almost famous as a singer. That last part is changing as the public gets a gander of the promotional appearances she’s been doing for her debut album, “Glorious,” everywhere from the “Voice” finale to Howard Stern’s show. There’s a nearly universal reaction: “Wow, you can sing… really sing” — which maybe shouldn’t come as such a great surprise after her vocal appearances in the musical films “Nine” and “Music” and a prominent guest spot on “Glee,” and yet, maybe there was a suspicion in those instances that some sort of studio trickery was helping out a slumming movie star.

Now that she’s been doing live TV appearances and making her public performance debut at a star-filled L.A. show, it’s clear that she’s the real deal, as a rocker, and could have credibly played a star and not just a groupie in “Almost Famous,” had an early ’70s female rock superstar been somewhat anachronistically written into that script. And she swears she won’t get tired of the sense of surprise that underlies some of those accolades that are coming her way.

Hudson hasn’t given up her day job: When she spoke with Variety, she was in the final week of shooting “Running Point,” a Netflix comedy series that has Mindy Kaling among the creators, set in the basketball world in which she plays a Jeannie Buss-type figure. “I hope we do four seasons. You know, I’ve…

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