Kylie Minogue Honored with the Icon Award at Billboard Women In Music 2024 – Video

Kylie Minogue Honored with the Icon Award at Billboard Women In Music 2024 – Video

Kylie Minogue Accepts The Icon Award | Billboard Women In Music 2024

In a heartwarming acceptance speech, Kylie Minogue graciously receives the Icon Award at the Billboard Women In Music 2024 event. Expressing her gratitude towards the prestigious recognition, Kylie reflects on her remarkable 37-year career in the music industry and the challenges she has overcome along the way. She acknowledges the importance of support from her team, fans, family, and most notably her iconic mother.

With humility and grace, Kylie pays tribute to the struggles that have shaped her journey, expressing gratitude for the lessons learned during difficult times. She emphasizes the significance of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity, a sentiment that resonates with her audience. With a deep love for music, Kylie expresses her enduring passion for the art form and the profound impact it has had on her life.

Through her heartfelt words, Kylie Minogue’s acceptance speech at the Billboard Women In Music 2024 encapsulates the essence of perseverance, gratitude, and unwavering dedication to the craft of music. Her inspiring message serves as a beacon of empowerment for women in the industry, celebrating their achievements and the collective strength of female artists.

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Video Transcript

My love you’re just so precious this is just for getting up the stairs or for all of us getting through the rain today that rain soaked entrance um thank you so much oh hi everyone um I love being in this room and it’s ridiculous to say but I have

Never been in a room like this a pure and vital celebration of women in music and I’ve been one for 37 years [Applause] so so it is especially nice to be here and so wonderful to be in your company um thank you billboard for this incredible honor and recognition on the one

Hand be still my Beating Heart on the one hand it seems completely surreal like is this realing happening how did I get here and then on the other hand simultaneously I know the steps it took to get here physically and mentally navigating the highs the lows and trying

To never lose sight of the in between the Terra Firma I also know there’s luck fate a calling and help a lot of help from a lot of people over a very long time in my case so thank you to anyone and everyone who has been there for me my

Team many of whom are here tonight predominantly women thank you so much uh to my fans wherever you may be thank you I simply love [Applause] you um you make all of this possible I love you thank you uh closer to home thank you to my family and especially my

Mom who is my icon and my best friend and trust me I this you know this night is so inspiring I would be calling her the second I gets my phone um I know tonight is all about celebrating but I I thought on my way here I thought I’m

Going to give a shout out to all the times that were not Peak moments they were no fun but those challenges the loads the what the stuff we’ve got to get through sometimes I wanted to give a big shout out to all the terrible times thank you for teaching

Us they’re they’re they’re horrendous in the moment but um they happen and it’s how we navigate them and and what we do with them so uh I’m not looking forward to the next one but it will come so thanks to all the moments that make up this very one and finally music

I literally am more and more and more in love with music all the time so music I love you and thank you so much have a great night everybody thank you

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