LG Unveils Future Car Concept with Alpha-ability – Video

LG Unveils Future Car Concept with Alpha-ability – Video

LG's Alpha-able Future Car Concept Revealed

LG’s Alpha-able Future Car Concept Revealed

LG is stepping into the future with its brand new concept car, the Alpha-able. This car is designed to be completely autonomous, allowing passengers to sit back and relax while the car takes care of the driving. The interior of the car is designed with the future in mind, featuring seats that can turn around to create a conversation area or face forward for passengers who prefer to do the driving themselves.

The Alpha-able also boasts an array of screens and experiences, similar to those found in a smart home. With LG’s Smart TV and smart home system built in, passengers can enjoy a seamless transition from their home to their car, with the ability to monitor and control their home devices from the car.

The back of the car features a unique concierge station, complete with a video game cartridge and other special features. The all-glass design of the car creates a sleek and modern look, while the open top gives it a convertible feel.

Inside the car, passengers can enjoy surrounding curved screens and a live street view as the car drives. The car also features AR displays that provide real-time information on businesses and attractions as the car passes by.

Overall, LG’s Alpha-able concept car offers a glimpse into the future of transportation, where cars will seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, providing comfort, entertainment, and convenience for passengers. While the concept is not slated for sale, it gives us an exciting preview of what the future of transportation may hold.

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Hey guys I am here in LG’s Booth this is a Brand New Concept car LG has a car that’s right this thing is called the alpha Bowl now before we get started this is a concept car they’re just kind of showing us what the future can look

Like the idea is this car is completely autonomous driving so in the future we’re going to have cars that drive us everywhere we won’t have to really take the wheel do anything like that so you can see the seats actually turn around and create a little conversation area

Those driver seats can face toward the back of the car when you know the car is doing the driving of course you can flip them around if you want to do the driving yourself you’re in a place where autonomous driving doesn’t work or something like that LG is talking about

The screens inside this car so apparently there’s a bunch of different screens a bunch of different experiences you can have in the car very similar to at a house but again you’re going to be on the move you’re going to have that Mobility Factor so it works with LG’s

Smart TV system there’s going to be some webos built into it it also works with LG’s smart home system so for example you can track things at home uh you know know listen to your uh you know your mics and your cameras in your home and have that experience brought to the car

Much like you have on a phone today except of course blown up to the interior of a car now again this concept car the LG alphab bable not really slated for sale or anything like that you can see around the back they’re actually building in a really cool uh

There’s like a video game cartridge there’s a little special station here it’s called The Concierge for things like a wine uh bottle so they’re kind of building in some neat things the back of the car is basically all glass the top All Glass looks really cool all right

Everybody I’m going to hop into the car it’s on a spinning platform here so we’re going to just check out what it’s like to sit in this thing I got a I got a little seat here hopefully it doesn’t turn around when I’m in the middle of

It okay look at this so we have surrounding me these curved screens and a little screen right next to me here I don’t know if this is the back of the front it’s hard to tell this looks like the front Okay we’re driving here we’ve been going 600 M we’re going about 27

Mil hour an hour here kilm per hour I can see the street in front of me as the uh actual Street passes by through these windows I’m guessing I’m seeing a little camera up here so I’m guessing I can do uh this live stream from the car in the

Future if I want to which is pretty sweet looking up above wow it’s completely open so this is basically a convertible I love that design uh let’s see I wonder if I can turn the seat around here let’s see I can go into driving rest Lounge oh yeah these don’t

Work that’s okay uh but we have little buttons here to control that sort of factor so it looks like we got some AR displays here this map is showing me a real time uh information on the businesses and everything as I pass so imagine here you’re in the future your

Car is driving you everywhere you probably say out loud like take me to the pharmacist and boom it drives there and shows you along the way oh I’d like to grab a retro bites Diner stop stop and little hungry I want to get a nosh so pretty cool uh I’m just going to

Relax here and uh enjoy the ride Di

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