Losing 210lbs Enabled Me to Have a Baby | A Fresh Start – Video

Losing 210lbs Enabled Me to Have a Baby | A Fresh Start – Video

In the video “I Lost 210lbs & Was Able To Have A Baby | BRAND NEW ME”, a woman shares her incredible weight loss journey and the struggles she faced along the way. At her heaviest, she weighed 357 lbs and decided to undergo weight loss surgery. After two years, she successfully lost a majority of the weight and is now 147 lbs. However, her weight loss journey was not without its challenges. She became pregnant just 18 months after the surgery and had to navigate numerous complications during her pregnancy. Her son was born 13 weeks early, but fortunately, he is now healthy and happy. The woman also discusses the misconceptions about weight loss surgery, emphasizing that it is not an easy way out and still requires hard work and dedication. She shares her experiences with loose skin and the struggles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Despite the challenges, she has found support and inspiration from her social media following and hopes to encourage others on their own weight loss journeys. She advises others to start out slow and not to be discouraged by the time it takes to achieve their goals. Her story is an inspiring testament to perseverance and determination.

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My past relationship with food was an addiction one day I woke up and I was like oh my goodness I’m almost 400 lb how did this happen I’m just like all right something has to change I decided to have weight loss surgery it took 2 years to lose a majority of the weight

At my heaviest I was 357 lbs and I am now 147 lbs after weight loss surgery they definitely tell you not to get pregnant until 24 months posttop I became pregnant with my son 18 months after having my weight loss surgery his survival rate was about 57% everything

Was my hands and there was nothing I could Do my weakness Donuts cake snacks granola bars that were nowhere near healthy fruit snacks I could eat all of that probably in one sitting at my heaviest which is insane my past relationship with food was an addiction I grew up in a single parent household so for us it was budget

And convenient we would go to McDonald’s because you know they had the dollar menu back then for me it was just normal we’re a family that loves food we’re a family that loves to eat and we’re a family that doesn’t judge morning hey girl growing up living an unhealthy

Lifestyle I just I didn’t know anything different I didn’t know what healthy food was it was hard knowing that my mom wasn’t able to provide us with the healthiest meals don’t forget you got high cholesterol really young I also had high cholesterol very very young I had

CH High ch RA in the third fourth and fifth grade it was kind of hard living that lifestyle and then growing up and not having to live that lifestyle it definitely took over my life to a point where I was like oh I won’t get past this certain weight I won’t get past

That certain weight and one day I woke up and I was like oh my goodness I’m almost 400 lb how did this happen walking up the stairs would have me winded even sleeping I was like oh my gosh my bones I noticed Janna’s confidence being affected by her weight

When it was 115° I was outside and she would be in a hoodie and sweatpants and knowing that she wasn’t comfortable in her skin to the point where she had to hide herself in a hoodie in 115° weather walking home like you could have passed out like looking back it’s crazy to see

How low my self-esteem was every week we used to go to all you can eat sushi and I’m sitting in my chair and all of a sudden the chair goes I felt like I was kind of like in a snow globe and I was just being like shaken up with anxiety

And just like flooded with like fear and then everybody’s watching me it was just so embarrassing I’m just like all right something has to change and I ended up Consulting a weight loss surgeon and that is where my Story begins I decided to have weight loss surgery in 2019 for

Me the fear of the surgery didn’t settle in until I was literally getting wheeled into the operating room I think it was scary for me because my mom did have the surgery and I was the one that was waiting for my mom in the waiting room

As well and my mom did have some complications not knowing that my sister can possibly not make it out of this was the scariest thing there’s such a wide spectrum of risks that come with gastric surgery after weight loss surgery they definitely tell you not to get pregnant

Until 24 months posttop I became pregnant with my son 18 months after having my weight loss surgery I had every complication known to man during my pregnancy it was just thing after thing after thing and I couldn’t catch a break my son was born 13 weeks early

They told me that his survival rate was about 57% and hearing that as a mom I don’t know you kind of just like your heart breaks cuz you don’t really know what to do it was fear everything was out of my hands and there was nothing I could

Do thankfully he is so happy and so healthy and that’s all that matters everybody says weight loss surgery is the easy way out with all the side effects and complications I had I wish I could have done it naturally it is is not a shortcut it is not a cheat

Code you still have to be in a caloric deficit you still have to work out you still have to eat your body weight and protein you still have to watch where your carbs are and your fats so I was working out at home walking with my son

And just making healthy choices at my heaviest I was 357 lb and I am now 147 lb took 2 years to lose a majority of the weight and I have luckily been maintaining it for the last year and a half my first time at the gym I had no

Idea what I was doing I would walk into the gym and have no idea what I was looking at now I can say I’m pretty confident in what I’m doing when it comes to training and working out I really just do it when I want to lean out or maybe I want to

Shape a certain muscle or something like that it’s not really something that I would say is super consistent I focus mainly on healthy living and diets and family activities I definitely live an active lifestyle but it’s active in different ways than going to the gym for an hour unfortunately with excessive

Weight loss comes excessive loose skin most of the loose skin I went removed is definitely my arms and then all of my midsection I need to get a body lift a 360 body lift I knew it was going to happen I just didn’t realize how much I

Was going to have one day in the future if I have a spare $30,000 maybe I’ll get it removed but for right now I’m totally content with looking like a melted ice cream conb my body is where it needs to be as propor correctly I lost weight to be healthy

Not to be attractive I did it for myself and for my future hey how are you you good it’s like get start for youy can I get my fave the cookies and cream ab and Waffles of your choice I originally started my social media page as an online diary and it

Gained traction and I was just like okay like I guess we’re going to do this I never expected to gain a following from it I never expected to inspire other people I’ve had people ask me any question from how did you lose weight to what insurance did you have so I can try

And sign up for that like if I can help bridge that Gap then I’m going to do it I just have such a genuine community of people and I thank God every day that I was blessed with that hey hey guys hey hey hey hey hey well take a seat I

Already ordered for us guys thank you thank you and quick question how how much protein does do each of these have so this right here has 30 g of protein in the waffles and then only 300 calories the shake itself has 150 calories for 15 g of protein my advice

To give to someone who wants to lose weight is start out slow you don’t have to go work out for 3 hours a day go on YouTube and type in some at home workouts and just get started it took you x amount of years to build where you

Are now it’s going to take you x amount of years to get to where you want to be seeing her go from how she was to how she is now is very inspirational to not me but other people around her a lot of people doubted her a lot of people

Didn’t understand that what she was coming was an addiction but she conquered it’s actually amazing seeing her fulfill her dream of being a mother she’s an amazing mother she always has been and she always will be and she’s also a great ant I feel great about

Myself right now you know I can truly say I’m finally happy in my own skin if I could say something to my former self it’ probably be you are not defined by your mistakes and keep going you will succeed I feel great knowing that my son

Will be able to experience a mom who can run with him and teach him how to somewhat write a bike and go swimming and just all those fun activities that I feel like are so crucial to a child’s development being a mom is the best thing ever he’s the best thing ever and

My life is great right Now

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SELF-CONFESSED food addict, Johnna, grew up in a “family that loves to eat” and developed unhealthy bingeing habits from an early age. As this carried through into adulthood, she saw her weight rise to 357lbs at her heaviest. When she visited one of her favourite restaurants and the chair collapsed under her weight, the moment was “so embarrassing” that she decided to make a change. Johnna consulted a weight loss surgeon, who booked her in for gastric sleeve surgery and soon she was on the road to better health. But when Johnna unexpectedly fell pregnant just 18 months after her surgery (doctors recommend waiting at least two years) she had “every complication known to man” and her son was born 13 weeks premature with a “survival rate of 57%”. Fortunately, Johnna is now mum to a happy, healthy 2-year-old and since her ordeal she has put in place healthy living routines that have enabled her to lose an incredible 210lbs in total. But perhaps the greatest success for Johnna is that her transformation has enabled her to fully appreciate and enjoy motherhood: “Being a mum is the best thing ever, he’s the best thing ever and my life is great right now.”

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