Love Is Stronger Than Hate: Our Relationship Defies Racism – Video

Love Is Stronger Than Hate: Our Relationship Defies Racism – Video

Christina and Sam’s love story started in Cuba, where they met and instantly felt a strong connection. However, as an interracial couple, they have to face a lot of hate and judgment from others both online and in real life. Despite the negative comments and stares they receive, they choose to focus on their love for each other and not let the outsiders affect their relationship. In a world that is becoming more diverse, it’s disheartening to see people still judged based on their skin color. Both Kristina and Sam hope for a better future where love is accepted regardless of color. Their message is to spread love and positivity and to encourage other interracial couples not to let the hate get to them. Ultimately, their love for each other is what matters the most. To follow their journey and learn more about their experiences, you can check out their Instagram and TikTok pages.

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KRISTINA and Sam met on holiday in Cuba and the attraction was instant. Kristina told Love Don’t Judge: “I just couldn’t stop looking at him!” and for Sam, his feelings were just as strong. “She was sitting across from me and she just looked gorgeous, beautiful. I was like, ‘Oh I need this, I’ve gotta get this one’. It was love at first sight.” Despite their love, the interracial couple are subjected to heaps of online hate and abuse. Sam explained: “When we first started posting online we were making memories because we love travelling and then it quickly turned into a lot of hate.” In the real world, things are just as tough. Talking about the reactions they receive in public, Kristina said: “Sometimes if I look out of the corner of my eye, I can see the heat come from that person.” Reflecting, Sam said: “It’s very sad actually because we live in a diverse world. Everywhere you go now, you see brown, white, any kind of colour. So for the people who think like that in 2024, it’s sad to me. The world has a lot of work to do and I hope in the future it’s going to get better.”

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Videographer: Dennis Porter
Producers: Kathryn Lewsey, Alicia Bailey & Yasmin Walker
Editor: Reuben Yarwood

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