Maintaining Muscle Mass as You Get Older – Video

Maintaining Muscle Mass as You Get Older – Video

As we age, preserving our muscles becomes increasingly important to maintain our metabolism and overall health. This video discusses the hormonal changes that occur with aging, such as the decrease in estrogen and progesterone in women and the impact on muscle health. Additionally, the role of cholesterol in building steroid hormones for muscle growth is highlighted, along with the importance of infrared light in increasing melatonin levels for mitochondrial support.

The video offers six practical tips to help prevent muscle loss as we age, including regular resistance exercise, adequate animal protein intake, and supplementation with pregnenolone and DHEA for hormone support. Dr. Berg emphasizes the importance of maintaining muscle mass to support metabolism and overall health, providing valuable insights and recommendations for preserving muscle function and preventing sarcopenia. Be sure to check out the video for more in-depth information on how to safeguard your muscles as you age.

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Find out how to help prevent muscle loss associated with aging with these 6 tips.


0:00 Introduction: How to prevent muscle loss with aging
0:23 Sarcopenia
1:32 Estrogen and age-related muscle loss
2:55 Cholesterol and muscle loss
4:08 Melatonin and muscle loss
5:25 Six ways to salvage your hormones to prevent muscle loss as you age

In this video, we’re going to talk about preventing muscle loss due to aging. At around age 50, women go through menopause which causes hormonal changes. Men experience hormonal changes around age 60.

As you age and your hormones change, you can become deficient in skeletal muscle. This is known as sarcopenia. Around 40% of your metabolism is related to your muscles, so this can have detrimental effects.

In women, estrogen decreases with age, but progesterone drops even lower. Without progesterone, you end up with a lot of problems from estrogen.

Cholesterol is a building block for steroid hormones, like testosterone and estrogen, which directly affect your muscles. This is why low-cholesterol and low-fat diets can cause muscle loss. Coincidentally, this is why you see muscle damage and diseases associated with statin drugs.

Here are 6 ways to protect and support your hormones to help prevent muscle loss as you age:

1. Infrared light can increase melatonin. Sunlight, fire, and candles all provide infrared light.

2. Regular, consistent, resistance exercise is the most potent stimulator of muscle building.

3. Ensure adequate intake of high-quality animal protein. Aim for .8 to 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight each day.

4. Consume plenty of cholesterol from meat and dairy.

5. Try pregnenolone supplements. Start out with 30 mg per day for women and 100 mg for men.
Pregnenolone is a precursor for important hormones related to muscle building.

6. DHEA is a precursor for hormones that help build muscle. Try 25 mg for women and 100 mg for men.

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Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! Try these tips to help reverse muscle loss due to aging. I’ll see you in the next video.

Video Transcript

Let’s talk about how to salvage your muscles as you get older both men and women when women hit the age of 50 they go through this process this change called menopause and when they go through menopause they have all sorts of changes in their hormones which I’m

Going to cover uh Men start developing more hormonal changes more when they’re 60 now what I’m primarily going to focusing on with these hormones is the relationship between what happens to one’s muscles okay the term for this is called sarcopenia the Latin word for sarcopenia means basically Poverty of

The flesh you’re deficient in skeletal muscle and this relates to just getting older as we all are aging including myself I’m going to be 59 which is very weird because I don’t feel 59 so of course I’m doing a deep dive in this to preserve my muscles as long as possible

Why is this important because as we age and we lose our muscles we lose a lot of our metabolism now this is not just related to your metabolic rate the speed of which your ability to burn fat or Your Capacity to burn fat but also all the other things that are connected with

Metabolism as well you have a lot of mitochondria in your muscles right so if you’re losing your muscles you’re going to lose a lot of your mitochondria the energy factors of the body and roughly as we get older we lose between 1 and 2% of our muscles each year as far as the

Percentage of our metabolism related to muscle it’s roughly about 40% so it’s pretty significant let’s start with females and estrogen estrogen does decrease as you get older um it goes down a certain curve but this other hormone progesterone tanks even lower almost to the point where it’s almost

Zero so if we don’t have any progesterone we get a lot of problems with estrogen and estrogen relating to this topic affects your bone affects your muscle your connective tissue your collagen your cartilage and so you start losing this connective tissue underneath the skin and things start sagging and

Hanging and you start getting wrinkles not to mention estrogen has a function of helping you regenerate and rejuvenate repair muscle a lot of women lose their muscle because of this darn estrogen now typically men develop ALS ametropic lateral sclerosis it’s a severe neurod degeneration Within your spinal column

And other nerves so men develop this condition ALS four times more than females until menopause then the ratio is 1: one and what’s interesting about progesterone it’s an extremely potent neuroprotector interesting especially if someone has ALS is there any relationship between increasing your cholesterol or decreasing your

Cholesterol and muscle yes there is take a look at statin drugs what’s the biggest side effect of statin drugs muscle damage muscle diseases why because you need cholesterol to make these steroid hormones including testosterone and so cholesterol is very important as a raw material to help you

Build muscle so if you’re trying to salvage your muscles be careful about going on a low fat diet and also a low cholesterol diet and of course statins check with your doctor before wanting to come off of that I’m not telling you to come off of it and then

Cholesterol then turns into pregnanolone and DHEA and pregnanolone as it decreases causes an increase I think it’s a compensatory thing for cortisol so we get this decrease in DHEA decrease in pregnanolone decrease in estrogen decrease in progesterone decrease in testosterone which we all know affects um libido as well as muscle physiology

And growth hormone also goes down and there’s another hormone involved that I want to talk about and that is melatonin now when we think about melatonin we think about the sleep hormone right well there’s two types of melatonin one is to help induce you going to sleep the other one it’s a very

Important protector of the mitochondria which is again in the muscles right and as far as how much that melatonin decreases as we age it decreases by like 10 times so when we’re young it’s very high when we get older it gets less and less and less which could explain why we

Have a hard time sleeping in the pituitary there’s two hormones that control the testicle as well as the ovaries so there’s a pathway there and that would be called lutenizing hormone and the other one is follicule stimulating hormone and they’re basically a communication from the pituitary down to the gonads to tell the

Gonads to release its hormones with a man as we get older okay both of those hormones Skyrocket up to like a th% now what you should know about this gluing hormone and folus stiming hormone is that you can suppress it by increasing melatonin so melatonin keeps those other

Two hormones in check which is a really good solution but the problem is our melatonin is crashed by 10 times so how do we increase it is infrared light just being outside you’re going to be exposed to infrared over half of the sun’s Rays is infrared and also infrared penetrates

Your skull like 2 Ines into the body so it can help recharge your cells of melatonin you can also get infared from sitting in front of your fireplace or to have uh candles or even um a campfire what diminishes infrared is artificial lights LED lights um blue light from all

The cell phone the computer all that stuff so now let’s talk about how to salvage our muscles as long as possible okay this is the formula you ready for this number two resistance exercise okay regular consistent exercise to take your muscles and put them against resistance whether it’s weight training or bands or

Any type of exercise um you want to start doing that and keep it implemented the rest of your life because exercise is the most potent stimulator of building muscle muscle synthesis number three animal protein 8 to 1.2 gram of protein per kilogram of weight so I weigh 185 pounds uh that

Comes out to about 84 kilg okay so I should be consuming roughly between 67 to 100 g of protein now it can be a little bit less it could be a little bit more but you definitely need more protein because if you’re starving yourself of protein um you’re not going

To be able to salvage your muscles a lot of people are on this OIC medication and one of the main side effects of that is severe muscle loss so here you are losing all this body fat but you’re also losing a lot of muscle protein I’m not

Um recommending that as a solution for losing weight number four make sure you have enough cholesterol you can get that from Meats Dairy butter things like that number five I would recommend taking uh pregnet alone okay you can get this as a supplement I would recommend um starting

Out with like 30 milligrams uh if you’re male maybe you start off with a 100 there’s not many side effects from taking this but this is like a precursor that can give give you the raw material to build these other hormones because taking these other hormones is a very

Complex thing and so you have to know how much to take and then when you take these other hormones like testosterone or estrogen or progesterone that tends to shut off um your ability to produce them even more so if you take the precursor it’s a much safer way and I

Would also recommend uh taking DHEA if you’re female take 25 milligram if you’re male you can take 100 milligram d uh also helps you build muscle and it’s a precursor now as far as taking pregnant alone and taking DHEA you know I’m not telling you to

Take this I mean you can do these other things but if you notice you have a loss of muscles okay and you want to do something to increase them then maybe take them but I’m not recommending everyone just get on these these supplements I think adding the exercise

Making sure you have enough cholesterol making sure you have enough Sun for the infrared I think that would be sufficient for most people but as you get a little bit older and you start noticing the muscle loss then you might want to take these other two things now

If you have not seen a very popular video on this infrared stimulation of the Melatonin I put this video up right here check that out

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