Top 10 Dick Van Dyke Movies of All Time – Video

Top 10 Dick Van Dyke Movies of All Time – Video

Dick Van Dyke is a name that is synonymous with family-friendly entertainment, and in this video, we take a look at his top 10 movies of all time. From his early roles to his later performances, Van Dyke has delivered memorable characters and performances that have enchanted audiences for decades.

Kicking off the list at number 10 is “Night at the Museum,” where Van Dyke shines alongside an all-star cast in this comedy about a security guard at a museum where the displays come to life at night. Moving on to number 9, we have “The Art of Love,” a 1965 comedy that sees Van Dyke’s character faking his own death to boost the value of his artwork.

At number 8, we have “The Comic,” where Van Dyke showcases his physical comedy skills as a silent movie comic with a giant ego. Number 7 brings us “Lieutenant Robinson Crusoe, USN,” a Walt Disney film that sees Van Dyke marooned on a deserted island with a chimpanzee friend.

Coming in at number 6 is “Divorce American Style,” a comedy with dramatic elements that showcases Van Dyke’s versatility as an actor. Number 5 features “Cold Turkey,” a film about a town trying to quit smoking for 30 days for a cash prize, with Van Dyke in a leading role.

Number 4 takes us to “Fitzwilly,” a comedy where Van Dyke plays a butler involved in a series of thefts and swindles. At number 3, we have “Bye Bye Birdie,” a musical comedy where Van Dyke plays a struggling songwriter trying to promote a rock star.

The runner-up at number 2 is the beloved family classic “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” where Van Dyke plays an inventor who takes his family on a magical adventure in a flying car. And finally, at number 1, we have “Mary Poppins,” Van Dyke’s first collaboration with Walt Disney, where he plays the lovable jack-of-all-trades Bert.

With a mix of comedy, drama, and musicals, Dick Van Dyke has left a lasting legacy in the world of cinema, and these top 10 movies are just a glimpse of his incredible talent and charm. Make sure to check out the full video to see these movies in action and relive the magic of Dick Van Dyke on screen.

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Video Transcript

Who doesn’t love dick van djk his name perfectly captures Boundless Energy and Timeless charm no wonder his career spanned several decades filled with memorable performances and Cinema Classics that have Enchanted generations of movie goers and why not his comic timing is impeccable his roles are heartwarming and his versatility is

Unparalleled with a legacy like that we owe it to ourselves to take a journey through the work of everyone’s favorite family performer it’s time to count down the top 10 Van Dyke movies of all Time number 10 Night at the Museum don’t let anything in or out out good luck son even if it is a relatively late role in his career 2006’s Night at the Museum sees Dick Van djk still on top form as Cecil Fredericks a security guard in the movie’s titular Museum but then how

Could he be anything else as this comedy about an ancient curse which causes all the displays to come to life at night is perfect fod for his sense of humor of course it also helps that he has an All-Star cast around him in the form of Ben Stiller Owen Wilson and Robin

Williams to work with that said none of these actors were willing to go to the lengths their legendary co-star was and this is evident in the fact that during one scene where the night guards run up a staircase in pursuit of another character van dijk was the only one who

Performed the stun himself I’m having a little trouble hearing you friend takila the dinosaur is alive what i d just tell me what to do read the instructions number nine the art of Love yeah I understand I hope you understand that I’ve got to hit you with this until you

Die come on Paul put that down even as early as 1965 Dick Van djk was making hit movies after all this was the year he released the art of Love out into the world what was the story to this one well in true comedy fashion it tells the

Tale of a struggling artist arst who decides that the best way to make his work go up in value is to fake his own death needless to say then a lot of hilarious moments arise out of the premise and Van djk in the lead role of Paul Sloan is responsible for many of

These though it certainly helps that he has a great Supporting Cast around him too but if you were wondering whether the artwork done in the film was made by the actor himself you might be disappointed to know it actually wasn’t him no instead the paintings seen on

Screen were created by Don Sone a famous expressionist from Louisiana who was never actually credited for his work Here Kate Casey come back in here number eight the comic why don’t you sit down thank you will huh remember that what picture was that in in keeping with Dick Van dijk’s ability to act as an excellent physical comedian without the need to even say one word 1969’s the comic sees him play

The role of Billy brigh a silent movie a comic whose Talent is only outshone by his ego of course given his ego is so big then it leads to a variety of problems for him throughout the film’s 94-minute runtime but as this is a comedy at the end of the day even when

Things reach their darkest E van djk is always able to bring a sense of levity to the proceedings one thing he struggled to make light of though was a moment which ultimately inspired the film and this moment took place when while filming the Dick Van djk show the

Missouri native called Stan Laurel to ask if he could use one of his bits only to find out the comedy Legend didn’t own the rights to his own work Frank Frank I know you’re in there get out of my house number seven Lieutenant Robinson cruso usn you you

Come uh you come across water you you paddle on boat here you live other Island in Walt Disney’s loose retelling of the classic Daniel defo novel Robinson cruso Dick Van djk gets it another opportunity to show how great of a iic actor he is and that’s because in

Lieutenant Robinson cruso usn he plays the tiu lieutenant perfectly with all the required leading man gravitas of course this means plenty of antics for him and his chimpanzee friend named Floyd on the supposedly deserted island they’ve become marooned on and even more once they realize there’s actually a

Whole tribe of natives who live there too leading to plenty of laughs for the audience so much did audiences love this one in fact it led to van djk and Disney working together again for a third time just 2 years later in 1968’s never a dull moment and as to what the first

Movie they worked on was well that might just come up again in a little while so stay tuned and to the world in general wherever they may be number six divorce American style I needed a place to keep my washer and my dryer and my freezer and my 12 cubt

Refrigerator with your blue interior to match your walls particularly during his early years it was rare to see Dick Van djk venture out from comedies into more dramatic roles but that’s not because he wasn’t more than capable of doing these no as is evident in divorce American

Style he has the acting chops required to break audien’s Hearts if he needs to sure there are still comedic elements to this story of a married couple of 17 years going through a breakup really you could argue that above all else it’s still a comedy movie but given the

Nature of the script it means a lot more is needed from the two leads played by Van djk and Debbie Reynolds and they certainly bring their Aames for this one that said they weren’t the only ones who brought their Aames as a script by Norman leer and Robert Kaufman were so

Highly regarded it actually got nominated for an Academy Award for best original screenplay oh no no he there Mr harm this won’t hurt a bit Miss Felman call her stck again oh come on Mr har at number five we have cold turkey heus each smoker in Eagle Rock is taking the

Initiative to stop smoking oh what about the the nonsmoker well he’s uh taking the initiative too while Dick van djk is credited as the lead of 1971’s cold turkey and certainly justifies this position with his work here he’s not the only one who makes it such a must watch

No alongside him there’s a caval kit of excellent actors such as Bob newart Jean Stapleton and M EMT Walsh helping to raise things up to an even higher level and in doing so they take this story of a tobacco company offering $25 million to any town that can agree to

Collectively stop smoking for 30 days and make it better than it has any right to be not that the premise isn’t a good one of course just that the talent involved elevates it so much more but this one isn’t just notable for the people on screen no it’s also an

Important film in that it marks the first ever credited work from Randy Newman the man who since provided scores for Hollywood Classics like the natural Toy Story and meet the parents and it to me if he takes one puff we’re done for is quiet home you don’t put that gun

Away number four Fitz willly they got Albert for what for stealing all of the cash and gimbals he went in and confessed that’s crazy why would he do that 1967’s Fitz Willie might not be the most well-known film among Dick van dijk’s back catalog but it’s certainly

Not one which should be skipped after all it features the star on top comedic form as Claude Fitz William the butler to a wealthy and elderly ays or at least she thinks she’s wealthy in truth however her father left her little to nothing so in order to keep up her

Lifestyle then Fitz William and the rest of her staff take to secretly carrying out a series of thefts raids and swindles on her behalf no prizes for guessing this leads to some seriously Funny Moments then and no prizes for guessing that this one was beloved by everyone involved but it wasn’t just the

People working on the film who fell in love with it no one fan named Roger kerwood even went so far as to open a Fitz Willy’s inspired restaurant in Northampton Massachusetts almost a decade later to create a situation wherein gimbals will consider it more advantageous to hand the cash over to me

And to keep it themselves number three bye-bye birdie oh you were molded by me molded yeah like like that Elijah D who got moldy from Big maon who were you when I found you anyway what adding even more to his repertoire 1963’s musical romantic comedy bye-bye birdie sees Dick

Van dijke play the role of Albert Peterson a struggling songwriter hoping to get an Elvis Presley like Rockstar to sing one of his songs and in doing so he believes he can convince his mother to finally let him marry his girlfriend so in order to make sure this happens then

Albert arranges for the start performa to travel to a small town in Ohio where he’ll not only put on a farewell gig before being drafted to Vietnam but also kiss his biggest fan and this premise leads to a lot of Great Moments not just in terms of the comedy on display but

Also in terms of the music interestingly though perhaps the thing the film is best known for today outside of the song put on a happy face is the fact it was featured on an episode of Madmen as part of a fictional firm’s ad campaign for Diet Pepsi yes even decades later it was

Still finding new ways to be relevant in six years I never sold one lousy song maybe they weren’t lousy enough number two Chitty Chitty Bang Bang well for a mechanically minded man Mr pots try switching it on oh a childhood classic and a staple of Christmas time television you’d be hard

Pushed to find anyone who doesn’t love Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and that’s because there’s so much Whimsy to be found in this tale of a family who goes on a magical Adventure in their flying car in order to rescue their grandfather from a far off land really to list all

The classic moments here would take all day and so many of those moments come from Dick Van dijk’s portrayal of cartic as pots the inventor of the titular vehicle it doesn’t matter if it’s his many dance numbers his performance on the famous title song or his interplay

With his co-stars It’s Magic from start to finish what you may not know though is that the writer of this movie had actually already created a hit series beforehand and that’s because he was Ian Fleming the English novelist most well known for creating the world’s most famous spy

James Bond when a man has to learn to put those dreams some practical use not just sit around and think about him all the time our number one pick is Mary [Laughter] Poppins if you haven’t already seen 1964’s Mary Poppins Dick Van dijk’s first collaboration with Walt Disney

Then you need to go and watch it as soon as possible because there’s a reason it has a reputation as one of the greatest family films ever and that reason is it’s just as good as everyone says suggests with everything about the story of Julie Andrew’s magic nanny who comes

To inject some Wonder into the lives of the Banks family hitting perfectly of course while Andrews is the undeniable star here some recognition has to be given to Van djk too in his role of Jack of of all trades Bert sure it’s easy to tease him for his Infamous Cockney

Accent here but it all just adds to the charm of the character and helps to make the movie The Classic it is honestly we can’t recommend it enough and neither could Disney himself as it turned out because he considered this to be his crowning achievement you’ve got to grind grind

Grind at that grind Stone and there we have it the top 10 Dick Van Dy movies of all time no doubt you have your own list so be sure to let us know in the comments below also don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and get alerted of our next video we’ll hope

To see you Soon

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