Making the Most of Life’s Blueberries: A TEDx Talk by Vittoria de Sanctis at TEDxICS Zurich Youth – Video

Making the Most of Life’s Blueberries: A TEDx Talk by Vittoria de Sanctis at TEDxICS Zurich Youth – Video

In the TEDx video “When life gives you blueberries” by Vittoria de Sanctis, the speaker delves into the topic of happiness and how blueberries can play a role in achieving it. Sanctis humorously discusses the common pursuit of happiness and the various definitions attached to it. She then cleverly introduces blueberries as the key to happiness, citing various studies on their health benefits.

She explains that blueberries contain anthocyanins, which help regulate blood pressure and blood flow, leading to improved cognitive function and overall well-being. Sanctis shares a personal experience of how incorporating blueberries into her diet positively impacted her creativity, sleep quality, and skin.

Throughout the talk, Sanctis provides scientific evidence to support the notion that blueberries can lower chronic inflammation, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, aid in workout recovery, and promote bone strength. She also addresses the cost-effectiveness of incorporating blueberries into one’s diet, comparing it to the yearly expenses on coffee.

In conclusion, Sanctis emphasizes that while blueberries offer numerous health benefits, they should not be the sole source of happiness. However, she encourages the audience to make room for blueberries in their diet, highlighting the positive impact they can have on overall well-being.

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In this talk, Vittoria de Sanctis explores the health benefits of eating a cup of blueberries a day, and how they can improve long-term quality of life. So in other words, pick blueberries, buy blueberries, bake blueberries, think blueberries, and most importantly eat blueberries. Vittoria is a 17 year old Italian-Swiss young lady residing in Zurich. She is very passionate about playing sports, arts, design and spending quality time with family and friends. After she graduates high school next year, she has planned to take a gap year after which she will commence her Fashion Design studies. Speaking at this TEDx event appeals to her due to a strong interest in public speaking and parental encouragement. She chose to discuss the correlation between the nutritional value of blueberries and improved quality of life. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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