Mastering the Homelander Smile with Antony Starr – Video

Mastering the Homelander Smile with Antony Starr – Video

Antony Starr on How to Do the Homelander Smile

at hiding it as most people are so I think that’s the key to the smile it’s it’s it’s putting on a mask but making sure that mask is just slightly off enough to be unnerving and unsettling, I think that’s where the real power of the homelander smile comes from.

Antony Starr, the actor who portrays Homelander on the hit TV show “The Boys,” recently shared some insight into how he achieves that chilling smile that the character is known for. In a behind-the-scenes video, Starr explains that it all comes down to masking his true emotions and thoughts. He describes the process as putting on a mask, but making sure it’s slightly off to be unsettling.

Starr emphasizes the importance of thinking dark thoughts and putting on dead eyes to capture the essence of Homelander’s sinister smile. By tapping into the character’s internal struggles and conflicts, Starr is able to bring depth and complexity to his portrayal of the powerful superhero.

Overall, Starr’s explanation provides an intriguing look into the psychological nuances behind Homelander’s smile and showcases the actor’s commitment to bringing this fan-favorite character to life.

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