Meta is updating how Threads quote permissions work

Meta is updating how Threads quote permissions work

Threads, the social media platform linked to Instagram, has made a few tweaks to give users more control over how their posts are quoted.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the update on his account over the weekend, saying, “The ability to limit who can quote your Threads posts is now available to everyone.”

Threads quote permissions

Mosseri continued that users can now customize their permissions to tailor their interactions on the social soapbox. He posted, “You can allow quotes from everyone on Threads, only the people you follow, or you can disable quote posts entirely.”

The change adds to the features released previously across Mosseri’s chain of Threads posts. Last month, he promoted the Hidden Words filter update, which removes unwanted interactions or suggestions, and teased these new quote controls.

He said, “You can filter out unwanted content from feeds, search, profiles, and post replies on Threads. We’re also testing ways to select who can quote you and the ability to mute notifications on your posts.”

Mosseri also earmarked the archival tools that are available to Threads users who want to have more control over the posts they no longer want public.

Threads is the biggest competitor to X (formerly Twitter) and has had a rosier time than the original limited-character posting platform.

As we reported, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Threads had reached 150 million active monthly users during Facebook’s Q1 earnings call. The call also highlighted the company’s significant wins, a 27% increase in earnings across this financial quarter.

Meta has heavily invested in all of its outlets for users to share and create content and incorporate generative artificial intelligence (AI) features. Late last month, Zuckerberg’s empire rolled out the Meta Llama 3 for all of their social platforms before the positive results recorded in the Q1 financial report.

Zuckerberg is headstrong in his hunt to be the leading provider of AI technology in users’ lives and believes Meta should continue spending at a high level. As part of the call, he said Meta “should invest significantly more over the coming years to build even more advanced models and the largest-scale AI services in the world.”

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