Microsoft Copilot arriving on Windows but still awaiting full functionality

Microsoft Copilot arriving on Windows but still awaiting full functionality

Microsoft has announced the rollout of its Copilot artificial intelligence (AI) assistant across Windows 10 and 11 devices, but the new service does not appear to be operating with full efficiency at present.

An official update last week confirmed Microsoft Copilot was in operation, with the icon visible on the Windows taskbar but all isn’t quite as it seems.

The official blurb describes Copiot for Windows as “an AI-powered assistant that helps you get answers and inspirations from across the web, supports creativity and collaboration, and helps you focus on the task at hand.”

Although the AI assistant is embedded into Windows 11 version 23H2 devices by default, it is disabled on Windows 11 version 22H2 devices.

Further to that, Deskmodder users have uncovered additional access on other Windows 11 devices but crucially, the app is not powering the actual Copilot functionality and range of attributes as it stands.

How to check if Microsoft Copilot is available on my device?

The app may not appear at first glance but once Microsoft Edge is updated to the latest version, it will appear.

To check if the Microsoft Copilot tool is in use on your system, use the following path.

Go to Settings > Apps > Installed Apps.
Change the sort order to “Date installed” or type Copilot into the search field.
If you see Microsoft Copilot listed, it is installed.

You may also want to remove the app from your device with the uninstall option. Navigating to “advanced options” will reveal further details.

More information will be expected, but the findings from Deskmodder appear to indicate the Copilot app as a placeholder in its current form.

Users may also have a different experience, depending on their region, but the overall offering is unclear. Microsoft could later introduce a fully developed app to all devices with an update at some point, whilst there are also murmurs of work on Windows 12 which could be related.

Microsoft has been known to introduce new apps onto devices without a full launch or extensive information so we will have to watch this space.

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