Unlock Your Potential: Embracing the Power of Yes | Tes Sewell | TEDxReno – Video

Unlock Your Potential: Embracing the Power of Yes | Tes Sewell | TEDxReno – Video

In the TEDxReno talk titled “Hack Your Impossible: The Power of Yes,” speaker Tes Sewell delves into the concept of turning the seemingly impossible into reality through the power of saying yes. Sewell, who is part of a team that specializes in bringing impossible dreams to life through action sports and motorsports, uses examples such as Travis Pastrana’s record-breaking rally car jump over a barge as a testament to what can be achieved by challenging conventional limits.

Sewell emphasizes that saying yes is the first step towards making dreams come true, even if it leads to discomfort and stress. By following a systematic process that includes feasibility assessments, building a supportive team, defining clear goals, and implementing intentional processes to anticipate challenges, Sewell believes that any dream, no matter how outlandish, can be realized.

Through anecdotes and practical advice, Sewell encourages the audience to embrace their curiosity, say yes to their dreams, and take calculated risks to hack their impossible. The talk serves as a reminder that with determination and the willingness to challenge the status quo, anything is possible.

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From World Record jumps to death-defying stunts, Tes Sewell is part of a team that helps elite athletes bring their impossible …

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