Migrant Takeover Forces Kids Out of School – Video

Migrant Takeover Forces Kids Out of School – Video

The video titled “Kids Get The Boot As Migrants Take Over School” showcases the frustration of parents and students at James Madison High School in Brooklyn, as they were forced into remote learning due to illegal migrants being moved to their school gym to ride out a storm. The video captures the anger and disappointment of parents who feel that their children are being punished for the migrant crisis.

The script highlights the impact of Joe Biden’s policies on local communities, with students and families bearing the brunt of the migrant crisis. It also features a suggestion to utilize faith-based and private residences to accommodate migrants, rather than burdening schools with this responsibility.

The video emphasizes the need to report the truth and fight against corrupt corporate news narratives, as well as the call for support from patriots to continue creating objective conservative news content. Overall, the video sheds light on the challenges faced by schools and communities due to the migrant crisis and raises important questions about the allocation of resources and responsibilities in addressing this issue.

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Video “Kids Get The Boot As Migrants Take Over School” was uploaded on 01/13/2024 to Youtube Channel TheDC Shorts