“Mother of 44: A Woman’s Journey to Giving Birth to 44 Children Before 40” – Video

“Mother of 44: A Woman’s Journey to Giving Birth to 44 Children Before 40” – Video

She Gave Birth to 44 Children (Before Turning 40) is a compelling and emotional video documenting the remarkable story of Mama Uganda, the world’s most fertile woman, who has given birth to an astonishing 44 kids. Drew Binsky, the host of the video, travels to Uganda to meet Mama Uganda and her large family, delving into the challenging and inspiring life of this remarkable woman.

Forced into marriage at the young age of 12, Mama Uganda experienced motherhood for the first time at 13, giving birth to quintuplets. She then went on to give birth 16 more times, to quintuplets, triplets, and twins, before her 40th birthday. What’s even more astonishing is that Mama Uganda raises all of her children as a single mother, as her ex-husband abused and abandoned her.

The video captures the emotional journey of Drew Binsky’s visit to Mama Uganda’s village, the challenges she faces, and her unyielding strength. The audience gets to witness the heartwarming interaction between Drew, Mama Uganda, and her children. Additionally, viewers gain insights into Mama Uganda’s medical condition, hyper-ovulation, and the impact it has had on her life.

Mama Uganda’s story is truly inspiring and sheds light on the resilience and determination of women in the face of adversity. Despite the hardships she has faced, Mama Uganda remains a beacon of strength and love for her children. Her story is a testament to the unwavering spirit of motherhood and the power of the human spirit.

The video offers a powerful and thought-provoking narrative, raising awareness about the challenges faced by women in certain parts of the world and the importance of support and compassion. Mama Uganda’s resilience and unwavering love for her children leave a lasting impact, making her one of the most inspiring individuals in the eyes of Drew Binsky and his audience.

Overall, “She Gave Birth to 44 Children (Before Turning 40)” is a touching and impactful exploration of Mama Uganda’s extraordinary journey, shining a light on the strength, courage, and love that define her remarkable life.

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This lady gave birth to 44 kids before turning 40 and she raises all them as a single mother this is one woman’s Incredible Journey of motherhood but she refuses to be reduced to just that I’m heading to Uganda to meet her and hear from her kids for what is sure to be an

Emotional roller coaster I crossed a treacherous land border from Kenya to Uganda so we just crossed the border and now we’re ducked into this little shop because it’s pouring rain and then hitch a ride 4 hours into the center of the country to meet my local friend who knows where to

Find Mama Uganda Harriet and I are in a market in a nearby town and we’re going to pick up a bunch of goods and supplies for Mama Uganda yeah we got 6 kilos of beef the bones are flying off and hitting me in the face oh we just bought

A whole thing of mat which is kind of like ples very heavy I say tomato harri says tomato and that’s because they have British English here right yeah we speak British English we say tomato what are you doing I’m checking whether they are ready all the fruit in

Uganda is Super Fresh because we’re close to the equator and it’s really tropical and humid outside this has got to weigh like 30 lb everywhere you go in Uganda there’s kids that come up to you and smile hello this little shop is perfect it has everything we want to buy from M Uganda

Salt sugar flour cooking oil beans I’m excited to bring it all to her and meet the Kids we got about a 2 and 1/2 hour journey to reach M Uganda starting Now we are getting close to Mama uganda’s Village there’s a school right in front of us we’re going to head in and see if anyone knows her or where she lives the reason why Uganda is so significant in this story is because Uganda is actually the youngest country

In the world more than 50% of all people in Uganda are under the age of 18 what’s your name Tell me about Mama Uganda Mama Uganda is just lady who takes care of young children she produced many kids more than 42 she takes care of those children giving them food Health Medical she’s a we finally found mom uganda’s house hi nice to meet you mommy Uganda you’re a

Superstar I’ve heard so much about you she’s not we actually brought you a lot of stuff she’s so happy for the food that you have brought for her actually she the food will take some month like 2 months it’s surreal to think that every one of these kids belongs to miam also

Known as Mama Uganda her oldest are 28 and her youngest are only six as a single mother in her early 40s how on Earth does she do it for her she did not plan her own self to be a hero but it was God’s plan that it

Happened just like that and she’s proud of it yeah having so many kids here all the time is it difficult the biggest struggle that she has is to complete the school fees and medical food sometimes they love food mommy uganda’s story is a sad one forced

Into marriage at 12 years old she gave birth 16 times to quintuplets triplets and twins before getting abandoned by her husband to raise all 44 kids on her own while working three jobs I wanted to dig deeper and learn more about the reason she’s so fertile a medical

Condition called hyper ulation as a result of enlarged ovaries they told her if she doesn’t give birth to those uh kids or to those eggs she will have those fibroids the fibroids will damage her uterus got it yeah and she will not be able to survive for a long time at

What age did you have your first kid so her first pair of TR she yeah yeah she got them when she was 13 years old your first kids were at 13 and now how many kids did you have after that so she has uh three five times five

Five times two five five times then one is the last B so she has 15 pair of twins and how did it feel to continuously give birth so many times to so many kids giving birth on the first time she was very scared because she was like

What is happening but as it kept on coming on she kept on moving on do you have any relationship with your mother at all that’s since that day when her mom abandoned her when she was 3 days she has never seen her mom that her father

Is still alive the one who uh married her off when she was 12 years old how did that happen because when you were 12 you probably didn’t have much of a choice for her she believes her father sold her because she he was given cows goats and money so it’s like she was

Sold off oh she was sold off yeah just so the father could yeah get those that’s terrible if you don’t mind me asking there’s one father to all the kids right and why is he not here helping raise the kids the main reason actually why the man abandoned her because that she

Produce a lot so he but they’re his kids though yeah producer wrot so he has another wife and the other producers one get for her the man he gave her the kids it was his choice too the man most here in Africa they don’t like taking care of their kids they take care

Of them when they have grown up like for us ladies they know yeah she’s going to bring that at home you know did he treat you well in your marriage before he left you was he at least nice to the kids was he nice to you

The man was 45 years and for her she was 12 years so obviously there was no yeah there’s no kind of love it’s like a forc marriage so there was no good relation so the 45-year-old married the 12-year-old yeah and the guy had five four other women so she was the fifth

Miriam is the strongest woman I’ve ever met not only because she gave birth to 44 kids but for everything that she has survived listening to her story I feel a pit in my stomach but seeing the way she smiles at her children and the way they

All smile back I am hopeful for a better life for this family she actually has this whole compound almost like a school or something that she can have with all of her kids momy Uganda is giving us a tour of her house so here young kids that sleep here

Both girls and boys this is a room for nine of her kids who sleep here you can see it’s kind of like hostile Style uh there is uh her daughter-in-law she’s the one who sleeps here and this young little baby so that’s her her oh your grandchild yeah

Mama Uganda how many grandkids do you have she has like more than 10 more than 10 okay we made it to the next room there are 12 kids that sleep over here so between nine in that room and 12 here there’s 21 kids already welcome to the kitchen this is the Local

Kitchen you’re cooking every day for all these kids so they eat three times a day morning lunch and supper and you have no help no she she doesn’t over here is the bathroom walk in here one here one here there’s a big 5,000 L water tank right

There this if this runs out how do you get more water we go on pump water do you take shower with this water yeah use this water to take shower is this drinking water too yeah we can drink it also cooking food we’re having a little watermelon party over here all the

Kids this is like one of the best watermelons it’s so sweet they seem to be happy yeah momy is good hey guys just want to take a quick second and thank aible for sponsoring this video audible offers a wide selection of audiobooks podcasts and original titles across all genres I find

That some of their best selections are part of their well-being collection the narrators soothe motivate and Inspire in the way that they tell these stories and honestly it’s really nice to listen to my personal favorite audio book to listen to is called Soul booom by rain Wilson it really shows how spirituality

Can help us create Solutions in our ever growing World new audible members can get a free trial when they visit they have to use a pot that big so they can make enough food to feed 40 people so the reason why you see them kneeling while peeling M it’s a tradition here in

Uganda you have to respect food so that is a sign of respect what makes you happy in life her children make her happy and also watching the Soaps even wring evening Roman R Roman yes Mommy uganda’s maternal instinct is evident even towards me while she is

Cooking I get a chance to sit down with some of her older boys what is it like to to grow up with so many brothers and sisters sometimes it’s bad but we cooperate and we love each other are you like really close with all of your yeah

We are so close we are so close and we love each other so do you fight with them yeah we don’t fight we fight sometime as you know brother and sister always sometimes are the most difficult thing school fees is too expensive yeah and for now we at home because of school

Fees the mom doesn’t have school fees to pay for us School how much is the school fee as me I pay 200k for one year yeah not for one year each term each termings what’s the best thing about having so many siblings you can’t be bored always yeah you can’t be bored

When you have many brothers what’s your favorite game to play I like to play football you like football yes you play with your brothers yes what do you like about your mom she loves us do you love her yes what do you want to be when you

Grow up want to become an engineer like in US those big countries and also I want to tell you that I have a YouTube channel that’s awesome man what’s the name of your channel so people can follow yeah it’s called Mama Uganda and family awesome man I think it’s a great

Idea you’re 17 I started YouTube when I was 26 26 so you already have like 10 10 years there’s a start on me after bonding with mamy uganda’s son he wants to show me his gaming business which sounds really Innovative people come here and pram yeah oh so you you pretty

Much run like an arcade yeah 500 each so this is PlayStation 2 yeah this is a Playstation to be making some small money which can help our family when I grew up I used to always play Playstation 2 okay that’s nice yeah yeah it came into my mind because have very

We have very many young people he went to kalala to buy it and now he charges for people to play and then he helps support with food and stuff that’s really cool man I need to pay 500 cuz I’m playing okay going be a th000 for for two players thank you it’s your

Business I got to I got to donate I’m the ground on the left okay let’s go I feel like I’m a kid again playing PlayStation dude you’re good man ah I lost good game it was pretty fun to battle against miam’s son even though I got my butt kicked now we are

Heading into the nearby town to check out mommy uganda’s small business and learn how she’s able to afford raising her kids I can feel the rain coming and you can hear the thunder and it’s the middle of rainy season right now so hopefully we’re going to get there in

Time it’s crazy when you see her walking with all her kids there’s like so many of them behind her if she holds hands with them and everyone is happy super super happy are you kind of a local celebrity do people know you because of you have such a big

Family everyone know everybody knows her if you could say one message to mothers out there how to be a better mother what advice would you give them older mothers out there you should learn how to take care of your children because a child is never a mistake even

If a man abandons you at least the little you have you can share with your kids we should probably start running cuz it’s about to start pouring rain we’re all soaking wet right now just as they say in Africa when it rains it pourso I found one spot with

Shelter I wish I was a kid again you have no worries in the world you just enjoy what life throws at you and don’t complain so we are heading to where she works the small restaurant where she operates I have a question about healthare so how do you deal with if a

Kid gets sick which hospital do you go to you know how they get General healthare when a kid falls sick she takes them to Private Hospital it doesn’t it get really expensive with so many kids most of the time she buys the drugs and keeps them and also she gets local

Hubs and boils them if a kid gets sick she gives them either local hubs or the real medicine we’re just walking in the town here and all of our kids are just scattered running around like this whole place is a playground so this is your restaurant yes we’re in the back kitchen it’s

Pouring rain outside again the kids somehow knew we were coming here and they all showed up at a restaurant yeah she’s cooking for other people who are coming to have morning breakfast and also lunch what are you making she’s preparing meat chicken fish maten sweet potatoes rice all the local

Food how are you able to cook for other people and your own family every day she’s a hardworking woman after preparing food here she will go back home and also prepare for her children it is just about dinner time here all the kids are gathering around sitting next to Mom Uganda they’ve been

Cooking this food for the last few hours and you could see the size of the pot is huge cuz he has to feed all the kids here and this is three times a day look how much food is needed for each meal and Mama Uganda has spent the last half

Hour dishing out everyone’s food and she’s making sure all of her kids are fed it’s pretty incredible to witness what a scene this is breakfast lunch and dinner like this every single day M this is really tasty it’s pilow the original palow comes from usbekistan did you know that no the first palow

Yeah this rice is super flavorful different vegetables spices really tasty mom Uganda how do you feel when you see all your kids happy and eating she’s very happy to see that her kids are happy this makes me happy also you should eat now after literally an hour of giving

Food to all of her kids she’s finally eating for herself it is a beautiful thing to experience how kids all over the world will be kids and I’m having a moment of gratitude for being here to tell this story momy Uganda is a warrior a Survivor and a true legend and I think

It’s really important to pay close closer attention to African mothers and their needs these children are the future and I’m excited to continue watching them grow for years to come that was amazing Uganda is a lovely country it’s the country of Youth and that’s it the youth is going to run the

World soon so that’s why I came here to tell this story thank you guys for watching it’s been a pleasure and I’ll see you in the next video

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