Mud Dauber Wasp Sting! – Video

Mud Dauber Wasp Sting! – Video

STUNG by a Mud Dauber Wasp!

In the video “STUNG by a Mud Dauber Wasp!” Coyote Peterson takes viewers on a thrilling and educational journey into the sting zone with the mud dauber wasp. The video showcases the capturing of a mud dauber wasp, known for building mud nests and being solitary creatures. Peterson provides insights into the unique characteristics of the mud dauber wasp, including its threadlike waist. He then proceeds to test the sting of the mud dauber on the Bite Sting Index, evaluating factors such as intimidation, pain, and aftermath. The sting turned out to be milder than expected, with minimal pain lasting only a short period. The video offers a fascinating look at the mud dauber wasp and shows how it ranks on the BSI. Viewers are also encouraged to try out the Beast Lord game, adding an interactive element to the video experience. Overall, “STUNG by a Mud Dauber Wasp!” is an engaging and informative watch for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

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Video Transcript

All right it’s time to enter the sting Zone with the mud Dabber on three one two 3 that’s in yeah it’s like stuck stuck in Rolling mhm all right just spotted a new wasp new wasp onl let’s go see we got yes got it okay let’s go let’s go oh

Yeah oh man we got it awesome all right see if I can looks like some kind of mud Dabber there it is ah look at that guys we got it that was awesome this is what is known as a mud Dabber wasp they’re called that because they make a mud nest

And they’re usually solitary you see them out you don’t usually see a swarm of a mud Dabber wasp they’re also called a thread bodied wasp you see that threadlike bridge between their abdomen and the main body that is a distinct characteristic of these wasps and they

Can use all kinds of things to build their nest they can use sand mud anything that they can use to build into that tunnel in fact you know what why don’t I show you what a nest looks like hold the phone I know where one is I’m

Going to bring it to the set one second here we go so no this is not what the was makes this is a plastic container that’s just outside of the uh Reserve that we’re staying at but if you get your camera in tight you see that little tunnel of mud

That is the nest of a mud Dabber see if anybody’s home oh yeah somebody’s definitely home who all right that one took off I hope you saw that good thing we already caught one because that wasp took off let’s go back to the WASP that we

Caught I’m glad that we found this one because we have been getting a lot of questions these wasps are found all over the world and there are hundreds no check that thousands of different species of these thread bodied wasps and people want to know can they sting they’re not aggressive people rarely get

Stung by mud dabbers but I am curious can the mud dabbers sting and how bad does it hurt I think it’s time to put this wasp on the bite sting index let’s set up the table all right just like that we have another insect to add to the bite sting

Index I’ve already been stung three times on this trip so far I have the Trap jaw ant the bullet ant the warrior was and now I’m about to add the mud Dabber and the reason why I’m going back and I’m doing all these things here in Costa Rica where I have experienced

Stings before is because we have this brand new bite sting index why I reinvent The Sting index well couple reasons first reason is bites the original sting index did not include bites the bites of arachnids the bites of insects and other creepy crawlies that we like to experiment to describe

The pain and a lot of the educational facts about these creatures the other thing is pain in itself is not the only Factor when it comes to stings there are other really important considerations like intimidation which is one of our factors intimidation of an animal absolutely changes how you feel about

The pain of the sting itself and then of course we have the pain and then at the end we have the aftermath what happens to you after you’re stung or bitten by some of these insects is often times the worst part of it so we wanted to make

Sure that we encapsulated The Full Experience of these bite and stins and then we take all of those scores average them out to a ranking on the BSI for every creature that we test and I think it’s time to get a closer look at this wasp let’s get it out of the container

You guys ready let’s keep the uh net close by just in case we get an escape artist here all right go for a grab got a grab not a great grab going to have to redo this grab oh I see the Stinger already oh boy

This might not be good this might be uh all right hang hang on I got to see if I can use this cord piece help me out here I know they can because it has that threaded abdomen that threaded waist that can really swing itself around should have a good

Grip okay good grip good grip I think we can put the net away that to the side off the table okay getting my first really close look at this insect this wasp it is blackish brown in color its wings are more of a caramel Hue has little a little bit of

Yellow on the neck overall very stealthy I would give this a smallish size rating like it’s on it’s definitely sub medium size for wasp not the smallest wasp but like not quite a medium wasp uh intimidation factor is going to be tough on the score for this one I’m not going

To lie like the intim ation factor of this wasp just knowing what I know about mud dabbers and you know the fact that they’re usually docile these are not wasps that are going to antagonize you they’re not going to disturb you at lunch they’re just going to fly through

And be on their way either back to their nest or out to hunt a lot of these wasps do prey on spiders so they are they can be a type of spider wasp but they also eat nectar and other forms of sugar see if it’s very oh yeah yeah it wants to

Bite it definitely wants to bite and sting getting getting it in the forceps I definitely already saw it does have a stinger I can confirm this is a stinging wasp see that Stinger fishing around oh he looks angry and it’s not a he it’s a she only female wasps can sting and

That’s a good point actually Andrew is that these Stingers are modified egg Lane appendages but they are connected to a Venom sack that I can confirm that this one definitely has because male wasps do not have stingers you know what exploring all this Uncharted Wilderness reminds me of

A brand new game I just started playing Beast Lord the new land I finally found a game where I can apply all the knowledge I’ve learned making Bray Wilderness videos into ruling my very own Animal Kingdom you play as the Beast Lord lion who’s forced to lead over 500

Animals in search of a new home due to climate change achieving the lion to be awarded to firsttime players once they’ve logged in for 7 days in a row then you could take on more expeditions with the Beast Squad and compete for the four King title choose between collector

Invader or developer mode to begin building your new kingdom start by playing in collector mode first so you can acquire the resources needed to build and to defend your animals but be aware there’s always danger with new predators and biological landmines awaiting just in the brush so download

This awesome game by clicking the link in the description and using the redeem code b777 to start your adventure I challenge you to use what you’ve learned from watching our videos and become a beast Lord today day all right let’s do this thing guys here we go I’m going to go

Right here are you guys ready okay here we go all right it’s time to enter the sting Zone with the mud Dabber I’m getting a little nervous now not going to lie not many people get stung by these and I’ve never been stung by one before

So here we go here goes nothing on three one 2 3 there singer’s out yeah it’s in yeah yeah got got a sting oh it’s still in it’s still in you see it ah ah you see that Stinger it’s like stuck stuck in yeah okay I’m definitely feeling something oh

Yeah it’s heating up it’s heating up let me put the WASP back okay here we go all right good great great all right get some swelling going grab the pain Mark hot local and not that bad I’ll be honest with you guys this is uh this could get worse mild to

Intermediate sting not going to get a great score there but let’s see what this does over the next 24 hours you don’t have to wait we’re going to skip ahead and show you a quick Montage of the aftermath and then give you an official BSI rating for the Costa Rican

Mud Dabber for intimidation the mud Dabber looks like a menacing wasp but it is Slender and somewhat smaller than most wasps you typically see but because it is a wasp you have to assume that it’s not going to be any fun to take a

Sting from so for that I gave a 3.5 out of 10 on pain Factor honestly it’s not that bad and it’s actually hard to think of a less painful sting I’ve ever taken as soon as the pain started to build it abruptly ended almost in an instant

Which is very uncommon for any species of flying wasp so on the Pain Scale I’m only going to give it a 2 out of 10 last but not least the aftermath which was a much more typical wasp sting reaction the swelling and itching was mild but it

Lasted for around 3 days and honestly once again not nearly as bad as any other wasp I’ve ever been stung by so for that it only gets a 2.5 out of 10 giving the Costa Rican mud Dabber an average BSI score of only a 2.7 which is

The lowest I have given to any species since starting the BSI needless to say this is one insect that you really don’t need to worry about but don’t forget to check out Beast Lord by clicking the link in the description

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