Nayanthara Film ‘Annapoorani’ Pulled From Netflix Over Hindu Portrayal

Nayanthara Film ‘Annapoorani’ Pulled From Netflix Over Hindu Portrayal

UPDATED: Nayanthara, star of Tamil-language film “Annapoorani” that was pulled from Netflix after complaints from Hindu groups, has broken her silence on the subject.

The actor began her post on X with the salutation “Jai Shri Ram,” meaning glory to Hindu god Rama, often used by Hindus to greet each other.

“I am writing this note with a heavy heart and a genuine desire to address the recent turn of events concerning our film, ‘Annapoorani.’ Crafting ‘Annapoorani’ was not just a cinematic endeavor but a heartfelt pursuit of inspiring resilience and instilling the spirit of never giving up. It aimed to mirror life’s journey, where we learn that obstacles can be overcome with sheer willpower,” Nayanthara wrote.

“In our sincere attempt to share a positive message, we may have inadvertently caused hurt. We did not expect the removal of a censored film, previously showcased in theatres, from the OTT [streaming] platform. My team and I never intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments and we understand the gravity of this issue. Being someone who wholely believes in God and frequently visits temples accross the country, it is the last thing I would intentionally do. To those whose feelings we’ve touched, I extend my
sincere & heartfelt apologies.”

“The intention behind ‘Annapoorani’ was to uplift and inspire, not to cause distress.”

“Over the last two decades, my journey in the film industry has been guided with…

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