New Crypto Presale Pepe Unchained Goes Live – What Is PEPU Meme Token

New Crypto Presale Pepe Unchained Goes Live – What Is PEPU Meme Token

Pepe’s global popularity has led to the launch of Pepe Unchained, an enhanced version that has quickly trended as a high-potential presale project that could be the best alternative to PEPE.

The project raised over $200k on its opening day, demonstrating immediate investor interest. However, this isn’t just any meme coin.

With its innovative Layer 2 solution, the project aims to compete for a spot among the top meme coins in the coming months.

What is Pepe Unchained?

Pepe Unchained leverages Layer 2 blockchain technology to offer double the staking rewards. Pepe Unchained means better speed, better rewards, better security and the same delicious Pepe flavor you’ve come to love.

Layer 2 refers to a secondary framework or protocol built on top of an existing blockchain (Layer 1), such as Ethereum. This secondary layer improves the scalability, speed, and efficiency of the primary blockchain, enabling it to handle a higher volume of transactions at a lower cost.

Layer 1 blockchains such as Ethereum may experience congestion, resulting in slower transaction speeds and increased fees. Layer 2 solutions address these issues by processing transactions off the main Ethereum chain, reducing the load and allowing for faster and cheaper transactions.

Layer 2 offers several benefits for PEPE Unchained. First, it doubles the staking rewards. By offloading transactions to PEPE Unchained’s Layer 2, the project significantly increases SPEPU staking rewards due to reduced operational costs and increased efficiency, resulting in more rewards for you.

Pepe Own Blockchain

Second, Layer 2 ensures faster speeds, processing transactions much quicker than Layer 1. This allows you to stake, trade, and interact with PEPE Unchained at lightning speed.

Lastly, Layer 2 offers lower fees. With fewer transactions clogging up the main Ethereum network, gas fees are substantially lower, so more of your investment goes towards earning gains rather than paying for transaction costs.

To purchase $PEPU tokens, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Set up a MetaMask wallet if you haven’t already. We recommend MetaMask for its compatibility and user-friendly interface. You can download MetaMask as a browser extension on your PC or as a mobile app from its official website to create your wallet.
  2. Once your MetaMask wallet is set up, fund it with cryptocurrency. Transfer Ethereum (ETH), USDT, or BNB into your MetaMask wallet to prepare for purchasing $PEPU tokens.
  3. After loading your wallet with cryptocurrency, proceed to buy and stake $PEPU tokens. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Pepe Unchained platform, select the desired amount of $PEPU tokens to purchase, and decide whether to simply buy or stake tokens for potential rewards.

By following these steps, you can actively participate in the Pepe Unchained ecosystem and potentially earn staking rewards while supporting the project’s growth.

Pepe Unchained tokenomics

The tokenomics of Pepe Unchained are outlined briefly below:

  • Presale Allocation 20%: Reserved for early adopters who support Pepe’s liberation from all restricting chains.
  • Staking Rewards 30%: Motivates users to stake in Layer 2 with a significant portion used as rewards.
  • Marketing 20%: Funds allocated to raise awareness and promote adoption of $PEPU, reflecting Pepe’s strong belief in its potential.
  • Liquidity Provision 10%: Ensures ample liquidity on decentralized exchanges for smooth trading and user engagement.
  • Project Development 10%: Vital funding for continuous development and maintenance of the Pepe Unchained ecosystem, ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Chain Infrastructure 10%: Reserved for building and maintaining $PEPU Layer 2 blockchain infrastructure, supporting scalability and operational reliability.

These details clearly demonstrate Pepe Unchained’s strategic resource allocation to foster growth, encourage participation, and sustain ongoing development on its innovative Layer 2 blockchain platform.

Pepe Unchained roadmap

Wondering what’s next for Pepe Unchained? The project has outlined its future plans in its easily accessible roadmap, as follows:

Step 1 – Make Pepe Great Again

Pepe is poised to leap into his ultra-based future by integrating the world with L2 technology. Pepe Unchained evolves into an absolute Giga Brain and is now prepared to unveil his rewards.

Step 2 – Coin Eruption

Fueled by L2 technology and intense passion, Pepe Unchained erupts during presale, offering DOUBLE the staking rewards. This event unleashes a torrent of Pepe juice across the blockchain.

Step 3 – Pepe Unchained Ecosystem

Pepe Unchained transcends its meme coin origins to establish itself as a complete blockchain ecosystem.

Pepe Unchained presale

The ongoing presale phase of Pepe Unchained offers investors the opportunity to purchase $PEPU tokens at a discounted price before subsequent increases. Currently, there are only approximately 2 days, 11 hours, and 30 minutes remaining until the next price adjustment.

So far, the presale has raised over $400,000 toward its target of $600,000. During the presale, each $PEPU token is priced at $0.008032. Participants can purchase $PEPU tokens, which will be listed alongside the available staking amount. Staking rewards currently offer an APY of over 5,880%.

Pepe Unchained Presale Is Now OpenPepe Unchained Presale Is Now Open

SourcePepe Unchained Twitter

Naturally, these high rewards will diminish gradually as the staking pool expands. This gives early purchasers a significant advantage, likely contributing to its impressive debut. Through its forward-thinking approach and strategic resource allocation, the project positions itself as a transformative force in the cryptocurrency industry.

With new memecoins launching daily, sorting through them to find potential gems that could increase in value by 10x or even 100x can be challenging. One effective approach is to evaluate the project’s initial popularity and demand.

Given this perspective, Pepe Unchained could potentially see substantial gains after its launch, making it an investment worth considering for both meme coin enthusiasts and prospective investors.

For more information about the project and to stay informed about future developments, individuals can follow their official social media channels on X or Telegram.

To take part in the $PEPU token presale, visit

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