New Music Latin: Listen to Releases From Luis R Conriquez, Randy Malcom & More

New Music Latin: Listen to Releases From Luis R Conriquez, Randy Malcom & More

New Music Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs and albums recommended by Billboard Latin and Billboard Español editors. Check out this week’s picks below.

Luis R Conriquez, Corridos Bélicos, Vol. IV (Kartel Music)

It’s fitting that as the pioneer of corridos bélicos, Luis R Conriquez would assemble an all-star team of collaborators for Corridos Bélicos, Vol. IV. With guest artists like Peso Pluma, Gerardo Ortiz, El Fantasma, Junior H, Gabito Ballesteros, Edén Muñoz, Fuerza Regida, Alfredo Olivas and Natanael Cano, Conriquez recruits some of the best in música mexicana, and honors both the new and old generations of regional Mexican hitmakers.

The set includes a total of 23 songs all powered by the subgenre’s signature sound, punctuated by sierreño guitars, trombones, trumpets and a tololoche. Most of the album’s songs narrate rags-to-riches stories with lyrics inspired by narco culture, the style of storytelling that has defined corridos bélicos. Conriquez’s Corridos Bélicos, Vol. IV rings in the year with a tour de force that showcases solidarity in Mexican music — the genre had a massive 2023 and this year looks just as promising. — GRISELDA FLORES

Randy Malcom, “Millonario” (Musicadoy/Puntilla)

On the heels of his 2023 banger, “Bendecido,” Randy Malcom of Gente de Zona starts off 2024 with “Millonario.” With a similar sentiment as the former, the song delivers inspirational and motivational lyrics, a powerful new year manifestation, if you will. “When I become a millionaire, I will spend, I will live, I will enjoy my life,” goes the easy-to-learn chorus. He also chants about paying off his debt, quitting his 9 to 5 job, and “living life to the fullest, in case he dies tomorrow.” Musically, Malcom steers away from the signature Cubaton sound that made him a household name and dips into a fresh salsa tune produced by Dale Pututi (real name: Alejandro Arce). — JESSICA ROIZ

Josué Alaniz & Oscar Plaza, “feliz año nuevo” (Josué Alaniz)

Mexican indie-pop artists Josué Alaniz and Oscar Plaza welcome 2024 with this melancholic but sweet heartbreak single released on Jan. 1. Driven by a mid-tempo drumbeat, “feliz año nuevo” talks about a relationship that ends in December and immediately seeing your ex with someone else. “How did you forget me so easily?” the artists cry in the chorus. “In case I don’t see you anymore, happy new year.” Alaniz wrote about the track on his YouTube channel: “We wrote this song last week, we really wanted to start the year with new music so… happy new year everyone, we love you.” — SIGAL RATNER-ARIAS.

La Reforma, “Melao” (La Reforma Music)

Colombian alternative rock band La Reforma starts the new year by sweetening us with their infectious song “Melao.” Inspired by the delicious typical Colombian candy, with a sugary flavor and sticky consistency, the song aims to convey joy and hope. In a statement, the group’s vocalist, Christian Lacouture, said: “We wish to present a song that brings hope, that causes smiles and that allows you to experience the joy that is given by God.” The melody skillfully fuses the sounds of the Colombian Pacific, such as currulao, with rock elements. The visual accompaniment shows clips of the group performing live in front of a crowd. In the lyrics, positive messages stand out, such as “Look at the sky, don’t feel alone, look up, you’re worth gold.” “If you feel sad, my brother: melao/ a little smile from side to side/ come on, everything is going to be fine,” they sing in the chorus. — LUISA CALLE

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