Newly Found Invasive Creature Uncovered! – Video

Newly Found Invasive Creature Uncovered! – Video

Invasive Monster Discovered!

In the latest episode of the Brave Wilderness channel, Coyote Peterson and his team embark on a mission to capture the living evolutions of the Pokemon Tyranitar – the Larvitar, Pupitar, and the mighty Tyranitar itself. With the help of his fellow poke catchers, Mario and Christina, Coyote ventures into the Florida Keys to find the creatures. They successfully capture the Larvitar and Pupitar, but the real challenge comes when they set out to find the Tyranitar, rumored to be the size of a dragon. After a thrilling kayak expedition to a remote island, they finally spot the gigantic Tyranitar iguana and manage to catch it, despite a fierce fight. The episode is filled with action, adrenaline, and impressive captures, making it a must-watch for all Pokemon and wildlife enthusiasts.

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Video Transcript

Today’s episode is brought to you by tuck Tech kayak don’t don’t chase him don’t scoop him hurry hurry I’m going to let you get into position Christina it’s going to come up and into the water wow look at him holding his ground all these mangr prop Roots

Messing me up where you going to go Bud where you going to go where you going to go about a year ago the team and I filmed an episode comparing the frilled dragon to the Pokémon character known as heliolisk and in the process became completely obsessed with collecting

Pokemon cards true story now since my mission to catch them all began I also became friends with the one and only Professor Oak who recently delivered this message now I have a special mission for you if you are willing to to accept it I need you to form an elite

Team of skilled poker catchers to find and document the living evolutions of the Tyranitar now I’ll expect a full report back when the task is complete mhm when Professor o calls coyote Peterson answers the challenge and I know just the location to visit when it comes to finding the real life evolutions of

Tyranitar there’s no better location than the Florida Keys to assist me on this Mission I’ve employed two of the best poke catchers I know Mario Al deoa and Christina Wilson in my opinion Tyranitar really looks like a green iguana mixed with a T-Rex so with that in mind it’s time to find

Our targets all right Christina we’re here to capture some iterations of the Pokemon a hatchling Green Iguana which represents the Larvitar and a juvenile which represents the Pupitar now we’re out here at night which is a little unusual because green iguan is usually found during the day active and running

Around however at night they are sleeping which makes it very easy for us to sneak up on them and gently catch them from bushes and trees Christina yeah you see something maybe I see it so there you go you found it now you’ve got to gently get this little

Larvar down don’t lose the Larvitar Christina eyes are Closed hi there little guy oh you are a little fighter whoa look at that tail whipping oh you trying to bite me they’re so velvety smooth compared to adults like the the texture of the skin is like a lot softer so this is a hatching green iguano which represents

The Larvitar Larvitar right and just like the different Pokemon evolutions they each have their different powers right or unique characteristics so what would be one of the powers of a hatch and green iguana I would say this long tail for whipping right yeah sure Speedy too right cuz they’re tiny so they got

To evade Predator so they got to be fast and of course that beautiful green camouflage so pretty all right let’s give it a little boop boop at the moment we are on the hunt for a juvenile iguana which would be the Pupitar so that’s what we’re looking for right now and

They tend to hide and sleep a little higher in the trees so we’ve come over here to these larger trees right here to see if they are resting and sleeping up here oh Christina yeah yeah Juvenile Where very difficult to see but yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it’s in there wow so

The Iguana is definitely a lot higher than we can reach so we’re going to use our snare we’re going to try to nudge it gently okay and it’s going to be like what’s happening and it’s it’s Instinct just going to be like I’m going to fall

From the tree and we’re going to do this as gently as possible I’m going to try and catch it in Midair wow man you’re quick so basically we poked an iguana out of a treat yes wow sorry buddy he was you f he was sleeping and we Disturbed you I’m sorry I’m sorry oh my gosh uh but this is a perfect example of a juvenile Green Iguana what are some characteristics you

Can notice on this juvenile iguana it’s got this really impressive Ridge line right here these color patterns are much more pronounced and he’s really robust compared to the Larvitar yeah this iguana is nice and healthy so this is definitely the next step to Evolution but there is another Evolution that

We’re going to try and catch and that is the Tyranitar oo with two of our three Evolutions successfully documented it was going to take something special to land a living Tyranitar Whispers around the keys speak of a mysterious island where dragon-sized iguanas are rumored to live a perfect opportunity to use tuct Tech

Kayaks on the open ocean lightweight and built for exploration assemblies just a few simple folds a velcro strap and the snap of an or and we are officially off time to find a remote island and some giant Lizards 2 hours later okay well now that we are on island the exploration begins and this time of day iguanas will be perched out on the branches of different trees soaking up Sun so with any luck we’ll be able to spot one as long as it’s Tyranitar sized we’re going to be in

Good shape there it is right there right there right there right oh God get this get this get this look at that huge that way don’t don’t chase him don’t scook him far out he’s over here hurry hurry didn’t even need to use the snare holy cow that is a

Tyranitar look at the size of that beast wow holy Mac girl that thing is a Vmax for sure that’s without question the biggest iguana I’ve ever caught okay I got to be really careful because even though these creatures are vegetarians you definitely have to watch out for

That bite oh my goodness we have got our Tyranitar Holy mackerel when you’re talking about a Tyranitar sized iguana I don’t know that you could Top This specimen it’s got to be close to 6 feet in length and look at the giant spines that run down the ridge in the center of the back and you can see how healthy this reptile is

Look at the Bulge in the side of its belly this is a wellfed iguana now it’s important to note that this this is technically an invasive species here in the Florida Keys but when you’re talking about a remote island like this that animal right there is the king of the

Environment the only thing that it is competing with our different shore birds that we’ be flying in and temporarily using this island so feasting on any of the small crabs fruits nuts whatever this lizard can get its mouth on for the most part they are vegetarian but they

Will occasionally go omnivore if they need to look at the big spikes up on top of the nose you can see why we picked this species specifically to be representative of Pokémon’s Tyranitar and when we caught this lizard it was swimming using this tail like a Rudder

To propel itself forward and it will also double as a weapon if there is a potential Predator that comes into the environment this lizard can swing its body around when it’s on land and use that tail like a bull whip trust me with the bone and the scales that are on the

End of this you catch that to the face you’re going to think twice about trying to turn this iguana into a meal woo got another big uana right here just came up and out of the water I’m going to let you get into position Christina it’s going to come up in into the

Water wow look at him holding his ground oh these mangr prop Roots messing me up where you going to go Bud where you going to go you going to go oh I got this tail I got it tail you got to get his head careful don’t get bitten

Jeez you okay okay hold on hold on I got his legs got his legs y got him got him got him he’s going to he’s going to fight with that tail be careful woo iguana number two you good you good oh he’s trying to hit me with the tail W double

Tyranitar that is a big iguana and he put up a real fight and that’s why he’s this big is cuz he’s a fighter look at the tail man he’s still whipping it look at that thing jeez man that was crazy you almost took a bite oh your arm is

Bleed is it we got blood dude he opened his mouth wide I almost thought my hand was going in his mouth there holy cow well let’s go bring it next to the other one we’ll talk about a chaotic moment this second iguana which is actually very Tyranitar colored with the green

And black came out of nowhere Christine and I tag team that catch I was just able to get the backs side of the lizard you had to come in man your arms bleeding you can see just how powerful those claws are oh my gosh you took a

Hit but wow how about that Double Dragon action so how nerve-wracking was that for you to grab a lizard that big I mean your arm is still shaking you know I I’ve lived out here for 8 years and I’ve never grabbed one this big so it was

Just Adrenaline Rush the whole time and when I saw this sucker open his mouth all the way that was scary I really did think I was going to uh lose a few fingers there so those teeth will definitely open you up look at him side by side now I would say

Yours is probably a little bit younger than mine and you can tell that he’s got a lot of fight in him he’s still got a lot of fight he’s trying to whip you with that tail yeah he is he’s holding his muscles right now he’s just ready to

LEAP Professor Oak sent us on the mission tuck Tech kayak big thanks to those guys for sponsoring this Expedition but I’m kyote Peterson I’m Christina Wilson be brave stay wild we’ll see on the next adventure Double Dragons boom tail high fives woo that was amazing in the end my team of

Fearless poke catchers and I accomplished the mission we caught them all each of the living Tyranitar Evolutions from the adorable Larvitar to the juvenile Pupitar and for the win a pair of ginormous Tyranitar and not only did we make Professor Oak proud but we also put tuck

Tech kayak to the open ocean test and it did fantastic if you would like to catch your own tuct Tech Kayak make sure to visit their website what’s going on coyote pack in case you missed it on April 10th at 7:00 p.m. Eastern I will be going Live on

YouTube to take a bite from a giant centipede all to raise money for Save the horns my fundraising campaign supporting Rhino conservation in South Africa mark your calendars and I’ll see you on Wednesday April 10th right here and live on the brave Wilderness YouTube channel

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