Newlywed Americans Stuck in Grenada Hotel Due to Hurricane Beryl – Video

Newlywed Americans Stuck in Grenada Hotel Due to Hurricane Beryl – Video

Alex and Emma Steinke had planned the perfect honeymoon getaway to the Caribbean paradise of Grenada. However, their dream vacation quickly turned into a nightmare when Hurricane Beryl, a historic Category 5 storm, made its way toward the island.

The newlyweds found themselves trapped in their hotel room, the honeymoon suite, as they waited for the storm to pass. With winds reaching 150 miles per hour, the couple hunkered down with supplies and braced themselves for the worst.

As Hurricane Beryl made landfall in Grenada as a Category 4 storm, Alex and Emma could do nothing but wait and worry about the potential damage and destruction the storm could bring. Inside Edition’s Les Trent captured the harrowing experience as the newlyweds faced the brutal force of nature head-on.

Despite the terrifying situation, Alex and Emma’s love for each other remained strong as they supported each other through the storm. Their resilience and determination to stay safe and make the best of a bad situation is truly inspiring.

This video is a testament to the power of love and the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Watch as Alex and Emma take on Hurricane Beryl and come out stronger on the other side.

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Video “Hurricane Beryl Traps American Newlyweds in Grenada Hotel” was uploaded on 07/02/2024 to Youtube Channel Inside Edition