NLE Choppa Calls Out Blueface to a Boxing Match Following “Barbie Remix” Diss | Billboard News – Video

NLE Choppa Calls Out Blueface to a Boxing Match Following “Barbie Remix” Diss | Billboard News – Video

In a recent spat on social media, Inell Choppa, also known as NLE Choppa, has challenged rapper Blueface to a fight. The feud stems from Blueface’s new Barbie remix, in which he name-checks offset, cardi B, Soulja Boy, and Marissa da, the mother of NLE Choppa’s newest baby.

NLE Choppa did not take kindly to the mention of his baby mama in the song and took to social media to challenge Blueface to a boxing match in Las Vegas. He expressed his disdain for the way Blueface had referenced Marissa da in the song and called for a physical showdown to settle the score.

Blueface wasted no time in responding to NLE Choppa’s challenge, dismissing it and referring to NLE Choppa as a “Muslim vegan [__].” He seemed unfazed by the challenge and essentially told NLE Choppa to either fight or keep quiet.

This feud has ignited a lot of interest among fans and followers of both rappers, with many eager to see if the match will actually come to fruition. Blueface, known for his unapologetic and confrontational persona, seems more than willing to face NLE Choppa in the ring.

It’s important to note that instances of public figures engaging in physical altercations should never be celebrated or encouraged, as it sets a negative example for their fans and followers. It’s also crucial to remember that resorting to violence to settle disputes is never the answer.

However, it remains to be seen if the fight between NLE Choppa and Blueface will actually take place. As of now, it seems like both rappers are confident in their abilities and are willing to face off in a physical showdown. Whether or not the match will actually happen is uncertain, but one thing is for sure – this feud has captured the attention of their fans and the hip-hop community. We will have to wait and see how this situation unfolds.

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